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The 65amps Colour Boost pedal is a true-bypass, germanium treble booster with a unique voicing switch that enables you to choose from four original tonal configurations. Keep the low end and boost the treble, remain transparent, cut lows as you boost the treble – it’s your choice.
• Hand-wired in North Hollywood, CA
887 Guitar FX
887 GuitarFX's goal is to create custom analog guitar effect pedals for musicians looking for one of a kind pedals at an affordable price.....Boutique quality.....at basement prices!
• Handcrafted analog guitar effects pedals.
These guys have some outstanding super sounding effects. I was able to play them at the NAMM shows and they are real quite with no white noise and sound fantastic!
• Inspiring sounds using high quality technology.
Founded in the late 1970's by David Tarnowski, A/DA is once again under his guidance and vision. This vision includes re-issuing some of A/DA’s finest products from its past and pushing the boundaries of innovation with the design and creation of new and exciting guitar equipment for the stage and studio.
• Built in Lafayette, California
Addrock is starting to hit the market with a line of six effects.
• Featured here is the "Electric Smile" octave fuzz pedal with a sound popularized in the late 60's. Used extensively by Jimi Hendrix, the octave fuzz has been "rediscovered" for it's unique tonal qualities.
• A fuzz that ranges from mild to wild.
Aguilar Amplification
TONE HAMMER - Bass guitar DI box.
• Tone Hammer features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. With the Tone Hammer's pristine D.I. you are set for the studio or the stage.
• The Tone Hammer is the essential preamp/direct box for every bassist's tool box.
Akai Professional
E2 HEAD RUSH combines delay, tape echo, and a looping recorder in a single pedal. User-selectable delay options allow for maximum control of output signal. Real-time feedback and gain adjustment as well as echo rate enable sounds to be shaped with precision.
• Simulates a four-head analog-tape machine
Alen Geere
Producing a lot of effects and also building amps.
• Pedals are hand built in Turkey.
Alesis’ award-winning DSP technology in the form of 80 preset/user programs, taking guitarists from high-gain distortion mayhem to subtle overdriven sounds, modulation effects, lush reverb and more.
• GuitarFX’s 28-bit effects and amplifier models from Alesis’ extensive DSP arsenal can be completely customized via simple front panel controls.
Alien Amplification
Producing pedals, amps and cabinets plus they have their own branded speakers.
• Products are built in Brazil.
Amp - Analog Musical Products
Hand building pedal clones with a twist, the MXR Micro Amp, ZVEX effects and others...
• Has a full line of loopers and by-pass pedals too.
• Made in Germany
Instead of guessing what products might be successful, their plan is to get ideas directly from people that visit their forum and give suggestions to what products they should focus on building.
• Creating a few very nice pedals!
• Made in Batavia, OH
AMT Electronics
Eighteen different effect products covering the full tonal spectrum. I have hear only good things about these effects like the "Freak Guitar Mattias Eklundh Custom Shop" sounds like a very expensive sounding custom amp.
• Just released there Legend Amp Series
• Built in Russia
Analog Alien
At this time there is one pedal being built the Analog Alien Fuzz Bubble-45 – overdrive / fuzz face pedal! The FB-45 is two pedals in one. The Pete side is an overdrive circuit and the Jimi side is a Fuzz Face and a whole lot more. Another cool feature is the pure true tone and character of your guitar still comes through!
• Built by hand in New York.
Analog Sound
They supply a wide range of services like, FX-Pedals Moding, Amps/preamp and FX-Pedals repairing services, HI-FI consulting regarding HI-FI amps, speakers and acoustic enclosures, Guitar tube amps design and a lot more!
• Built in Romania.
Analog Mike
Analog Man Guitar Effects located in Danbury, CT, 2000-present.
• Analog Man is one of the oldest and largest guitar effects dealers in the world.
• Specializing in online sales of high-end, boutique and custom made effect pedals.
Aphek Guitar FX
Building two effects the, Sunday Driver Overdrive and the Peanut Butter Model T Overdrive.
• Hand made in Australia.
Aphex Systems
The effect pedals are built in Sun Valley, CA and the sonic spectrum of your guitar seems to expand and open up into a much bigger sound spectrum.
• Their pedals are specifically tailored for guitar, bass and instrument pickup characteristics to give complete dynamic control and enhancement!
Area 51 Tube Audio Designs
The company is building effects, wah wah pedals, amps and carry replacement and upgrade parts for your wah. The site has sound samples to listen to and a 48 Hour Trial return policy.
• Located in Newaygo, Michigan USA
ArionPedals.com is the largest distributor of Arion guitar effects pedals, distortion pedals, stage tuners, and more. Arion products have developed a loyal following over the years with a reputation for quality, great sound, and low prices.
The pedals are quality pedals priced to buy and are suitable for everyone from the novice to the professional.
A complete line of over 30 different effect pedals everything across the board. The website is very nice and has sound samples of the pedals.
• Built in Kyunggi do, South Korea
The Zenith is a powerful tool that enables the user to create many shades and tones varying from spunky to gritty to liquid smooth and anywhere in between; It can even be used as a booster, to push an amp into distortion, all while keeping the guitar tone clear and transparent.
• Offering a great mod to your wah pedal the Halo Inductor Replica.
Ashton Music
Everything from guitars to drums and effects pedals to wahs. It looks to me the effects are built in China.
• Located in Australia.
Products include four effects and a wah wah pedal.
• Built in Yecla (Murcia).
FUZZbrite pedals are exact reproductions of the original Mosrite Fuzzrite® circuit with the added convenience of true-bypass switching, input jack battery on/off, and AC power input.
• With carbon composition resistors and .05mf capacitors just like the originals, the FUZZbrite is as awesome today as the Mosrite Fuzzrite® was in the 60s and 70s.
Asonix Corporation
Founded in 2003 by, electrical engineer and musician, Ron Barnwell. All of their products are assembled with pride in the USA.
• With a product line of three pedals, Asonix pedals are unique, original designed and are not clones or variations of other effect products.
Atomic Audio
The Trem-O-Tone is a revolutionary new tremolo guitar effect pedal that offers unprecedented control and features. A PC-based interface provides complete control over every parameter of the effect, including the ability to create your own custom low-frequency oscillator (LFO) waveforms!
• Built and based in the St. Louis area.
Audible Disease
Audible Disease creates effect pedals and other devices that can be used to bring instant audio pain to whatever musical setup. All Audible Disease pedals are made from the highest of quality parts.
• Hand built in Northern California.
Audio Rakitan
Producing over a dozen effects (Guitar Environmet in left nav) but they also do amp and speaker designing and construction to help in building you a custom audio system.
• Hand built in Indonesia.
Audio Squared
Here you will find custom, hand-made effect pedals based on time-tested, classic analog circuits specifically tailored for professional audio and live gigging. Built with the strongest switches, jacks, and other components to insure these units will perform a long, long time.
• Hand built in the USA.
Austin Retro
A small boutique guitar effects & amplifier company offering a new look at an overdrive classic. Their pedals offer a sound that’s considered "natural", "warm' and "tubey" partly by achieving smooth, asymmetrical soft clipping.
• Hand built in Austin, Texas.
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