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Paisley Tubby Effects
• Six colorful effects are in the line up and all sport a cool paisley graphic.
• 3pdt footswitches, Alpha potentiometers, WIMA capacitors and a PCB.
With over twelve "Root Effect" pedals in their Guitar Tools line. There are great sounding clips and high quality videos to listen to. A wide range of effect pedals that sound great and are super well built!
• Crafted in Germany.
Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane
Tim overdrive boost a very versatile, extremely transparent sweet pedal.
• The Timmy pedal is a smaller boxed version of just the main section of the TIM.
• The Timmy does not have the boost section or the FX loop.
• Finishes are super cool in a dark transparent purple-black-blue coloring.
Paul Trombetta Design
Paul Trombetta Design Custom Guitar Pedals are point to point hand wired analog circuits, quality select components, true bypass switching...
• Contact him directly for information or to place your order: hihowyadoin@msn.com
The JuiceBox and SwitchBox are two pedals being produced along with their pedalboards.
• SwitchBox is a high quality true bypass switching pedal using audiophile grade gold contact relays. Even when some pedals are not engaged, they can rob you of your tone.
Pedals Ahoy
True Bypass Effect Loop Pedals (Available in 5 and 10 channels)
• Pedals Ahoy’s pedals accept power from any tip negative 9-volt adaptors.
• There is a one-year non-transferable warranty on all Pedals Ahoy’s pedals.
PedalTank is building a full line of effects. Very well build and the YouTube videos sound nice, give them a listen!
• Located in Thialand
Pedals include the Texas Two Step, McFuzz, Tejas, Sky, McBoost, Hellbilly, Cactus Crunch, Octa-Bootie and McSqueeze.
• For a nominal charge Bob will custom engrave your PCB with your name on it!.
• They perform Vintage Wah repair or the adding of new wah mods.
• Vintage guitar effects sold and repaired.
Penfar FX
This is a one man operation. At this time he is building four effects that are high quality, look and sound great.
• Built in a Mid-Michigan city.
Penny Pedals
Penny Pedals started in 2006 as just a need to tinker with things with ideas to make pedals different or better. The designer had pedal designs, layouts, all kinds of weird prototypes and garbage floating around so he decided to start producing effects.
• Site has a lot of photos and a forum too!
PepTone Electronics
Innovation. Quality. Craftsmanship. PepTone pedal company is dedicated to honesty, quality and flat out pure tone from our effect pedals. All PepTone Mods and creations are unique and will stand alone against them all. There are no others like them.
• Handmade in the USA.
Pete Cornish
From integrated effects boards to power distribution units, guitar cables to custom speaker cabinets, our individually handcrafted products are rugged, dependable and free from ground loop noise, using only the best available components for maximum durability.
• Hand built in Waldron, Heathfield, E.Sussex, UK
Peterson Tuners
Peterson is creating some super unreal tuners!! For Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic.... The StroboStomp is the world's first Virtual Strobe™ tuner in a stompbox! I tried this out and it is so easy to tune your guitar in and perfect with its big bright back lit display, it can be seen on even the most darkest stage!
• From Alsip, IL.
Pfeiffer Electronics
They believe less is more when it comes to effect pedal technology. Rremove as much tone-shaping circuitry as possible to produce a pronounced effect but still retain the original tone.
• Made in Tillamook, Oregon
Phoenix Custom Electronics
Handmade stompboxes using Germanium products, the NOS military spec CV7003 transistor which has a gain ranging from about 60-130, perfect for boosts and fuzzes. Every pedal is checked for sound quality.
• The company is producing 10 pedals all powdercoated and screen printed.
Pigeon FX
Producing some real nice crafted items. Like custom handmade cloned printed circuit boards, kits and custom hand wired boutique effects pedals!
Piggyfx guitar effect pedal
Building fuzzes to compressors that have a very nice look.
• Yes, They do custom builds.
Designers and manufacture of futuristic analog effects. Each of their pedals contain features that are not found in other effects, allowing musicians to make sounds totally new and inventive.
• David Koltai moves his company into the realms of space with his out of the box thinking and visionary concepts.
Specializing in handmade stompboxes!! They build guitar pedals and offer a variety of sweet sounding great pedals for you to choose from.
• Built in a small workshop from Ukraine.
PJ Pedals
Specializing in custom built stompboxes and analog stompbox repair. They currently offer a variety of sweet sounding distortion, tremolo, boost, and other great pedals for you to choose from. They can even customize your creation with a personalized name!
• Built in Murfreesoro, TN.
Plan-9 Analog Effects
Building a lot of analog effects to the tone of FUZZ. Looks to be some cool built effects.
• Built in Brasil
Building the Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah pedals and they are entirely handbuilt! This has got to be the smallest wah wah I have ever seen.
Prescription Electronics
Prescription Electronics, Inc. is producing eleven pedals all producing some excellent sounds.
• The pedals are manufactured in Portland, OR, USA.
Pro Co Sound
Pro Co Sound is a Michigan-based corporation founded by Charlie Wicks in 1974.
• Six versions of the RAT effects pedal are being offered in the stompbox area of their web site.
Probes Pedals
At this time they are building the Superlooper, a looper switcher and the Burly Buzz, an octave fuzz pedal.
• Built in Andover, MN.
Prophecysound Systems
From fuzz to phase Prophecysound Systems is building the classics, so check out their website and give a listen to their sound files!
• Operating from Adelaide, South Australia.
ProTone Pedals
Founded in 2004 to provide hand built high quality guitar effects at a price point the average player could manage.
• Located in Cross Roads, TX, all of the effect pedals are built and most painted by hand in the USA.
Born from the process of solving various problems and satisfying the desires of users. The Providence technology is fused with the needs of our actual users, to develop unique and practical products. Each product is completed with an eye toward pursuing products that guarantee high reliability, but with the emphasis on musical sound quality.
Psionic Audio
Psionic Audio offers innovative high quality effects designed to be as rugged, reliable, and versatile as possible.
• Hand made in Memphis, TN. Played everywhere on Earth.
Pure Analog Effects
Boosts, Compressors, Fuzz, Modulation, Octavers, Overdrives & Distortion, Tremolo's, Wah's... most every category of effect is covered by this excellent builder.
• Build in the back mountains of Pennsylvania.
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