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» 2010 Summer NAMM
» 2010 Winter NAMM
» Sweetwater GearFest
Fabricating a Printed Circuit Board by Marcus Young
Swirl Dipping Enclosures by Luci Diehl O'Reilly
Dwarfcraft Devices will be taking over ownership of Devi Ever FX effective immediately. The pedals I have in stock now are the last created by Devi Ever.
Stomp That Box: It's been a struggle keeping the web site up to date. So new changes are in effect come Spring. We have already removed products that did not work out profitable for us and new products are coming.
Exciting news: We will be working closely with a pin striping/airbrush artist to create totally custom enclosures under some of the brands we will keep.
Just arrived: LAST batch of the hand painted sparkle black Muffs and Rats from FuzzrociousPedals
Soon to be Released & Out NOW!
Circus Freak Pedals
Meet the Circus Freak stomp boxes: The Bearded Lady fuzz tone pedal, Lion Tamer compressor pedal, Tattooed Lady overdrive pedal and the Pickled Punk distortion pedal Read More »
devi ever new pedals
The Zero Good, Mirro Safety, Stimulus and the Devine Hammer pedals are super killer sounding fuzz pedals in all different flavors! Read More »
New effects pedals by Budda Amplification
The highly anticipated new line of guitar effects pedals from Budda Amplification is now available. With the Samsara Delay, the Om Overdrive, the Karma Chorus, the Chakra Compressor, and the Zenman Overdrive/Boost, Budda raises the bar for effect pedal quality, craftsmanship, and tone. Read More »
News Flash - Hot Off The Press
Supa-Trem2 by Fulltone Musical Products
What would happen if I took two completely separate Supa-Trem circuits and joined them together! Not fake-stereo like other Tremolo, Chorus, Phase, Flanger, etc pedals which simply invert the signal at the output and send it to another jack. Two identical circuits in TRUE-STEREO with two INs and two OUTs! Read More »
Distortion Boost by Morley
Classic analog overdrive distortion with a boost. Dual footswitches and LEDs to indicate when distortion and booster is on/off. Read More »
Little Miss Sunshine by Skreddy Pedals
The Little Miss Sunshine pedals is a optical phase shifter, with a classic 70's voice. It adds dimensional shimmer and syrupy swirl, from hypnotic slow to dizzying fast with extremely low noise. The pedal is very clean and maintains neutral eq and volume footprint. Plenty of headroom and fuzz friendly, before or after. Big knob for easy foot... Read More »
More Breaking Pedal News
Echo Shifter by Ibanez
The Echo Shifter analog delay has controls for tap/ delay time/ feedback w/oscillation on/off / mix/ depth w/modulation on/off with a delay time of 30ms - 1000ms Read More »
Filthy Lucre by Majik Box
Offering a multitude of juicy distortion tones, inspired by the modification work of legendary amp mod expert Jose Arredondo, the Filthy Lucre is not only a distortion pedal meant to be used in front of the clean setting of any amp, but can also be used as a dedicated preamp in conjunction with the power section of an amp, or a connected to a dedicated power amp. Read More »
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