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Fabricating a Printed Circuit Board by Marcus Young
Swirl Dipping Enclosures by Luci Diehl O'Reilly
Amazing sounding Uni-Vibe Funky-Vibe, Rotary Speaker Simulator » by Sabbadius Effects.
Sabbadius Effects 2015 re-design of the Mr. White Hot Tube Simulator Booster II (SRV CLEAN SOUND) » selling now.
See through turquoise and black colored Aphelion Harmonic Overdrive Pedals by Spaceman Effects.
Did you know - Ryan Kirkland is building fuzz pedals. Hand crafted OC75 MKII Tone Bender guitar pedals.
Looking to get that sound of David Gilmour? Check out the line of ERAFUZZ Pedals » in stock now.
Selling In the Store
Funky-Vibe by Sabbadius Effects
The Funky Vibe pedal simulates a Leslie type rotary speaker, that operates off of 4 photocells and an incandescent light. It has five controls, Volume, Speed, Bias, Depth and a rotating switch. The rotating switch sets the voicing mode: Vintage, Voodoo & Soaked.
The Vintage setting gives you the original Uni-Vibe sound while the Voodoo setting lends to the Hendrix tones and the Soaked setting is a very "wet" sound for a more psychedelic voicing.
It also has two footswitches, on/off & effect, and another to control the... Read More »
Mr. White by Sabbadius Effects
Mr. White Hot Tube Simulator Booster II (SRV CLEAN SOUND)
Custom hand built one at a time and tested by Nicolas Sabbadin from Argentina to achive the best tonal voicings. The "Mr. White" booster II pedal cranks out the sounds and tones of a true Fender '59 Bassman.
The new "Mr. White" booster II pedal can be more agressive when all the knobs are cranked to 10 then the first "Hot Tube Simulator Booster" pedal. Buy Now »
Aphelion by Spaceman Effects
After nearly 4 years in obscurity, the Aphelion Harmonic Overdrive has landed for one final run, in celebration of Spaceman Effects 5th anniversary year. One of the key vintage parts used on the original Aphelion is impossible to find in quantity, but Spaceman Effects was able to source an alternative part in limited quantity to complete this run. Spaceman Effects feels that it captures the same dynamic response and tonal characteristics of the original and that this will be the final production run of this pedal.
The Turquoise Edition features a glossy transparent turquoise finish, while the Black Edition has a heavy-duty textured black powder-coating. Both editions include a clear jewel and turquoise LED. Buy Now »
MKII Tone Bender by Ryan Kirkland
A custom built limited run of 20 pedals that sound amazing to the original Vox MKII Tone Bender. Hand soldered point-to-point original circuit soldered on a turret board. The MKII can produce super sweet sustaining notes and a flavor of fuzz that sounds very professional. The Mullard OC75 germanium transistors are some of the best sounding fuzz making transistors when used to achive very pure, clean tones and can really push out a great old school sounding fuzz.
Hand built by Ryan Kirkland the master of the original SkinPimp line of pedals. Using high end top quality Mullard OC75 transistors, individually tuned and set by ear. Buy Now »
Don't Miss Out / Pre-Order
Spacerocket by Spaceman Effects
The Fifth Anniversary Reissue Spacerockets of three dealer limited editions. Different from the original, the reissues feature green painting on the faceplates instead of blue, with a heavier-duty toggle switch. The Black Edition features a white LED, while the other editions include green LED's. The Textured Silver Edition features aluminum knobs. All three will be in stock. Pre-Order »
Saturn V by Spaceman Effects
A special Anniversary Edition run of the Saturn V known as the Ruined Edition is soon to arrive. It will be a single limited run and likely the last Saturn V batch to be made. The finish on this edition is inconsistent and therefore each pedal will be unique in appearance. Pre-Order »
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