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Fairfield Circuitry
Offering musicians intuitive, unique and robust sound modifiers, breaking the mold of traditional effects pedals. With each design, great care is taken in optimizing particular characteristics of the type of effect at hand.
• Hand built in Canada.
Fuzz, distortion, compressors, boosters... All the pedals look to be amazing in build quality and electronics.
• Built somewhere in the woods across the big pond.
Producing 100% tube unit effect pedals that are built with the highest standards and quality!
• Hand built in Spain.
FEA Labs
Their distinctive product features and outstanding attention to quality will provide you with that exceptional sound you both crave and deserve.
• They build a studio quality Dual Band Optical Compressor-Limiter and a few other outstanding pedals.
Helping acoustic musicians achieve the truest sound possible whenever they plug in. If you desire the best possible sound from you acoustic instrument then you should try out these excellent sounding pedals!
• From Andover, MA.
FlexWaves Guitar Pedals
Born from the passion of music and high skills in electronics design. Flex Waves pedals gives you the great Classic Analog Sound with true bypass and digital control. Create your favourite classic sounds, STORE them in Presets, ORGANIZE them in Banks and recall your sounds in a glance.
• Designed and made in Italy.
Foxrox Electronics
In 1992 the company started and went under the name FOXROX Electronics.
• Building pedals in a class all there own.
foxx Pedals
Located in Provo, UT, foxx pedals have brought back three of their classic pedals and over the next few years will be bringing back their intire pedal product line they produced in the past.
• Hands down they sound just like the old pedals of the past we have A/B tested one in the studio!
• Fuzz you can hear and FEEL.
Manufactureing a line of regular production pedals as well as custom effects made to order. The company uses the highest quality components, attention to detail and an emphasis on durable construction.
• All made by hand, including the machining of the cast aluminum cases, painting, silk screening, wiring and assembly.
Freak Show Effects
Freakshow "Custom Shop" Effects and mods are a popular choice by users and they sound just killer! Their Brown Rabbit and Digilog delay pedals are some top sounding effects with great tones.
• Custom awesome super cool graphics. They will paint your box anyway you would like it. Way to cool!
Freekish Blues
These pedals are designed to have a truly unique voicing and ability to allow you to unearth sounds while taking advantage of all your guitar (Pick Ups, Tone and Volume knobs) and amp (Clean/Dirt Channel, etc) have to offer.
• Dsigned, engineered and hand crafted in a basement.
Fredric Effects
Building some nice quality pedasl. Pedals: Grumbly Wolf, Harmonic Percolator, Utility Perkolator, Green Russian Muff, Telstar Ring Mod, Husk(er)y Wolf, Unpleasant Companion, Liquid Fox
• Made in London
Fridgebuzzz Electronics
Primarily creating guitar and synthesizer equipment but the company has branched out in other fields like the fridgebuzzz product. They are handmade are lead-free, rohs compliant and sound super sweet!
• Made in New York City
Fromel Electronics
Building eight pedals and they all seem to be real good plus they have a custom shop for building some special pedals. Check out this site for what they looklike too. They are cool looking pedals!
• Made in USA
Fryer Guitars
The company is producing three "Brian May Treble Boosters" and two more boosters are in the works.
• From Australia a line of 3 pedals.
• Treble Booster Special - coming soon!
Fuchs Audio Technology
All Plush pedals feature: Cast aluminum housings, industrial powder coat finish, heat cured silk screen labeling, true bypass, Cliff switch, Neutrik connectors, metal shaft controls, premium quality passive components, fiberglass circuit board and a 5-year warranty.
• The pedals are manufactured in Clifton, NJ in the USA.
Fulltone Musical Products Inc.
• Making a lot of effects and some of the worlds best sounding effects.
• Built in California, USA.
Fuzzrocious Pedals
Fuzzrocious Pedals is a pedal building and hand-painting company owned and operated by husband and wife, Ryan and Shannon Ratajski. Previously, Ryan built replicas of popular pedals from GeneralGuitarGadgets.com as a build service and Shannon hand-painted them.
• Good pedals at good prices.
FX Engineering
Building just a few effects but they sound pretty nice!
Completely custom and unique effect pedal ideas, mods, custom designs, repairs, builds, and modifications specializing in guitar pedals.
• Handmade in Boston, MA.
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