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Handwired-Effects are in no way off-the-shelf mass produced pedals. Analog circuits are their passion and they're never reluctant to make the investment in terms of time, money and effort required to utilize the parts and materials that are very seldom found in other effect pedals in the market, you will "hear" the difference.
• Manufactured by hand in Switzerland.
The highest quality components used throughout and painstakingly built by hand.
• Hao's ultimate overdrive unit, the Rumble MOD uses hand-selected components to provide the purest, smoothest, thickest overdrive ever.
• The company is producing five effects.
Harden Engineering
Building a killer sounding germanium transistor distortion that sounds just great with a fat full sound loaded with tone. He is also building fully custom guitars. Each hand crafted designed and built from all original parts!
• Hand built in Chicago, IL.
Hartman Electronics
There is a nice line of pedals focused around the fuzz tone and it's transistors.
• The company has created the Tommy Bolin Signature Fuzz.
• There is audio clips on their site for each of the pedals.
Heavy Electronics
A product line of six pedals - boosts, fuzz and distortion boxes.
• Hand made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hermida Audio Technology
Top quality effect pedals and speaker products from boosters, fuzz, distortion, reverb and more.
• Nice audio clips and reviews.
Hilton Electronics
Producing volume pedals and a few effects for the pedal steel guitar.
• Made in Branson, Missouri.
HipKitty Products
HipKitty Products provides hand-crafted and hand-painted pedals. Each pedal is finished to provide it to be a one of a kind... no two pedals are exactly the same (even the knob colors can be different).
• Their line has a lot to pick from - boosters, fuzz boxes, distortions, compression, A/B box...
Himmelstrutz Elektro Art
All products from Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, from idea to accomplished product, are handmade in Sweden.
• The "FETTO Standard" is an overdrive/distortion pedal in the Marshall league. It generates rough, sweet and addictive distortions, rich in harmonics.
• There is a line of distortion, fuzz and booster effect pedals.
Hiwatt Amplification
Producing a real wild sounding Echo Theremin and a custom Tube Overdrive.
• Still being crafted in Carcroft Doncaster, England
Based on the sought after Hofner vintage pedals of the 1960's and 1970's. The pedals offer everything you would expect from a contemporary boutique design: a rigid die-cast metal box, low-noise operation, silent switching and low battery consumption.
• Designed in Germany
Home Brew Electronics
HBE is a small company dedicated to building top quality custom effect pedals.
• Each pedal is carefully hand crafted one at a time using only the highest quality components and the utmost attention to detail.
• Additional mods can be performed on some pedals too!
Home Brew Electronics
Hudson Electronics offer hand-crafted retro-flavoured fuzz pedals. Produced on vintage style strip-boards, using new old-stock European germanium and silicon transistors, along with high quality components. Every aspect of each build is completed by hand with high attention to detail.
• Located in Beverley, UK.
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