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NAMM Show Listings
Click image to enlarge the photo
Click image to enlarge the photo
Electro-Harmonix, The Mole and the Screaming Bird
Two more new effects were shown by Electro-Harmonix and I was told eight more new effect pedals will be announced before January
The Mole Bass Boster - Pluging in the Mole I could see how by turning this pedal up everything would shake off the shelfs. There is a lot of low end produced by just a small turn of the boost knob.
It also adds in a 20dB boost along with the rich low end it produces lots of big bottom in this pedal to dig down on.
The Sreaming Bird Treble Booster - Again we have a 20dB booster here with enough high end to send the birds in the back yard screaming.
The pedal also gave off a nice clean biting nails sound a tone that will cut right through any mix or jam session.
I would not say they is much of a crunch to the overdriving it produces just a lot of clean high end boost and sweet screaming!
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