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Backbeat Electric
Stained cherry wood sides, battery compartment, top notch components and electronics! These pedals are build to last and sound fantastic.
• Handmade and crafted in Germany.
Backline Engineering
Building a few effects the FX-Tracker™ allows you to time effects to your playing speed and pick attack for some truly amazing sounds. The RiffBox™ is a stereo looper with exceptional audio quality and provides several unique ways to capture and play back loops.
Bad Cat Amplifiers
Producing four top end pedals - "BFD" tremolo, "X-TREME" booster, "2-TONE" gain and tone booster and the "LEASH" gives you a volume selection across your amplifiers power section.
Badger Effects
Producing a fine sounding pre-amp, loopers and more.
• Assembled by hand in Texas.
Baja Tech Custom
Baja Tech Custom was born out of the concept being the need for well built effects pedals that are small, bullet proof and are packed with tone. Building versatile gear for touring and studio musicians alike, artists have found that they are able to build a new signature tone from our pedals and retain traditional tones of yesteryear.
Barber Electronics
A quest to achieve more expressive tones and create a line of effects and amplifiers for guitar and bass players. Barber Electronics is bringing the results of the tireless quest for tone to fruition.
• Building over 17 different effects all hand made in the USA.
Barge Concepts
The company is building a full range of effects with over ten already in their product line.
Basic Audio
Producing seven wild sounding fuzz pedals some with overdrive too and all not very expensive. Site has a lot of sound clips for you to give a listen to.
• Some pedals feature wood or tweed pedal enclosures.
BBE Sound
In the professional music world, famous musicians perform with BBE Sonic Maximizerô signal processors for the most dynamic and exciting audio quality possible. Professionals depend on BBE High Definition Sound for their full creativity and musical expression.
• Located in Huntington Beach, California, BBE Sound, Inc.
Behringer designs and manufactures a full line of analog and digital signal processors with over 75 effects to pick from.
Covering a full range of effects from fuzzs to phasers. They are also producing amps, pick-ups and lots of other musical gear all at great low prices.
• Products made in China
Benfox Stompboxs
Building a few filthy sounding fuzz pedals that are just killer constructed and sounding if you ever get a chance do check them out!
• Hand made in France.
Building two effect pedals, the Magnavibe (classic vibrato) and the Spaghetti Western Fuzz.
Black Cat Pedals
Concentrating mostly on distortion type pedals, offering original, point-to-point wired pedal designs that are handmade with green energy to protect our environment. (No battery connection inside!) All the effects feature true bypass, high quality components and are designed for guitar, bass and analog synthesizers.
• Made in Ghent, Belgium.
Producing some great sounding effects that are full of extra tricked out tones. BigToneMusicBrewery has a goal to create new exciting FX pedals that are simple to use and different from everything else out there.
• Made by hand in the U.S.A.
There goal is to offer "boutique" guitar FX pedals that offer awesome tone and useful features at a reasonable price. They build all their pedal entirely by hand, using quality parts and are covered by a one year warranty.
• Made by hand at Loon Lake, WA.
Black Cat Pedals
A newly revamped line of Black Cat Pedals using Fredís same great designs, the next generation of Black Cat Pedals has received a super-boutique makeover, featuring high-quality components and PCBs, top-notch build quality with consistent production, eye-catching graphics and deluxe packaging.
• Made in U.S.A. Since 1993
Black Snake
Black Snake has a full range of effects, A/B, looper and switcher pedals. Use Google to translate if needed.
• Build by hand in Brazil.
Black Velvet
Producing killer pedals that fill the gap between distortion and fuzz. Give their sound files a listen to get an idea of what the pedal's tone is and what they can produce. Very nice indead!
• Created in the Netherlands.
Blackout Effectors
Great pedals with lots of tweeking of their tone open to the user. Blackout pedals are designed to be as compact as possible, so battery usage was phased out. They come with an industry standard 9V power jack.
• Blackout pedals are true-bypass created in Vancouver, Canada.
Blackstar Amplification
The HT Range of award-winning valve overdrive pedals features true high voltage (300V) circuitry and are packed with innovations and tone. Pedals with high voltage valve design and cascaded valve gain stages. The pedals respond like a valve amp with unique enhanced tone controls.
• Products from UK
Jon Blackstone handcrafts guitar distortion devices that generate low-order harmonics, and are responsive to dynamics. This is the type of distortion that re-shapes the body of the note.
• Blackstone's current product is a very small battery-powered floor pedal called the Mosfet Overdrive 2S.
Blues Pearl
Distortions and Overdrives are just some of the effects they are building. Many guitar heavyweights such as Buddy Guy, Chris Duarte, James Burton, and Jeff Cook had become hip to the Blues Pearl vibe.
• Built in Kodak, Tennessee.
BMF Effects
Producing five effects.
• "Aries" Fuzz, "Decho Box" Delay, "Fat Bastard" Boost, "Liquid Sky" Chorus and the "Purple Nurple" Overdrive.
Bob Burt Effect Pedals
Bob has gained a status of one of the best builders of effect pedals, top of the line parts and looks to create a killer sound. He is building the BB Overdrive - BB Clean Boost - BB Compressor and Custom Cabinets.
• Built in the U.S.
Boomerang Music
The company is building two effect pedals at this time the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler and the Boomerang E-155 Chorus/Delay.
• Pedals built in Grapevine, TX.
From fuzz to phasers and boosters to overdrives there's a lot to look over with these pedals.
• Pedals built in Japan
BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup, which includes compact-effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders...
Broadcast Pro Audio
Their principal aim is to develop unique widgets for the recording and performing arts industry. Producing a real fine multipurpose switching box ideally suited for performing and recording guitar players.
• All the products are designed, tested and hand built in Adelaide, Australia.
Brunetti Amplification
Creating some real nice sounding effects the Taxi Drive, a booster overdrive - Overtone, a tube pre-amp booster - Burning Box, a high gain distortion and the Mercury Box, a overdrive/distortion pedal.
• Built in Italy.
BSM (Bernd C. Meiser, Saarpfalzstr) uses only New Old Stock germanium transistors manufactured 30 to 40 years ago in Germany (Valvo, Philips, Tungsram - models OC44 or OC76) exactly like the original Treble Boosters.
• Made in Germany.
Producing one effect pedal at this time the Black Powder Overdrive.
• LED indicator and True-By pass.
Budda Amplification
The Budda wah is hands down one of the finest wah pedals ever made. At bass settings (heel cocked back), the tone is thick and honky without losing clarity of the note. Fully depressed, the highs have been rolled off to a frequency that isn't piercing like many wahs.
• 100% signal bypass when not in use.
Burford Electrinics Boutique FX
Some real cool effects, from fuzzes to super boosters, delays to ring mods and sitar sounds to tremolo all looking far-out and sounding great. The website has some sound samples of the Burford range of pedals.
• Built in the UK.
Burriss Amps
The company is building two boost pedals and a looper.
• Hand Wired Foot Pedals.
Butler Audio
BK Butler's original Tube Driver guitar pedal in a limited production! The 'Real Deal' Tube Driver from the Original Designer!
• I made several of these for Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and David Gilmour...
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