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Ryan and Tanya
Blue Robot
I'll tell you a bit about Dr. Scientist, we're a two person operation based just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. My fiance, Tanya Bach, does the finishes and I, Ryan Clarke, design and build the pedals. We do them all from scratch, all by hand, all one at a time and we make around 60 pedals a month.
Tanya and I started working on Dr. Scientist in the spring of 2005 and we officially launched the business in August 2006. We've been doing it full time ever since. We started out in a one bedroom apartment downtown but now we work out of our basement shop in a little suburb outside of Edmonton.
As for the inventor side, I developed a passion for guitar electronics while taking electronics engineering... it was a new thing for me, but the love of working with transistors, op amps and wiring up effects really exploded out of me. I spent all my time in school making guitar pedals then after I graduated I spent a full year designing and tweaking the 7 pedals we currently sell.
Ryan's Work Shop
The designing and tweaking still goes on today, I've recently redesigned the Cosmichorus from scratch and always update and upgrade the pedals as much as possible to be the best they can be.
Line of Robots
As for the art, Tanya trained in graphic sign arts and has a real talent at working with vinyl.. when she saw the awful looking Sharpie finishes I was doing on the boxes before I met her, it was instantly obvious to her, she knew a better way to finish the pedals.
The vinyl graphics that she does are very time consuming and a real labor of love but we think they're really unique, cool looking and worth the effort.
Here Kitty Kitty
She has about 300 colors and styles available to her including sparkles, glitters, holograms and wood grains. She uses a special printer and computer software to design and then cut the graphics. Every element of the finishes is placed one at a time by her on the pedals, then she uses a special clear vinyl and heat to protect the art.
Working into the dark of the night at their crafts sometimes until 5:00am producing some of the finest sounding and designed effect pedals in the universe!
techlife Magazine
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