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Radial Engineering
Building some great clean sounding pedals called "Bones". Bone's represent the evolution of the solid state pedal with low-noise 'Tonebone' circuits, pop free electronic switching and tough 14-guage steel construction.
• They are also producing a lot of other excellent gear!
RAILhead Effects
Fuzzes, distortions, boosters, and some of the pedals are hand painted, so no two are alike — only the finest quality parts are used: cast aluminum shells, Switchcraft jacks, individually selected transistors, carbon resistors, high-end capacitors, and personally designed plate-through PCBs.
• Made by hand, one at a time, here in the USA.
Random Device
Building pedals the look just awesome and can handle a ton of abuse and heavy kick stomping!
• Handbuilt in Canada
Making different pedals from the usual - these are wicked-sounding new types of effects for use with the electric guitar. A very fresh approach to heavy new sounds... they look super cool and sound amazing!
• Handbuilt in London
Rastop Designs
Stompboxes available for order, sound samples and descriptions. All the pedals are QUIET, FLEXIBLE, RUGGED, RELIABLE and DIFFERENT.
• Built in New York, USA
Real McCoy Custom
Geoffrey R. Teese rocks making top-of-the-line wah-wah pedals since 1993.
• They are building outstanding sounding wah pedals, check out their artist list.
• Wheels of Fire Wah, has the same wah sound as the old Wah-Fuzz-Straight Macari wahs and has three case mounted controls to tailor the sound.
Red Witch
Ben Fulton - Designer of Red Witch a small company in New Zealand which makes analog guitar effects pedals.
• Dedicated to creating unique new pedals - not clones!
• The company strives to blend art and technology into their pedals.
Red Zone Effects
Designed by Kenny Segall, best known for designing the Snarling Dog's line of wah's and effects.
• Their effects RedZone, PolterDrive, Gain-Green, Splitzo, Jack the Looper, Night of the Living Delay, F-Freak-Fuzz, Skeletone and Little Bone.
• True Bypass switching and handmade in the USA.
Producing some very professional sounding pedals like a modern "Rat" and a MKII Tone Bender. Both are outstanding in quality, electronics, tone and build style.
• Built in Evington, VA
Resonant Electronic Design
The pedals are built by Wes Kuhnley and Peter Bregman and use a discrete Class A topology circuit and are built with audiophile grade components.
• Visit them to see their current line-up!
Fuzz, Boosters, Ultimate Vibe, Delay, Distortions, Octave pedals and a lot more! Have a custom colored build pedal or one using AC188 or NKT275 transistors... and every Retroman pedal includes a DC power supply jack.
• Visit them to see their current line-up!
The Retro-Sonic Distortion pedal is based on an LM308 op-amp design, and features true bypass switching, with Distortion, Tone and Level controls. Together, these provide a wide range of tonal possibilities, from subtly distorted blues tones through to classic rock and metal.
• Creating seven retro effects pedals.
RGW Electronics
The Bad Bob pedal is a booster based on the famous and much copied mini booster "JFET mu-amp". It is a class A booster that is capable of driving your favorite tube amp into tonal nirvana! With well over 20dB of gain, the Bad Bob fattens up even the cleanest high powered tube amp.
• This true bypass pedal is handcrafted, signed and dated one at time.
Rhythm Detonation
Building a fuzz pedals for guitar and bass but Mike McAloon can also repair a lot of your guitar problems. Great sounding organic pedals at a even better price.
• Hand built in Houston, Texas.
Building a wide range of great sounding effect pedals, amps, combos, cabinets and more.
• Handcrafted in Burbank, CA.
R&M Tone Technology
Producing a very unique pedal design that is completely analog with the same professional sound as expensive digital signal processors but at a fraction of the cost.
Road Rage Pro Gear
Loopers & A/B's
• True Bypass Effect Loopers and some mega strong killer looking pedal board!!
• Producing 7, 9 and 10 Channel TBEL pedals, 5, 7 and 8 Channel Bigfoot pedals. All are highly customizable and available with a wide variety of options to create your ultimate dream boards.
• Made in ON, Canada
Robot Factory Pedals
Making custom pedals of all types but only if you ask will a battery snap be in it, there is just not enough room, packed tight the way we like 'em.
• Read about the Lovetone Meatball clone to cool.
Rock and Roll Workshop
Rock and Roll Workshop is a one-man operation specializing in the design and construction of unique electronic instruments and effects pedals, as well as repairing and re-purposing unloved equipment. I build everything from fuzz pedals to analog synths to custom switching and one-off electronic devices.
Rockbox Electronics
I first saw these pedals at the 2008 Winter NAMM and they are great sounding pedals with some very unreal looking paint jobs. The Boiling Point™ pedal is the Swiss Army knife of overdrives! This pedal can produce a range of tones from a Plexi Marshall crunch to a clean sparkly overdrive.
• Hand built in Campbell, CA.
Rockett Pedals
There are two lines of pedals being produced. The Pro Series which has nine effects ranging from boosters to overdrives and the Masterbuilt Series which are the Afterburner Overdrive and the Rockett Boost a treble booster.
Over twenty different stompboxes are in their product line.
Rodenberg Custom Amplification
Mostley known from their building of amplifers the company is also creating some great sounding effects. Their website has sound clips and many different pedals to pick from and listen to.
• Hand built in Fulda, Germany.
Roger Linn Design
The AdrenaLinn III effect pedal has a lot of new features!
• 40 amp models, all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube saturation.
• Stereo reverb, Compression, Tuner...
• User presets increased to 200 & filled with great new sounds.
Roger Mayer Guitar Effects
Located in England Roger is producing the same effects he made for Jimi back in the day but with updated designs.
• There are over twenty different effect pedals in their product line covering a full range of different sounding types of fuzz pedals.
Roland makers of BOSS pedals, well we've all played them and we all start out using 1 or 2 of them. This pedal is employing COSM®-modeling technology, the RT-20 Twin Pedal authentically reproduces classic rotary-speaker sounds, and can be used to create unique overdrive and pulsating effects as well.
The place for effect repairs and reproductions. Ron has current models or will build a custom, one-of-a-kind job.
• He builds with original components such as diodes, transistors and ICs for the reproduction effects.
• Discounted pedals featured each month.
Rothwell Audio Products
Boosters, overdrive, distortion and more all made in the UK using top notch electronics! The circuit boards are produced and assembled by skilled UK workers (aerospace industry certified). The cases are carefully polished and assembled in the UK.
• Award winning sound quality.
• Built in England.
RR Amplifiers
Building some real nice looking amps, rigs, midi-controlers, loopers and pedals. Everything looks top quality!
• Hand-built in the Netherlands.
RST Custom Effects
Custom, hand-built guitar effects pedals. Many are based on some of the most famous and sought-after circuits in the world, but modified. This gives them the sounds of the classics, with the options and features you always wished they had!
• Hand-built and custom modified guitar effects
Ruz Guitar Gear
Custom designs that are unique, unrepeatable and can be modified according to your needs and specifications. Finishes are acid etched into the top and sides then painted with graffiti. Super awesome looking effects!
• Hand crafted by Fernando Ruz R. from Valdivia, Chile
• Use Google to translated from Spanish to English.
RWL Electronics
Ron Thomas has over 35 years of electronic technical experience and is now designing and crafting up new effect pedals to provide musicians with exceptional quality guitar effects pedals in terms of sound and craftsmanship.
• 100% unique and hand crafted from start to finish in North Western Pennsylvania.
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