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Machine Head Pedals
Making Overdrive, Dual Drive, Fuzz and Booster pedals covering all your lead action needs.
• They also feature pedal mods.
• Hand made real nice sounding effects.
Mad Hatter
Building some real cool looking effects crafting tones around the tube screamer overdrive and Rat fuzz pedals. Check out the sound samples on their site!
• Hand built pedals from Italy
Mad Professor
The Mad Professor is building unreal sounding effects and amps! Some of the top sounding equipment on the market.
• Web site has pedal sound samples.
• The "Sweet Honey Overdrive" have just been added to the product line.
Made By Mike
Building a lot of cloned pedals from the classics like the Muff, Fuzz Face, Tone Benders, 808 Tubescreamer and a lot more plus some originals.
• Made by hand, by Mike, in the UK.
Mahoney Guitar Gear
A product line of five effects - Vintage Buzztone, Modern Buzztone, Boost Tone, Vico Vibe Tremolo and the Acid Tone pedal. Building incredible sounding new issued pedals of the past.
• Products built in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Majik Box
Specializing in overdrives and boosters in one box! Top artists are using the effects so check them out!
• Hand built in Torrance, CA.
Malekko Heavy Industry
Striving to create unique, superlative pedals in a few different designs.
• Spring Chicken Reverb small but with a big sound, Barker ASSMASTER a super distortion pedal and the Echo 600 or 300 are again some sweet sounding pedals!
Maneco - Looper Plus, Nano Sampler, Filter EKO2 and Micro Looper.
• Hand built pedals for your own expression.
• E-mail contact: manecolooper@gmail.com
Mango Amplification
Producing a range of pedals and amplifiers built for the discerning guitarist who really cares about tone and simply wants to plug, play and find that sweet spot - perfect for blues, rock or modern indie styles.
• Handmade in the United Kingdom.
Manlay Sound
All of Manlay Sound pedals are true-bypass, use carefully selected N.O.S germanium transistors and high quality Capacitors.
• Handmade in Barcelona.
Marion Henry Electric
A family owned & operated boutique effects pedal company based in Auburn, AL. That pride theirselves on building quality effects pedals with a focus on craftsmanship & tonal quality. All Marion Henry Electric pedals are individually handmade & handpainted by Josh McKenzie and Alex Hoefer.
Maritime Analog
Everything is done by hand. The drilling, painting, graphics, assembly, design, testing, prototyping etc. is all done by hand. Even the circuit boards where applicable are made by hand and etched one at a time. All the parts are sourced from various locations and vendors.
• Products built in North Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Mark L Custom Guitar Electronics
Pedals, loopers, controlers, routers, line mixers, switchers and more.
• Products built by hand in Poland.
Building a full range of effects the Regenerator, Reflector, Echohead, Bluesbreaker II, Guv'nor, Jackhammer, Compressor and the Vibratrem.
Wild, wild sounding effects taken off on synth sounds and crazy electronic sounding noises.
• Handmade in Japan.
Matchless Amplifiers
The Hotbox Classic is an active two channel tube preamp driven by two 12AX7 tubes.
• Point to point hand-wired.
• Channel one is clean and crisp but is also capable of producing an overdriven sound. Channel two features gain, bass, treble, and output-level knobs.
Maxon’s first set of Nine Series pedals, named for their industry-standard nine-volt power requirement, were mostly high-end reissues of popular pedals that the company originally designed for Ibanez.
MBS Efectos
They are producing a overdrive, distortion, booster, digital delay and more.
• Built in Buenos Aires, Argentina
McPherson Stompboxes
Building four outstanding effect pedals. The JM1 Heavy Metal is a distortion pedals with a thick rich fat tight sound!
• This unit delivers massive amounts of gain and output volume that sound like a couple of Triple rectifiers ramming unadulterated levels of pure hi gain distortion into your amp.
• Built in New Zealand.
All devices manufactured are hand-made, including production of printed circuit boards (PCB of TD-1 and TD-2 are produced industrially meanwhile), populating the hardware, wrapping and final testing. Each device has a serial number and a test badge inside.
Custom Guitar Effect Pedals, Mod's and more - Handcrafted in Germany
Currently there are five effect pedals in the product line but custom pedals can be built to order.
• Pedals can only be bought on Ebay at this time.
Building hand made effects since 1996 with a nice full product line.
• All analog circuitry with easy access battery feature and top mounted in/out jacks and 9V input.
• Sound samples for each of the pedals.
Metal Pedals
Hand crafted in the USA using the highest quality materials, custom boards, point to point component placement and wiring. The original designed analog circuits provide a pure natural tone.
• Effects built in Robbinsville, NJ.
Although our tubes are unusual types and readily available, they still cost more then transistors. Tubes also require tube sockets, which sometimes cost more than the tubes they hold, our sockets are NOS.
• Vacuum Tube Effects
• Effects built in Lakeport, CA.
MG Music
Cool 60's feel far-out website full of real nice sounding and high quality looking pedal graphics.
• Special attention to the look and packing of each pedal they offer and build them with humor and spirit as a tribute to the products from the 60’ and 70'.
MI Audio
Eight effects that sport a low price for there quality, built in heavy duty diecast metal casings.
• Showing here the "Poly-octave" analogue synth pedal.
• From North Ryde, Australia.
Miclaz Guitar Effects Boutique
This web site is great to read all about their great sounding pedals and there is even a custom shop that you design the way you would like your pedal to be built, very kool!!
• All effects Padove, Italy.
The pedals are True-bypass and ship in a real nice wooden box.
• All effects are 100% hand made in Villa Urquiza, Argentina.
This company is making some very strange sounding effects but they're a lot of fun to mess with! Give their sound files a listen.
• There are three products that they offer the Glitch Computer, Random Number Generator and the Pitch Pirate.
Mill Hill Audio
The Landmine is a "Ultrasmooth Hi Fi Super Phat Halo Phuzz" The Clean White is a clean boost and the mysterious Red Rock??
• Built in Southern, CA,
MJM Guitar Fx
A wide range of ten effects built around overdrive and fuzz pedals.
• Very colorful designs.
Mod Amp Kits
Build your own fuzz pedal, pre-amp, reverb, clean boost and more! Each kit comes with all the parts you need to get your DIY building completed.
Mode Machines
Producing a 100% true discrete analogue phaser with photo-couplers which design is based on the legendary "Compact Phasing A" from Gerd Schulte Audio Electronik. This was used in the 70s & 80s by many famous people like Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk & Tangerine Dream.
• All products are built in Cadolzburg, Germany (Bavaria).
ModTone Effects
ModTone has a line of effect pedals that includes distortion, overdrives, chorus, phaser, tuner and vintage delay!
• Enter their contest to win a free pedal!
Moen FX
Producing a full line of effects that have some very good reviews and are priced at a real low range. The company has been around for many years too.
• Build in HONGKONG
For Your Custom Guitar Effect Pedals and Effect Pedals Mods. The company was created for those who want great sound but don't want to pay out major cash to get it. Whether you want a modded Tube Screamer or an effect pedal designed specifically for your sound you are in the right place!
• Built in Greenwood, IN.
Mojo Hand
Mojo Hand is producing a line of six effect pedals.
• Fuzz pedals, boosters and a phaser.
Molten Voltage
The "Toggle" pedal gives you seven different ways to re-imagine your vintage effects. They also create Midi foot pedals and a mods to the Digi Whammy pedal.
• Made in Central Oregon.
Monkey FX
They make pedals. All sorts of pedals. They also make custom routers to solve your rig issues. They make award-winning effect pedals and they can make 'em bright and colourful and they make 'em so they sound and work how they should.
• Made in the UK.
Monster Effects
Producing many effects and a nice sounding amp.
• All products are hand built in the U.S.A.
Moody Sounds
They build custom pedals and have a selection of DIY kits, Components, Pedal Parts, Tools and Accessories for sale!
• Hand built in Sweden.
Moog Music
Moog connects a musician's imagination and creative spirit to their discovery of limitless electronic sound. There are some great vids to get your eyes on and some real wild stuff happening on their site.
• Take a look at the video utilizing the new Etherwave Plus to sweep the internal filter of The Moog Guitar.
Built by hand in Seoul, Korea, the product line has more then fifteen different pedals each one being in a polished die-cast aluminum enclosure that is engraved with a real cool motif.
• Excellent sounding effects and real nicely made!
The Moonphaser is a six stage mono phaser for guitar and bass or any other compatible audio input such as a keyboard or microphone.
The Moonphaser recreates the tones of the original phasers of the 1970s.
• Constructed using ground-planed printed circuit board for minimum noise.
Built in the USA Morley makes some great sounding wah pedals.
• Switchless design, simply step on to engage WAH mode and step off to go to bypass. Made with cold rolled steel housing.
Morpheus effect pedals
Drop tuning in ½-step decrements up to 3½ steps — plus full Octave and Octaver. Now you can go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or owning two, three or more guitars for various step-down de-tunings.
• Built in the U.S.A.
Mountainking Electronics
Creating a few very killer sounding pedals, one being the MEGALITH - A massive stoned wall of saturated, doom-laden fuzz. Capable of unending, droning sustain. Tons of versatility and as Wino's says "tons of ass" (low end). MORE HEAVY footswitch for eye ball shakin', melt down time. Works great on both guitar and bass.
4ms Pedals
4ms pedals is a part of the commonsound collective of audio innovators, designers, builders, tweakers, connectors, modders, and dreamers who share ideas and sell electronic instruments and effects.
• All pedals use high-quality components.
Musician Sound Design
Top of the line state of the art effect pedals covering the sounds of Eric Clapton w/Cream, Jimmy Page or Paul Kossoff with the "Union Jack" Overdrive. Santana¹s Woodstock-Tone with the "Bonnie Blue", Sabath with the "Paranoid Retro Fuzz" and the Silverstone for metal-sounds like "Rage against the Machine".
• Made in Germany.
Mu-tron III+
Use MU-TRON III+™ to create a variety of synthesizer sounds with most electrified instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, saxophone, brasses, .... even microphone.
• Besides providing that inverted "snap" (perfect for funky bass), MU-TRON III+™ also functions as an automatic "wah" pedal.
MWFX is a small producer of hand carved, painted and point-to-point wired Guitar pedals and effects. Based upon high standards of audio engineering, each pedal is individually tuned and designed to create and maintain optimum tone.
• Located in South West England.
MXR is making some great effects again and here is the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. It features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay. 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls Delay time, Mix and Regen.
Their pedal designs are original... not clones of existing pedals. Continually designing and testing new pedals, these will be released only when they have achieved superb tone that stands apart from existing pedals on the market.
• Pedals are handmade in Merrimack, NH USA. Using premium components and professional design practices.
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