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Carl Martin
Founded in 1990 the company has a range of 28 high quality guitar effect pedals. Lots of new pedals are always coming out, so keep checking their site for the latest effects.
• The pedals have some great reviews.
Carls Custom Guitars
A very cool place, in Lowell, MA, that sells far-out gadgets he builds as well as instruments and other goodies!
• Classic Script Phase 90 & Univibe pedal with mix and speed control: 2 classic pedals in one.
• Classic Tonebender MkII Fuzz and Fuzz Face: 2 classic germanium fuzz pedals in one.
Caroline Guitar Company
This seems to be a great company with some real good ideas for making their pedals. In the future they plan to be producing amps and guitars too.
• Dreamed, designed, and created in Columbia, South Carolina.
Catalibread has a product line of twelve pedals over a wide range of effect sounds.
• Five of their pedals use a boss type plug and can not use a 9 volt battery because of their smaller size limitation but don't let that stop you from trying them out they are great sounding effects.
Cause & Effect Pedals
CE Pedals is founded on a philosophy of combining excellence in design and engineering with a boutique attention to detail. The FET Dream takes a no-compromise approach in the design of a distortion pedal.
• JFET transistors are hand-tuned on every pedal to achieve a warm tube-amp like clean tone, rich in 2nd harmonics.
Cave Passive Pedals
Building their pedals on passive technology! The idea of passive pedals, the concept of two diodes facing opposite directions, wired in parallel across the output terminals of an instrument creates a usable, but sometimes volume dropping, fuzz or "crunch" sound.
Celestial Effects
Celestial Effects Pedals are hand built in the USA. Using only the best parts available, each pedal comes with a stellar FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that there is never a risk to you when you choose Celestial Effects products.
• Manufactured in the USA
Celmo Sardine Can Compressor
Sardine Can compressor a totally unique Optical Compressor pedal for guitarists. This incredible sensitivity and response pedal makes any instrument sing with moooooooooore sustain. Use it as a pre-amp/line driver to add a soft crunch drive to your input stage giving your amp that heavily sustained sound.
• Hand-crafted in France.
Champ Electronics
The Treboost Plus Type 5 pedal utilizes three transistors, four filter caps, and it absolutely sings!! It has a triple-transistor rotary switch. Using the original NOS Mullard OC45 & OC71 and the "metal-jacket" OC44, a military-spec rated Mullard.
• Built in Nottongham, ENGLAND.
Cheese Block Effects
Building overdrives, a booster and fuzz some in small enclosures and all looking just great!
• They also do custom effect orders and mods on your pedals too.
Chellee Guitars
At the beginning of 2009 Chellee Guitars began working on an overdrive pedal design that was both extremely compact and incredibly powerful. CG wanted to build a boutique pedal that would serve there purposes for years to come and be able to adapt to changing styles and tastes. Nine months later Odelya is born.
• Built in Orange City, FL.
Chicago Iron
The pedals contiue to be built by hand in the USA using matching components and following actual Tycobrahe® schematics.
• The few effect pedals they produce sound amazing! and have immaculate craftsmanship in them, built very sturdy.
Chunk Systems
Chunk Systems designs and manufactures high quality effect pedals for professional bass players. Make your bass sound a little crusty and gritty, fat and funky or even like a screaming mutant bloodsucker from another planet.
• Pedals are built in Australia from high-quality parts, close tolerance components and plenty of funk.
Ciclar Pedals
Their goal is to recreate the sound of the 60's, 70's and 80's choosing all the components as they were used at the time. To incorporate improvements given their knowledge and use of high quality electronics, offering the best combination of modern technology and vintage.
• All are hand made in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
After almost 20 years of being in the power supply business they decided to use all their knowledge and experience to design a professional range of dedicated solutions for powering effect pedals. Three new products named DC10, AC10 and TC10 are ready to purchase.
• From Gentofte, Denmark
Clark Amplification
The "Gainster" Overdrive/Boost Pedal can add more gain to your guitar playing with minimal coloration to your signal. This pedal is designed to preserve the tone of your guitar and every nuance of your playing style while adding a convincing tweed-like growl.
Their goal is to design and build the best hand assembled analog effects available. ClinchFX design methods include using modern electronic construction techniques with classic circuit topology to give new retro-style sounds.
• Built in Brisbane, Australia
Cluster Effects
Producing eight effects - Distortions, boosters, phaser, overdrive...
• Built in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Using the highest quality components available each pedal is built with the same attention to detail as the next. They can even complete a custom effect pedal from the tones in your head!
• Built by hand in Williamburg, VA.
Coloring Pad
Creating some real great sounding filters, modulators, tone generators, pulse synth harmonic effect boxes to shape your tones and produce some crazy sound effects.
• One of a kind hand build pedals and instruments.
Started in 1962 we're very proud to be carrying with the tradition - still producing the old favorites but there are some exciting new products in the pipeline.
• All Colorsound effects are hand built using top quailty components - we're still using the original machines for pressing out the cases too.
Compulsive Audio
Building an overdrive, distortion, booster, buffer, modulation effects (Phaser, Chorus, Flanger), Jimi octave fuzz pedal and a bunch more.
Copilot FX
Adam Romero designs and builds the pedals that are great, fresh sounding devices at affordable prices.
• Located at the sunny land of the Dominican Republic.
Copper Gear
Copper Gear is creating handmade audio guitar pedals, boutique effects, fx mixer and more. Their designs incorporate the beauty of materials used in the Victorian era, such as wood, copper, brass, and leather.
• All of the products are made by hand.
Cool Pedals
Building just a few effects but the quality is top of the line! The Dirty Devil distortion / booster stompbox has a devil graphic, LED illuminated eyes, three modes, three voicings and a separate boost section to give this box quite a bit of flexibility and numerous applications.
• All hand made in Bavaria, Germany.
Building three Distortion / Overdrive pedals, the Valveslapper, Dirtbox and the Red Slapper all hand built quality effects at affordable prices which bring together vintage and modern technology.
• All hand made in Nottingham, England
Germanium NKT 275 transistors are used for a great Fuzz tone. A bias pot is added because this type of transistor is likely to drift over a period of time or in varying temperatures. Carbon Composition resistors just like the original Germanium Fuzz Face™ pedals.
• The First Fuzz is hand made in the UK.
Crazy Tube Circuits
Building five pedals now that cover the distortion, booster and overdrive ranges but more are on the way. The site contains many sound files, check them out and give them a listen.
• Hand made in Athens, Greece.
Cubisteffects offers not only a modification to rectify the initial design flaws but also has a number of modifications that can improve the flexibility of some of the top brand name pedals in the market and some that push the pedal to become a new experimental tool.
• Based in Sydney, Australia.
Cusack Music
Seven pedals in the product line.
• Features include machined labeled cases, Lil' Chickys, high end components and connectors and Cliff jacks.
Custom Audio Electronics
Producing custom pedal boards, effects, midi foot controllers... There effects consist of a MXR Boost/Overdrive, MXR Boost/Line Driver and a wah pedal all promoted by Dunlop.
• A rack system mounted audio switcher with discrete loops for 100% bypassing of each effect. channel switching amps and additional effects control.
Custom Guitar & Bass Effects
Run by one man. Every aspect of construction is 100% hand made from start to finish by a real live human being, from drilling and finishing of the enclosures to parts selection and final assembly. Every pedal has the same care and attention to detail as the next and all go through rigorous testing procedures.
• Based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Custom Guitar Gear
Custom Guitar Gear's "Jekeko Wah" is a manual fixed / adjustable wah that can be parked at any point.
• "Parking" is the technique of moving your wah to a particularly toneful spot, then stopping.
Custom Guitar Tone
Breaking into the effect seen with two great sounding pedals and custom mods. The CGT Booster and CGT Compressor both built in the same heavy style custom enclosure's that Roadrage Pro Gear uses. Get the full scoop by checking out the YourTube videos on their site.
• Located in Toronto, Canada.
Looking for DIY kits and custom made pedals check them out!
Custom Tones
The Ethos Overdrive was inspired by one of the most sought after boutique guitar amplifiers ever made. Extensive time and attention to detail were required to emulate the tone and responsiveness of this amplifier.
• This pedal was the idea of the builder, to reproduce the tone of a Dumble amp in 2 channel (Clean and Overdrive).
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