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MF6 Digital Multi EFX
• The MF6 has a total of six stereo effects are available, including flanger, chorus, rotary, delay, tremolo and multi voice.
• Dual color status LED for effect ON/OFF, battery check and tempo display is included.
• The speed and delay time can be set in real time by pressing the pedal to input the tempo.
• An optional foot switch can be connected to the pedal jack. The foot switch is useful for quickly inputing the tempo.
EQ7 7-Band Equalizer
• The EQ7 can control seven octave bands from 100Hz to 6.4KHz at 15db increase or decrease.
• Smooth sliders with clear indicator bars.
AB3 Router Switcher
• The AB3 is a universal A/B box for musical applications.
• It allows the user to select between two different signal paths.
CD2 Digital Chorus Delay
• The CD2 is a ultra high-resolution digital stereo effect.
• 24-bit/44.KHz that includes chorus, delay, chorus+delay and mod delay.
• Three additional parameters coltrol the adjustment of the delay time, repeat for delay effect and speed, depth and mix for chorus.
FB2 Modern Freq. Booster
• The FB2 is not only reminiscent of the treble boosters of the '60 and '70 but is a frequency booster for the tones you like.
• It will fatten up and overdrive your amplifier.
FZ2 Vintage Fuzz
• The FZ2 is a modern pedal with a retro sound for the guitarist who like the rock sounds of the 60s.
• All discrete transistors create the classic "chain saw" distortion.
AS3 Modern Amplifier Simulator
• The AS3 simulates the characteristic distortion and cabnet sounds of a classic British guitar amplifier.
• An extra amount of gain boost to the higher frequencies for greater distortion effect.
• Passive three band EQ for more natural tones.
CO2 Vintage Compressor
• The CO2 delivers that warm natural analog compression sound.
• It thickens and enhances the signal's sustain
• Extra level control to balance the signal's level.
CH2 Vintage Chorus
• The CH2 is a analog chorus using BBD chips.
• Dual output jacks, one for sending a effected signal and another for sending a dry signal.
OD2 Vintage Overdrive
• The OD2 uses high-class parts to take you back to the past just like a time machine.
• Delivers that warm natural tube overdrive sound.
• By rotating the knobs you can boost your guitar amp for a colorful tone or overdrive itself.
FL2 Vintage Flanger
• The FL2 is an analog flanger using BBD chips.
• Flexible control enables your fancy for crazy sounds.
PH2 Vingage Phaser
• The PH2 is a classic analog phaser for vintage sounds.
• Hand matched FET parts give the effect it's high quality.
HD2 Modern High Gain
• The HD2 has a very high gain to make the distortion sound very aggressive.
• Three very discrete gain stage circuits.
• FET simulate the characteristic distortion of tube amplifiers.
• Active middle frequency EQ circuit.
LM3 Live Mate
• The LM3 is a pedal built for an MP3 player for practice at home of show on the stage.
• Mix the guitar and music track.
• Built in amp simulator for mixer input on the stage.
• Practice mood to shift through the CD's songs for back track jamming.
PT-5 Pedal Tuner
• The PT-5 can tune in chromatic, Guitar and bass.
• Tuning range: A2(27.5) - a3(1760Hz)
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