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D3 Audio Designs
Building a few distortion and overdrive effects.
• Built in Osaka, Japan
Dan Armstrong Effects
Each unit has a specific effect or function, but several of them may be combined by plugging one into another to produce more complex effects.
• Grafton Electronics in Grafton, VT.
Danelectro Cool Cat
Cool Cat effect pedals sound good and sell at a cheep price of around $49.00. Pedals that will give you that crunch sound without crunching your budget!
• Metal cases, metal jacks and all come with True Bypass switching. Great colors and very solid.
• From Camarillo, CA
Darkglass Electronics
Producing many powerful and versatile tools for Bass Players who seek to saturate their tone without changing their rig’s character.
• Made in Finland.
Dazatronyx does not offer simple clones and modified reproductions like other 'boutique' builders. Dazatronyx honestly can say that their circuits have been engineered to offer something truly unique.
• Based in Melbourne, Australia.
DDyna Music Company
Stand back these guys have a Super Overdrive, the "Narlie! Dude", that can pump out a +50dB of gain and output volume to spare, overdrive lovers will love this pedal!
• Some pedals have unique glowing controls.
• The pedals are manufactured in Bothell, WA.
Death By Audio
Built in Brooklyn, NY by the "Death By Audio" collective.
• The Supersonic Fuzz Gun is a huge sounding fuzz pedal with the capability of having an immense range of great fuzz sounds.
• The product line also consists of many other pedals check out the Fuzz War a heavy kicker!
Dedalo Effects
All the effects are handmade and each pedal is assembled and calibrated one by one, tested and supervised to better it's performance. All components are imported and carefully selected for maximum performance.
• Built in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Death By Audio
Producing three real cool effects the BOG, a Silicon Fuzz Face, the Hellbender, a Colorsound Tonebender MK2 and the Krypton a distortion rich in harmonics and textures and well defined treble frequencies.
• All have an easy slide out drawer for the battery.
The tonal vibe of boutique effects with the outstanding value you’ve been searching for. The result is a line of pedals and multi-effects that add an amazing level of depth and variety to your sound.
• Web site is very clean and the layout is real nice!
Demeter Amplification
Solid high end pro gear! amps, preamps, effect pedals, speaker cabs, RVB-1 Reverbulator is a real analog spring reverb pedal! and lots more.
• Jim is always introducing new pedals so keep checking his web site for the info!
• The pedals are handmade in Empleton, CA
devi ever
devi ever is a graphic designer that builds effects and does some great art work! She has over 30 different effects to choose from in her product line.
• All the effects sound different are built real well, have great tone and have cool graphic designs.
• Handmade in Oregon.
Deviltone Custom Fuzzes
Creating some outstanding sounding and looking effects. PTP built with top quality electronics and craftmanship.
• Standard (Silicon) Fuzz Pedals
• Custom (Germanium) Fuzz Pedals
• Limited runs (usually 5 units at a time) and One-Offs!
• Handmade in Pearland, Texas
Producing a small pedal size amp, pedal boards, power station and more. All built very well and sold at a nice price point.
• Located in Northgate, Baildon West Yorkshire
Dialtone FX
Dialtone Electronic Effects are high quality effects for guitar and bass in different flavors of fuzz, boost, overdrive, and distortion.
• Handmade in Canada
Diamond Pedals
Diamond Pedals are a small design team consisting of an electrical engineer and an electronics technologist who all happen to love music and great sounding music gear with the goal to provide 'Innovative Sonic Excellence'.
• The pedals are manufactured in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Diaz Musical Products
Cesar Carrillo Diaz built the "Tremodillo", a unique tremolo device and it has been used on top-ten charting releases by Joan Osborne, Collective Soul, R.E.M. and other recording artists.
• World famous Diaz amplifiers and pedals are back in production and for sale!
David A Main & Linzi Haynes
David Andrew Main & Linzi Haynes run (D*A*M) based in South Yorkshire, England.
Where all the production is run by just two people, David Andrew Main and Linzi Haynes.
• Every aspect of construction is 100% hand made from start to finish.
• Pure analogue parts and components.
With a full line of easy-to-use stompboxes DigiTech’s pedals are renowned for their performance, durability and quality.
• Located in Sandy, Utah
I think these pedals are made in China and branded with their name on them. Very low costing pedals and there is a full range of effects.
Dino's Guitars
Our commitment to perfection is a blessing and a curse. We really can't stop until we have it down the way we mean it.
• Your guitar and amp will be preserved and possibly enhanced by the musical, harmonically rich distortion texture provided by the Rust Box.
Building many nice effects at this time and performing MODs on pedals.
• Everything is hand built in the UK
Dirty Boy Pedals
Creating nine effect pedals mostly build around germanium fuzz and distortion tones.
• Tone Shaping is what the pedals do rather then something like Delays, Echoes, Phasers or Choruses.
Divided By Thirteen
Featuring the "Dyna-Ranger" here, a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium transistor treble booster from England used by an array of players from Eric Clapton and David Gilmore to Tony Iommi and Brian May.
• The original glass Mullard OC44 transistor are used too.
• A product line of four effects.
DLS Effects
Constructed and manufactured in the USA using extra-heavy gauge steel enclosures, steel pots, and steel switches.
• The product line has pedals being played by some top musicians like Keith Richards, Brad Whitford, Greg Howe, Carlos Santana, Seal, Greenday, John Mayer, Eric Mantel...
DOD sports ten effect pedals including the YJM308 overdrive pedal, which was developed to meet the exacting sound requirements of artist Yngwie Malmsteen.
Doran Shelley
Building Fuzz, boosters, overdrives and more.
DMB Pedals
DMB not only makes effect pedals but also does mods for your Boss, Ibanez, Line 6, MXR and many other brands of pedals. The site hosts video demos for you to see their pedals in action too.
• The DMB Repair shop will fix all kinds of different broken pedals.
• Effects are built by hand in Oklahoma City, OK
DooDad Guitars
Building some very nice sounding guitars and pedals!
• Pedals are built in the Netherlands, EU
DRNO-Effects takes you back in time with their new vintage sound guitar effects. All effects are made with the best components and materials that are available.
• Every stomp box is 100% handmade and are available in limited editions
• Built in the Netherlands, Holland
Dr. Scientist
Dr. Scientist, is a two person operation based just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. Ryan Clarke, design and build the pedals and Tanya Bach, does the finishes.
• All the pedals are build by hand from scratch.
• The effects pedals are made with top-notch components and build practices.
Dieter Goelsdorf´s Duesenberg design consolidates to the effects world. Analog hand-wired vintage style effect pedals fitting perfectly into your assortment without altering your basic sound.
• True Bypass switching by EH USA push switch and Neutrik jacks.
• From Hannover, Germany.
Duh Voodoo Man
He does build and sell BYOC-based effects as his schedule allows. These can be purchased as an assembled and tested pedal without any finishing (i.e. a bare metal, fully functional box), or as a fully decaled and painted effect.
Dunlop Electronics are built with quality craftsmanship and parts, designed to last for years of hard use.
• MXR effects have set the standard for tone and durability for more than 25 years. From time-honored classics to new cutting edge designs, MXR has your sound.
• From Benicia, CA.
Durham Electronics
Makers of four effect pedals the "Crazy Horse" distortion/fuzz, "Sex Drive" a clean-boost, "Mucho Boosto" medium gain overdrive and the "Zia Drive" low compression overdrive.
• From Austin, TX.
DVK Technologies
Each pedal from the Melbourne, Australia based company is a combination of 2 effects in fact the company tagline is "Twice the fun, twice the power, half the cost".
• From Melbourne, Australia.
Bit/synth/dream manglers! here are the pedals for you to help you drive your house hold members insane. Thick rich sounding fuzzes that have chaos and noise modes available!! Rhythmic oscillation and industrial fuzz in a true bypass package.
• Handmade in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
From fuzzes, distortions, overdrives to guitar synth, chorus and echo pedals this company had a full range of top of the line effects.
• From Berlin, Germany.
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