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Earthbound Audio
Building effect pedals that focus around fuzz and distortion pedals. The Supercollider distortion/fuzz box, the Centurion silicon fuzz and the new Beast, a Supercollider plus noise machine. With switches to activate feedback loops that causes oscillations, intensely saturated sounds, glitchy and unpredictable sounds.
• Hand built in Hopewell, New Jersey.
EarthQuaker Devices
Building a full range of ten effects! Also Custom Work quote - I will do custom work as time permits. Custom versions of current EQD production pedals are the easiest to tackle but I will consider building a new device for you if it's within reason.
• Hand built in Akron, Ohio.
The EBS Bass Effects and Preamp pedals will add new dimensions to your sound. Designed specifically, for bass players by bass players. EBS's experience and technical know-how have created this unbeatable range of seriously special effects.
• Built in Sweden
Overcarsten Overdrive - A highly touch-sensitive overdrive effect. Soft distortion without unpleasant and harsh treble. Natural compression, just like an amp with tube-rectifier.
• Hand built in Germany.
Eden Electronics
Structured around the bass player looking for pedals, speakers, cabinets, amps and more all built to top quality.
• Located in Mundelein, IL.
Effector 13
Are you ready for the Effector 13 Console II? If so here are some answers to your ?s.
• NEW Devi Ever technology.
Producing six pedals - tremolo, chorus, phaser, overdrive, compression and a vibe pedal. Effectrode is firmly dedicated to building outstanding high-end effects pedals that fuse classic vacuum tube technology, the best modern audiophile grade components available.
• 100% analog signal-path built on vacuum tube technology.
Effects Pedal Boutique
From distortion to delay this company is building custom built by hand one at a time pedals. THe website has sound clips and videos about their products.
• Custom built by Dave and Joy Wireman in Watkinsville, GA
EFX Custom Effects
Producing a wide range of effect pedals that cover all the tones.
El Musico Loco
All the pedals are hand made even the circuit boards. Local artists in Spain finish the boxes and all the parts are hand picked and ear tuned in all the pedals.
• Hand-crafted effects made in Spain.
Eleca International
This company is producing many effects like: Chorus, Compressor, Short & Long Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Fuzz, Over Drive, Phaser and the Ultra Metal.
• Made in China
These pedals are outrageous digital gadgets that deliver amazing creative synth sounds. At this time there are three effects being produced the EF101 Dual Oscillator, EF102 Photo Theremin and the EF103 Guitar Disruptor.
• Hand built in NY, USA
The sounds of the Electro-Harmonix's effect pedals have been in recording for over 40 years! There circuits won't ever constrain the color of your sound; rather, they give you the freedom to find it.
• The Big Muff has been around a long time and everyone should test one out if they have not by now!
Elite Tone
Producing two very fine sounding effect pedals, the Smooth Boost and the Fillmore Thunder a Fuzz/Octave pedal. They also have a fully customized guitar effect pedal design service to help build the pedal of your dreams!
• Based in Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA.
Elmwood Amps
The Elmwood Woodpeaker is the first j-fet based overdrive pedal the company has made!
• Super clean sounding effect hand built in Sweden.
Some of the EMMA Effects are simply a step above anything else that we have heard. The "DiscumBOBulator" is a super nice envelope filter pedal that you must hear!
• Super clean sounding effects hand built in Denmark.
Empress Effects
Empress Effects is a very new Canadian pedal company, since 2005 the company has been designing, manufacturing and selling effect pedals. Building pedals with very unique features and high quality are some of the goals set by this company.
• The Empress ParaEq w/Boost was released November 2008.
USB Foot Control A universal USB hub for footswitches & pedals.
• Made in Seine France
Building some classic pedals like the Buzzaround, Tone Bender and other fuzz pedals. They all look very professional and very cool.
• Handmade in Tucson, Arizona.
Ernie Ball
They have been making strings for over 40 years but did you also know they made great pedals? Check out the smooth action of their stereo and mono volume pedals today.
• You can even swap out different potentiometer that they sell. Go from a 250K to a 25K and hear the big difference.
Euthymia Electronics
Building three fuzz pedals. Euthymia Electronics uses new old stock (vintage, but never used) semiconductors and we use top grade silver Teflon wire. Every pedal is play tested with a guitar and amplifier at various settings.
• The transistors are screened for gain and the biasing resistor selected while the unit is powered up.
Top recording studios worldwide use Eventide effects on hit after hit. Now, for the first time these effects are portable and affordable. Stompbox simple!!
• Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ
Fuzz/distortion effect pedal, Fuzzy Drive. The Fuzzy Drive offers both fuzz and distortion in one pedal, along with a boost function when the gain is turned down.
• Japanese effect builders.
EXAR Electronix
Producing a number of great sounding pedals for guitar and bass. They even have around 10 distortion pedals, now how cool it that... Give them a listen at their site!
• Hand building their own innovative electronic circuits in Poland since 1983.
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