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Kalikot Audio
Building a full line of effects from fuzz, distortions, overdrives to delays, phasers and more.
• Hand built in the Philippines.
Kasha Amplifiers
KA-ODP-A, 4 Channel Overdrive Pedal is an overdrive pedal designed with the characteristics of a boutique amplifier.
• 4 channels with separate voicing and gain structure
• Analog design w/10 dB clear boost
• No tone change, only enhances sound
• Hand made in the USA
Keeler Designs
"Pull", "Push", "Shove" and "Kick" are the four effect pedals being developed.
• All pedals are handmade in the USA by Rob Keeler
Keeley - Robert Keeley Summer NAMM 2008
It seems that Robert has his hands into everything these days! Featuring the new addition of guitar pick-ups to his line of products in 08'.
• Great performing and sounding effect pedals.
• Upgrade MODs for other branded effect pedals.
• Excellent sounding pick-ups.
Housed in a rugged "stainless steel" chassis, the Kendrick ABC Box is designed as a single input / three output, active audio distribution pre-amp and can be utilized in a variety of ways such as: Switching between up to three different amplifers.
• Price: $199.00
Kilpatrick Audio
Top quality sound, solid construction and low power consumption make these products the ultimate choice for artists who demand the best.
• All products are handmade in Canada using the best quality parts and come with a one year warranty.
Building a wide range of classic effects and amps and the products seem to be high end and well built.
• Made in China.
Klinger Custom Pedals
Klinger Custom Pedals are made with the finest components, craftsmanship, and the builder has many years of experience with making and modding pedals.
Klon Siberia
A New smaller diecast version of the Klon will be coming out in 2010 with the same circuit.
Korg is producingfive multi-effects processor effects most using the "REMS" modeling technology.
• Each effect has a bit of a learning curve.
KR Musical Products
The pedals are recreations of vintage style pedals incorporating the authetic sound and circuitry modeled after vintage pedals using top quality vintage style parts.
• Effects handbuilt in White Marsh, VA.
K & R Effects
Producing five pedals and DIY kits too. Web site is in Japanese so you have to click on the Google button and use Google to translate.
• Effects built in Japan
K & R Effects
Producing pre-amps for acoustic instruments and the bass. Functions like a DI box.
• Built in Austria.
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