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Clash mid guitar smash
Rack of Pedals
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23 year old drawing and painting artist Ben Nerison
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Outer Space Painted Effect Pedal
23 year old drawing and painting artist Ben Nerison, has been living in Iowa and creating art since grade school.
As long as I can remember I have always looked forward to art class. I haven't gone on to college of any sort, that hasn't stopped me from trying things!
I have been into guitar/effects for awhile but I only started noticing hand painted effects probably last year. I decided to offer painting enclosures for individuals, not expecting much of a response, but people love it!
I have since pretty steadily offered painting on pedals/canvas/pickguards.. pretty much whatever people want me to paint on. I use spraypaint to do everything (so far).
Outer Space Painted Effect Pedals by Ben Nerison
Although most of the pedals I paint end up with something space related (space scapes/planets - etc) I actually prefer to paint sunsets and do multi layered stenciling.
I have painted for many individuals and a handful of companies, primarily Fuzzhugger Effects - you can get pedals I have painted there most of the time. I've only been at it abour a year or so, so I imagine the list will grow as time goes on.
Ben can be commissioned to paint custom hand painted pedal enclosures! Check out Ben Nerison's Facebook Page to get in touch with him and head to outer space.
Outer Space Painted Effect Pedals by Ben Nerison

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