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Building some great effects and pedal switchers! Products include a analog compressor, Amp Loop Adapter, Smooth Delay, Guitar System Controller 3, Dual Reverb...
• These pedals have some new exciting features like the knobs have a light in them so they glow.
• Products are produced in Zabrze, Poland
GL Guitars
Today, G&L is committed to preserving the memory and rich history of Leo Fender, as well as his passion for creating instruments musicians will embrace for decades to come.
• Made in Fullerton Califorina
G2D Guitar Pedals
The company has developed four outstanding pedals and artists John Mayer, Richie Sambora, David Gilmour and Andy Summers are playing on them.
• Handmade in New Zealand
The Gaspedals Carb is for those of you who prefer a tight bottom end. The pedal is designed to give you the sweet and crunchy gain of a set of EL34's being pushed into breakup. As a clean boost or knobs on eleven it's got all the tone and dynamics of a vintage tube amp.
• Handmade in Seattle.
Gearmanndude Guitar Effects Pedal
Two types of booster pedals are available for sale, the Luther Drive, a take off of a vintage Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer with a few modifications to give it alot more clarity and tonal character. The Time Bomb Boost a direct clone of the classic 70's Gray and Yellow DOD 250 Preamp pedal.
GeekMacDaddy is a small company dedicated to creating high-end, hand built pedals with top quality parts.
• Coming soon: The "GeekDriver" (Based on the ColorSound Overdriver) and the "GeekoVitch" (Classic Germanium Fuzz using rare Russian transistors)
George Dennis
Building over 15 effects that include a talk box, stereo volume pedals, Wah-Wah effect pedals and lots more!
• Made in Havirov Mesto, Czech Republic
Geru Craft Works Factory
The very rare transistors, capacitors and other parts are found and bought in Japan and overseas. They are then hand selected and used in the pedals to reproduce the sounds from a nostalgic time, these type of effects do not exist today.
• Hand built in Hachioji, Tokyo Kamiongata.
• Here is the English Translation.
Ghost Effects
These are top notch effect pedals! Fuzz, Tone Benders, boosters and more. I have a few and I can state that they are build with the highest standards, quality electronics and sound great.
• Hand built pedals by Ian Sherwen in Birmingham, UK since 2004.
Gig-Fx manufactures light-weight, road-worthy products to the highest standard of reliability. They use cast aircraft aluminum shells, a true analog signal path, and 'Better than True By-Pass' ™optical switching.
• Creating great smooth sounding wah pedals and more!
Sawmill-MOSFET Distortion/Overdrive.
• Transitions from clean to distorted with playing dynamics
• Bias control pot to change tone color from distorted to overdrive
• Clean distortion throughout all bias settings
• Maintains tonality of picking position
• Built in Cumming, GA.
Custom guitar effect pedals. Web site coming soon.
GNI Music
Multi fuzz and Vintage Distortion, Analog Stereo Dual Chorus, Two complete overdrives on one single pedal and this is a real nice pedal the PathFinder. It's a compact line selector, with 9 programmable memory banks and fast switching.
• Built in Brazil
Producing Tone Bender effects with one or two controls in hand painted enclosures.
• Guitar effects built by hand.
Seventheaven is a high gain distortion pedal using Jfet's cascaded for that tube amp high gain. It has Dual channels, True bypass with (Inline Boost) can take 9vdc - 18vdc external regulated power.
Located in Canada, Russell Goudie is making guitar effect pedals with great sounding tone.
• New pedals are being added to the product line a few times a year so check in soon.
Granville Guitars
Each and every Granville Guitars effects pedal features.
• 100% hand selected and matched components.
• Fully hand wired, components are tested and measured TWICE before installation.
• True hard wired bypass using Switchcraft jacks, Alpha VRs and NOS transistors and op-amps.
The "Greedtone" Overdrive pedal has so much volume, you can use it to drive a tube amp to pieces! Main goal was to solve two common problems, white noise distortion and dropping the low end all together.
• Hand built in Seattle Washington, USA on a limited production run basis.
Super good looking effects that have a lot of thought, work and love in each pedal from design to assembly. Greenhouse effects deliver an unorthodox sonic attitude that will make YOU stand out.
• Hand made guitar effects.
Greer Amplification
All pedals are indvidually hand wired by Nick personally and feature a lifetime limited warranty against workmanship. Pedals feature the highest quality components, true bypass, with top quality 3PDT switches, heavy duty metal jacks and die-cast aluminum enclosures for reliable performance every time.
• Hand built in Athens, Georgia
Producing some tube effects and other non-tube effects along with builing amps. Head to the site to listen to a lot of sound files!
• Hand built in the Ukraine.
G.S. Wyllie
Wild fuzz sounding effects in real cool looking one of a kind enclosures. Give the sound clips a listen! Fuzzmite (wild, thick, full range strange fuzz), the OZO (dynamic alien octaver), the Moonrock Fuzz (a fuzz that has just one dial for it's fuzz, swell feature, and octaver) and more!
• Handmade in the U.S.A.
Guitar Fuel Performance Products
There first boutique stompbox, ANGULAR VELOCITY, is a lesson in the physics of sound! With roots in chorus and flanger effects it can create subtle shimmering tones to swirling mayhem, the AV-1 is noise free effect unit built with TRUE BYPASS.
• Handmade in South Plainfield, NJ
A catalog of lots of guitar and bass items plus some nive sounding low cost effect pedals.
• Located in Westborough, MA.
GuitarSlinger Products
Offering boutique effects pedals crafted by an experienced international team. Analog is our passion and we are proud of our unique circuit design completed after months of hard work.
• Handmade in Japan
Their goal is to create high quality guitar tools together with, and for professionals that enables them to perform the best they can. They not only build pedals but produce an ultimate midi controller.
• Pedals are built in the Netherlands
At Guyatone, our primary goal is to design products that meet the needs of the working musician.
• Mighty Micros offer professional-grade features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than your average stompbox.
Producing many effect pedals and cables.
• Handbuilt in Europe
Send us a nice shot of your effects pedal board and we'll help promote you or your band!
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