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I started working as a tech for a big music store here in Phoenix and was making pedals on the side for customers. We got so busy that we had to do it full time.
We're a small company with a work shop, where the pedals are being built, we build on average 250 a month. It was fun building my 1st pedal and it worked as designed! I think we did have a couple catch fire when we first started experimenting!
For promoting our effect pedlas we have a sales rep based in California, Charlie Turner with Upscale Marketing. He started selling and promoting our pedals. We also advertise in guitar mags.
Local band saw us using our pedals on stage and now we have many top artists in the business that use our effects, like Carlos Santana, Steve Lukather, Billy Gibbons, CC Deville, Richie Sambora and the list goes on and on...
There are always new upcoming effect pedals! We just released the CPR compressor with the new Attack control. Rumor is that we may be doing a signature pedal with Michael Amott
HBE is dedicated to building top quality custom guitar effects pedals. Each pedal is carefully hand crafted one at a time using only the highest quality components and the utmost attention to detail. They offer a wide range of effects blending vintage designs with modern technology, concepts and features including:
• True bypass switching
• Metal, open frame, chassis mount input/output jacks
• Chassis mount 9V DC adapter jack
• Heavy duty chassis mount metal shaft potentiometers and switches
• High quality double sided circuit boards*
• Metal film components (resistors & capacitors)
• Durable powder coat finishes*
• Heavy guage teflon coated wire
• Solid mounted PC boards
• Heavy duty battery clips/holders
• Die-cast metal enclosures
• Limited lifetime workmanship warranty
* Most models
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