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Jack Deville Electronics
Jack Deville has some real nice effects not following the normal types on the market. His new Dark Echo sounds like a great pedal to try out it is designed to emulate vintage reverb units.
Jad & Freer
Click on the link named "Prodotti" then click on the link for the bass series or the guitar series of effects and you will be directed to about 20 guitar effects or over 12 bass effects. REAL cool looking pedals!!
• The pedals are built in Italy.
Jacques Stompboxes
With a product line of nine pedals supported by many top artists.
• The pedals are built in France.
JAM Pedals
Analog, point-to-point pedals, made from the highest available (or not) quality materials on the market, rare NOS chips, specially selected matched NOS transistors and carbon comp resistors! Circuits are based on classic 60's and 70's vintage pedals, most times with an added twist!
• Handmade in Greece
JangleBox® began as an idea to try and capture a sound, the bright ringing chime that was popularized in the 1960's.
• This compression pedal creates a bold sustain.
Jean-Paul Electronics
Has a great line of effect pedals and lots of custom one offs. Listen to the sound files!
J.Everman Custom Analog Effects
The company has five effects out now and are constantly working on new and innovative fully analog designs so check back often for their updates, we know you'll like what you find.
Jet City Amplification
Overdrive, booster and distortion pedals plus Amps, Cabinets, Combos and Accessories.
• Located in Woodinville, WA.
Jetter Gear
New effects are being created all the time so check out there site offen!
• Their pedals cover a full range of Overdrive effecs from lite to heavy Crunch with all the sweet plexi-style tones in between.
JHS Pedals
JHS Pedals is the result of Joshua Scott's desire for quality effects that would stand out in the crowd. Make your ideas, needs and creativity become a reality with a custom built pedal, that you design!
• All hand built in Grandview, MO
They build relationships with musicians to effectively understand, learn, experiment and produce custom tools that are musical, practical, reliable and beautiful. They are also doing MODs of some effect pedals.
• All hand built in England
Johnny - Sound From Hell
Covering a full range of over 10 effects, all using top electronics and are True By-pass. Each effect is crafted real well and has a cool looking design.
• All hand built in Argentina.
A vast arrangement of effect pedals that sound very clean and cost less. Seventeen pedals are being producted but more are added yearly.
• Products from Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.
JMI Amplification
Building the classics of the past like the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, the ZONK, MKI Tonebenders and many other fine effect pedals!
• All hand built in England
The floorQ is basically a Joemeek Optical Compressor in a pedal. The gbQ is a full featured distortion generator. Incorporating both odd and even distortion control. The gbQ adds a structure control which sweeps a Joemeek proprietary designed filter to shape the tone allowing the gbQ to emulate all types of distortion pedal sounds and tones.
The T-Resonator is something like an M-Resonator + Digital Delay. But you can select 8 different delay algorithms, each with different delays and different feedbacks and modulate them even with an LFO.
• Built in Germany
Juliet Collective
Carving out a little niche in the musical design world, from top of the line custom amplifiers to the production of a pedal line. Check their site offen because a lot of new items will be coming soon.
• Built in Mississippi
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