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Great sounding effects from boosters and distortions to delay. OceanEFX pedals come with a limited 2 year warranty.
• Each pedal is built one at a time, by hand in Midlothian, Texas
Limited Edition, Small Batch, Hand Made, Boutique, Collectible Guitar Effects Pedals that are great sounding and very cool looking!!
• Hand built by Lawrence Scaduto in Brooklyn, NY.
The company is producing three hand painted and real cool looking effect pedals. The Diablo, TwinSonic and the Coca Comp.
• Hand built in Germany.
Old Skool Guitar
Building fuzz pedals and boosters while combining the sounds of yesterday with the quality and support of today. The site also has sound clips to listen in on.
• Pedals are true bypass
On Off Effects
Fuzz Face, Muff, fuzz, distortion and more! All effects are painted by hand.
• Hand built in in Southern California.
One Control
If needed you can use Google to translate. One Control is building effects in small enclosures. The Mosquite Blender looks to be a nice little pedal and there is free shipping!!
• Hand built in Japan.
Option 5
Producing three great toned effects - Destination Rotation Single, Destination Overdrive II and the Destination Phase, all pedals include a wallwart.
• Hand built in the USA and all US orders ship FREE. Now that's a plus!
ORION Effects
All his pedals are handmade. They use high quality and high-rubust parts. Every box is unique because of the special-hand-made used-look-finish. 5 years guarantee. Ask for special custom-made pedals! For example our heart-shaped fuzz-box!.
• The company is a one-man-manufacturer from Germany.
Owen Electronics
They specialise in the design and manufacture of superior analogue effects pedals for electric guitar and bass. Also offer a range of very good quality power supplies and accessories to complement there effects and other manufactures effects pedals.
• Totally hand-built and based in Manchester just North of England.
Oxygel Pedals
Building fine quality looper pedals, A/B pedals and effects. Producing the best in all levels, be it on the designing or the manufacturing part.
• 100% handmade with true By-pass and they come with a life time guarantee.
Send us a nice shot of your effects pedal board and we'll help promote you or your band!
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