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Lucio Bazzocchi is crafting outstanding sounding pedals and amplifiers. Creating a long line of over a dozen stomp boxes and a bunch of classic amps.
• Fully hand built in Italy
Lab Systems
Building a few effects the Dual output Overdrive Pedal, VP Truetube Valve Preamp/Enhancer and the Midimate MIDI Foot Controller all with a two year warranty.
• Fully hand built in Melbourne, Australia
John Landgraff
Landgraff - John Landgraff
Pedals are hand made in Pensacola, FL, USA by John Landgraff.
These pedals are hand painted, very expensive, have a long wait time but keep growing in value. Landgraff is building some of the best sounding pedals in the world.
Landmine Pedals
LD-1 a very strong fuzz pedal and the LC-1 chorus pedal are the two effects that are now in production.
• A Division of Mikes Music Canada.
Lastgasp Art Laboratories
This company is creating some outstanding effects that cover a wide range of far out noise sounding pedals. From ring mods to fuzz distortion pedals with there own internal oscillation system.
• Built in Japan.
Lateral Sound
Check out the sound clips on their site to hear what is going down in their distortion, fuzz and overdriven world.
• Original guitar effects. Hand built in the UK.
A full line of over 15 pedals, chorus, fuzz, distortion, boosts, A/B, loopers and a lots more.
• Located in Japan.
3Leaf Audio
Time to bust out the funk!
Home of the fattest, funkiest envelope filter ever created. Handmade in Seattle, Washington, the Groove Regulator is derived from the circuit of the legendary Lovetone Meatball and enhanced for extra funk.
Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers and Effects are designed by Lee Jackson! Building over a dozen effects and amps for top name artists.
• Built by hand in Austin, Texas.
Legacy Music
A store that sells all types of music gear and music products.
• Located in Australia
Second Generation of Switching is the result of the constant development and refinement of our Lehle Switchers. Extensive improvements and new features have been incorporated - without sacrificing any of the reliable functions of the earlier generation of switchers.
Leila Vintage Electronics
Leila Vintage Electronics offers high quality, hand crafted stompboxes at prices the average player can afford.
• Amps too? Hand wired, high attention to detail, premium components, classic circuits...
• The majority of the work goes into building custom pedals for customers who want something a little bit different.
Lightfoot Labs
Visit the web site and see all the features & listen to the sounds!! Goatkeeper 2 an advanced tremolo effect with 2 major pieces: analog Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) section and the digital Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) section.
• Eleven waveforms & 5 have the capability of being generated by the Wave Shaping function
Lightning Amplification And Effects
Lightning Amplification And Effects specialise in customising your guitar rig to exactly what you need. Whether it be for custom switching and routing, modifications to effects or amplifiers, custom effects pedals or something different look them up!
• Located in Perth, Western Australia.
Line 6
Whether your looking for a simple chorus pedal or a collection of classic delays in a single unit, Line 6 has an effect to fit your needs. Unsurpassed tone, advanced features, and high-quality construction.
• Some of the effects can use an expression pedal, very cool stuff.
Little Fuji Moderne Audio
One pedal is being producted the "Dirt Snob" this is the 2nd generation pedal from the idea of the Econo-Boost.
• Each Dirt Snob is hand-painted and etched, so each one will be different.
Little Lord Electronics
Bringing you high quality FX pedals at fairly reasonable prices.
• All build by hand.
Liquid Gain
HYDRA Liquid Gain overdrive effects pedal custom made in Japan. North America distribution by GM Vintage Restorations.
• Five controls to provide wide range of smooth overdrive tones: Volume, Tone, Hi-Distortion, Lo-Distortion and Fat Switch. The pedal works well with both humbuckers and single-coil pickups.
Lizard Leg Effects
Lizard Leg Effects is a small, family owned, custom pedal manufacturer in Gonzales, LA.
• They have 2 effects that are being created the "Flying Dragon" a single stage, broad frequency boost that doesn't alter your sound or your tone and the "Blue Tail" clean boost engineered from the ground up for bass.
Lock & Rock
• Designed with the Guitar player in mind. Simple, versatile, intuitive, durable, rugged pedals with great tone.
• Pedals allow adjustments to be made without the use of POTs and allow fast changes to the settings.
• Made in Houston, Texas.
Logsdon Audio
Custom power supplies and cables for pedal boards and effects pedals.
• Provide 3000 volts spike protection.
• Power supplies with 7-8-9-10-12 and 18 volts or a combination of those.
• Quiet cables 20 times quieter then a standard cable.
Lone Wolf Blues Company
Lone Wolf Blues Company is proud to offer a quality line of effect pedals for the harp player and guitar pedals featuring vintage tone and easy to set controls.
• All products are built by hand in Ponchatoula, LA.
Loop Master
A place for all your routing, switcher and looping needs.
True Bypass Signal Routing Solutions
Lotus Pedals
Building some fine sounding pedals that are all built one at a time by hand using the finest electronics!
Lovekraft Effects
Located in Casselberry, Florida making great pedals at an affordable price.
• Using the best sounding electronic components: Switchcraft jacks, top quality 3PDT stomp switch for true bypass, mil-spec socketed IC, carbon composition resistors and nice film caps.
• The Pusher a compact one knob clean boost.
Producing a very clean product line of effects the Provalve, Les Lius, 200lbs of Tone, Super 6, Maori Fuzzmaster, Lil China, Eternity, Cot 50 Church of Tone, Brown Boost, Vibe, Provalve, Purple Plexi 800 and the 8823.
Lovetone makes some very nice big pedals loaded with tone! The Doppelganger Phaser, Wobbulator Tremolo, Meatball Filter, Cheese Source Multi FX, Brown Source Overdrive and the Big Cheese Fuzz.
L.R. Baggs
Their preamps are the product of 20 years of relentless improvement and the quest for perfection. Their quality has been recognized with great reviews and numerous awards.
• The Venue D.I. is a beautifully packaged roadworthy floorbox that has everything to get the perfect acoustic tone from your guitar in any live venue.
LS Effects
Boutique quality, high-end, hand built pedals. Built using the highest quality components for ultra low noise designs. Using Teflon coated wire, through hole point-to-point hand soldered circuit boards, metal film resistors and more.
• Hand built here in the USA by Levi Speights one at a time.
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