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Sharlet Thompson
The amazing Sharlet Thompson, she not only paints custom effect pedals for Catalinbread but can build them too, now that's real talent!!
26 now and not really sure where her ideas come from, she can just put pen to paper and see where it goes though her work is definitely rooted in her imagination. Sharlet often draws various creatures or stark landscapes but "creepily cute." Even the most adorable animals have a sinister side to them.
23 year old drawing and painting artist Ben Nerison
A super talented drawing and painting artist that has been living in Iowa and creating art since grade school.
Ben's outer space fantasy works of art have a special appeal to me since I like to launch high powered rockets and am still intrigued by what is "Out there in Space".
Looking at a moon on the pedal's painted surface, the moon will seem to jump out at you, to where you can almost feel the texture of the planet's surface. Nerison uses different colored paints to add just the perfect touch to the highlighting radiating glows of the skies and landscapes.
Noel Young
Living and working in Minneapolis, MN
A taste for the wild and a bit of the scarry side all meshed together to create some super outstanding dark illustrations. Noel will searve it to you in spades that will send a chill up your spine!
If you are into the dark side of life Noel can draw you up the best on the planet pulling from horror movies and dark dreams. What a perfect combo and so different from the normal boring day to day painters. Look Noel up for your next chilling illustration job!!
Hannah Mae Haugberg
Born and raised in South Minneapolis is now painting pedals for ZVEX effects, adding sunshine and all the colors of the rainbow to her very special incredible works of art!
Hannah's custom painted designed pedals are a show case of fantasy art come to life, with spectacular colorful stunning illustrations. The images seem to just swirl across the pedals leaving you breathless in amazement and wonder.
Hannah can be commissioned for freelance work, not on effect pedals but if you need a poster, drum head custom painted or any typographical art work designed, look her up!
Jolene Schultz
Artist and illustrator from Minneapolis, Minnesota is also painting pedals for ZVEX effects and creates some stunning abstract art work!
Jolene paints with the precision of a surgeon pulling images form her experiences in life. Super wild colorful illustrations of strange looking people, cars, motor cycles, birds and more...
Jolene Schultz also has her paintings in shows around town from time to time and her work has been recognized and awarded by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, CMYK Magazine, and Creative Quarterly. You must see her web site to truly appreciate her stunning fine works of art!!
Tanya Bach
Tanya finishes the Dr. Scientist Sounds effect pedals and has the talent and ability to pick just the right colors to make each one of the pedals she designs the graphics on really stand out and sparkle in a dimension all their own!
The amount of time and energy she puts into each and every one of the pedals she designs the graphics for is just mind boggling. She comes up with the wildest images of fish, cats, dogs, planets, robots, pirates, solar systems, snowmen, flowers, whales, trees, skulls and the list just keeps going and going...
Luci Diehl O'Reilly
Luci Diehl O'Reilly swirl paints pedal boxes! Different colors that come together by the spinning of magic and talent. Luci's from Kansas City, MO. an old music town with lots of Jazz, Blues and art history. There's a big art gallery called the Nelson and a large art school where many artists and musicians come together. There's live music bars and clubs in the downtown area and in Westport dotted all around, cool places to just chill.
Luci can be commissioned to custom swirl effect pedals boxes and most anything you want psychedelic swirled out!
Laura Frances Bennett
Painting artist and drummer for the band "Red Pens" - Laura Bennett, an artist previously painting for ZVEX Effects lives in Minneapolis Minnesota, grew up in Wisconsin and attened college at Viterbo University in La Crosse for painting and drawing.
Laura paints wild colorful paintings and can be commissioned to custom hand paint effect pedals and paintings!
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