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From This - Oooh
Transformed - WOW
To This, Oooh Weee!
Hannah Haugberg
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ZVEX Super Hard On
ZVEX Jonny Octave
ZVEX Jonny Octave
ZVex Box Of Metal
ZVex Box Of Metal
ZVEX Box Of Rock
ZVEX Ooh Wah
ZVEX Tremorama
ZVEX Tremorama
ZVEX Woolly Mammoth
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
24 year old artist born and raised in South Minneapolis.
Shortly after graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in May 2007 (BFA in Graphic Design) I joined the Zvex team as a full time pedal painter and in-house graphic designer. Together with another artist I help maintain the art department at Zvex Effects.
Since early 2008 I've been fortunate to spend a majority of my time focusing on custom pedal designs. A lot of my early pedals were patterns I'd been sketching for years, but lately I've started to refine by illustration style and have really enjoyed watching it evolve and take shape. I work primarily in lettering enamel and fine grades of glitter. Most of these applications are pretty permanent and is difficult to remove once applied to the surface of the enclosure. This detail sets artistic limitations, however it has taught me to embrace mistakes and proven to reveal some interesting results. I love experimenting to achieve different surface textures that later inspire the lettering and overall aesthetic of the pedals I create.
Wild Pedal Mix
A majority of my subject matter is inspired by real life. Since starting at Zvex my freelance projects and activities outside of work have really stared to revolve around the local music scene of the Twin Cities. I've learned so much over these last two years and it's fun to showcase the quirky things I've experienced on stomp boxes that musicians in the industry can enjoy for a lifetime. I would estimate I paint about 350 pedals a year, putting my overall count at approximately 750 since starting with Zvex.
Since I started college in 2003, my freelance design work revolved around non-profits and small businesses while my leisure projects in college normally focused on hand lettering. Combining these two into a full time career never entered my mind until the situation presented itself. Working for Zvex is one of the best things that has happened to me. My boss, Zachary Vex, essentially allows 100% creative freedom from myself and coworker. Any artist will tell you this is the ultimate goal one strives to achieve in a creative position within the workforce. I am allowed to push my artistic limitations completely uninhibited and I am grateful for this everyday I enter the office. I never thought I'd be fortunate to find a job that suits my creative needs (and so close to home besides!)
Hannah with Vortex
Most of my leisure art is tedious and very detail oriented. Between drawing at home and working at the shop, everyday is better than the last. I enjoy making crafty gifts and working though design problems for the people I care about. As I expand my social network to suit the needs of new friends I meet along the way, I achieve a fulfillment I couldn't be happier with and can't wait to see where it takes me.
I am always available for freelance but not of the pedal painting variety. Preferably art for drum heads and print collateral for bands, venues and/or events, non-profit organizations and most especially small businesses. I design for a Twin Cities music fan zine TEVS. I help run a small record company called HOUSELABEL. I frequently collaborate with several talented artists and I am a drummer.
Under Water Pedal Mix
Sean Lennon, The Black Angels, Darker My Love, SUNN O))), STNNNG, Private Dancer, Daughters of the Sun.
STNNNG, Chooglin, Thunder in the Valley, Private Dancer, Buildings, Blackcloud Stallionheart, Truckstops Across America, Jones Korte, Red Daughters.
Non-proftits/small business:
SXSW 2007, Eclipse Records, Bryant Lake Bowl, Nicollet Park Recording Studio, 8HZ, Excelsior Bay Books, Jon Renzella.
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Hannah is painting her heart out creating so much spectacular art work that I had to add in a slide show just to display more of her incredible works of art!

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Hannah Haugberg
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Painted Bass Drum Head
Painted Speaker Cabinet
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