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MXR Bass Octave
M288 MXR Bass Octave Deluxe:
If you are a bass player into the lower octave sound you are gunna love this new pedal!
This pedal delivered a very clean sound that was easly mixable with the wet and dry signal.
• Constant headroom technology (CHT) for exceptional headroom and tracking.
• True bypass.
• Organic analog tone.
• Two independent octave voices and a direct signal for a variety of sounds.
• +15db Mid+ switch adds a midrange boost at a user selected frequency for even more clarity and tone shaping.
• Growl knob for throaty, midrange octave-below tone and Girth knob for deep and smooth octave below.
• Lightweight and durable aluminum housing.
Way Huge Angry Troll
Way Huge Electronics Angry Troll Prototype:
+20db gain "Linear Boost Amplifier" overdrive. The anger knob will lock into 6 positions or it can be set to graduate.
Truly Beautiful Disaster
CAE MC-404 Wah and the Kirk Hammett Signature Cry Baby Wha:
The CAE MC-404 Wah features dual fasel inductors with distinct voices you can choose from. For the tweeker this wha has a built-in MXR MC-401 Boost/Line Driver and internal pots for "Q" and gain adjustment.
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