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Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects
We are dedicated to making effects pedals for musical instruments, all are hand wired. All pedals are tailor-made and tried by their designer, Nicolás Sabbadin, in Córdoba, Argentina.
• The circuit gets covered with a epoxy resin so that the components are not altered by humidity and climatic changes.
• All pedals are 100% True bypass.
Sadowsky Guitars
The Sadowsky Outboard Bass Preamp/DI Pedal contains the same famous circuitry built into every Sadowsky bass. Housed in a small footpedal box for use on the floor.
• Built in Brooklyn, NY.
San Diego Pedal Company
Presenting The 7 Deadly Sins, seven effect pedals named after the sins, wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
• Built in San Diego.
Sarno Music Solutions
Producing pedals and vacuum tube audio electronic gear for musical instruments, studio recording & more.
• Handbuilt in St. Louis, Missouri.
Schumann Electronics Effect Pedals
Soon a brand new line of effects pedals. Along with the continued production of improved versions of their classic line of pedals.
• Schumann Electronics Effect Pedals are some of the best sounding wild effects to play with.
Schumann Electronics Effect Pedals
Producing some wild sounding fuzz pedals names the Great Horned Owl and the Demon Attack. Check out his web site and see the videos!
• Hand Built in Portland, OR
Secret Efx
Building a few very cool looking effects in old used army enclosures.
• Hand Built in Italy
Seppuku Psychedelic Effect Pedals
Producing the very best sounding effect pedals for some tripped out dream land sounds! Some are built around a synth sound or modulator effect that is produced very well.
• Built in QLD, Australia.
Seymour Duncan
After 30 years, the Seymour Duncan company manufactures much more than electric guitar pickups they now have a line of effect pedals. Producing more then ten effects they have the full sound field pretty well covered from distortion to delays and shifters.
• Located in Santa Barbara, CA
Shannon Effects
Custom hand built Fuzzes, Overdrives and Compressors.
• E-mail contact: info@shannon-effects.com
Producing custom made boosters, fuzz and overdrive pedals.
• All effect pedals are made by hand in Italy.
They are producing custom wah wahs and pedals and do modifications on amps and brand name effect pedals.
• All are hand made in Argentina.
Sherlock Amps
The TREMIT is a pocket sized tremolo pedal designed to emulate the old Fender amp tremolo with the addition of a sine or square wave switch for greater versatility.
• Hand built in Victoria, Australia.
Sherman Filterbank
The Sherman Filterbank is a powerful, real analogue, solid hardware instrument, with a unique sound. Built in belgium since 1996.
SIB Electronics
The home of MR ECHO PLUS, ECHODRIVE PLUS tube echo delay, NICK NITRO the selectable fuzz octave pedal, FAT DRIVE tube boost, CUDA overdrive, VIRIDRIVE overdrive with two independant switchable channels!
Siegmund Guitars and Amplifers
The Missing Link, a unique and simple clean boost tube preamp pedal that not only looks real cool but sounds great too! The pedal is powered by a very small military tube that is ideal for pickup or signal boost.
• 25 dB gain boost
• 100% True Bypass
• Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
Their boutique products ensure the highest level of quality in all its components and have a sturdy enclosure constructed entirely by folding a 1.6mm iron sheet.
• Hand built in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
SkinKontrol Pedals
Circuits are housed in Rugged Diecast Aluminum Stompboxs, Top quality Switchcraft Jacks, Cliff Heavy Duty 3PDT Footswitch. Available options such as Color, Power Options, Resistor and Capacitor types.
• Hand built, lead time 2 weeks
• 100% True Bypass
• 9 Volt Battery or Boss Style DC Adapter
Top quality and building go into these pedals all created and crafted by hand. Skinpimp pedals are some of the best sounding and true to the tone pedals I have ever heard. Great reviews and photos of custom painted and built effect pedals on the site.
• Hand built in TX.
Building some outrageous wave oscillators and tonal devices to create wild sounding synth tones. Maddening sounds ranging from sick static to modulating volcanic eruptions which are shoveled into all out sub-thunder explosions and grated scraping high frequencies - SWEET!!
• Hand built in Portland, OR.
Skrydstrup R$D
Stompboxes like distortions, boosters, tremolo, Loopers, MIDI boxes and more. They only use the best components available and every unit is thoroughly tested before shipping.
• Hand built in Vejen, Denmark
Marc Ahlfs Skreddy
Marc builds some of the best sounding no noise effect pedals.
• There is a three month wait for the pedals but well worth it!
• His pedals are all hand built from the finest parts and detailed to perfection.
• Pig Mine, Screw Driver Deluxe (5 knob edition) and after a year in the making the analog Echo!
Building off a few products focused around fuzz tones, overdrive and boosters. They have a custom shop to do special requested runs.
• Located at amber street studios in philadelphia, PA.
Smart People Factory
Building a few pedals with more on the way! Very nice graphics and design layouts. I have not heard any of the pedals so I can not comment on the quality.
• Built in Auburn, WA
Snarling Dogs
Kenny keeps inventing the uniquely original sounds of the Snarling Dogs line. These wahs are unique. Ordinary wah sounds … embellished … enhanced … combined … twisted … to enable players to produce unlimited effects possibilities. New combinations and improvements occur to him all the time.
• From New Jersey.
Snake River Guitar Works
Crispy Cream Treble Booster is a pedal that can be used to overdrive a tube guitar amplifier to produce a very musical type of distortion. The Vitamin G Booster, where the "G" stands for "germanium," is also a booster built around a vintage germanium OC44 transistor by Mullard.
New to the effects world with three wild souding and looking entries that generate some very super cool sounding tones.
Sobbat Effector
Built to pursue high quality sound, Sobbat Effector was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1995. Such famous guitarists in the world as Richie Kotzen, Steve Vai, John Jorgenson are regular users of our pedals.
Soldano Custom Amplification
Super Charger G.T.O. is a all tube overdrive pedal. This rugged pedal is built with the same exacting care and high quality as all Soldano amps. 2 - 12AX7 tubes operating at 'real amp" plate voltages provide stable high gain and hot output levels that will make even the most mild-mannered amp scream.
• All products built in Seattle, WA.
Solid Gold Sound Labs
Solid Gold Sound Labs offers effects and mods for your effect pedals and wahs, MXR, DOD, Boss, Dunlop... Their pedals are individually handmade, tuned and tested for excellence.
• All products handcrafted with pride in Montreal, Qc, Canada with true bypass and super bright, 5mm LED’s.
Songworks Systems and Products
Songworks™ is pleased to introduce the Little Lanilei Reverb Pedal™ - a simple but very musical sounding addition to any system.
• 9 Volt battery operation or wall adapter, 8" (3) spring Accutronics reverb tank, On/Off Total bypass switch with LED indicator, Blend knob for "clean" to "wet" settings.
Sonic Edge
A new company founded by Ben Fargen, who through Fargen Amplification, has become one of the top engineers of amplification and tone in the guitar business. Sonic Edge is a new place for guitarists of all levels to harness master tone, with their revolutionary guitar and bass effects and accessories.
• Built in the U.S.A.
Sonic Research
Producing True Strobe Tuners at great prices. The LED ring on the Turbo Tuner is a true stroboscope. The LEDs are driven directly by the analog input signal and electronically strobed, showing the actual stroboscopic effect between the input signal and internally generated frequency reference.
• Built in Carson City, Nevada
Producing some outstanding effects like boosts, fuzz, modulation, overdrives, a delay and more. Keep checking their site because they are constantly designing and developing new and exciting effects.
• Hand-made in Indianapolis, Indiana
Source Audio
Founded January 2005 by former engineers, scientists and executives of Analog Devices, Kurzweil Music Systems and Thomas H. Lee Partners.
• Source Audio, the home of Hot Hand® and Soundblox™ motion-controlled effects, is driven by a need to innovate and provide the artist with unlimited expressive capability.
Imagine Overdrive
The Imagine Overdrive is a pedal offering a great transparent overdrive tone. Transparent meaning that the pedal does not alter the feel or tone of your amp. About 3.5 years of intense lab research and live on-stage testing went into the design of this pedal.
• Tone controls (bass & treble) that are specifically voiced to complement guitar.
Spaceman Effects
Spaceman builds Unique, Limited Edition, Handmade Effects with quality in craftsmanship and tone are top priority.
• Spaceman uses the highest quality components, switches and jacks available, military spec wiring and unique style with durable engraved faceplates.
Spencer Amps
The design philosophy for these pedals includes a desire for innovation instead of copycat design and sonically have the ability to not overly color the tone unless desired. This results in devices with excellent tone all their own that can also work well in combination with other effects and overdriven amplifiers.
• Built all by hand!
Producing distortion and fuzz pedals. Email them for pricings.
StarTouch Pedals
StarTouch is setting a new standard in signal switchers with their popular A/B boxes, new A/B/Y boxes, Stereo A/B/Y foot pedal systems, and their guitar pedals.
• From Salem, OR hand made quality, superior signal transfer, no bleed through and true bypass switching.
The Micro Pedal, a passive, high-impedance, 100% analog tone module that incorporates 15 discrete EQ contours plus true bypass.
• Built in the USA.
Stefan the builder for STG Fx is producing unique and exquisit stompboxes. All the effects are 100% handcrafted and tested. Take a look around the site and see for yourself!
• All pedals are built by hand in Belgium.
They build fine pedals and also repair and modify pedals, amps and other electronics.
All pedals feature:
• True Bypass & Point to Point Wiring
• Standard 2.1mm 9V Jack
• Quality Construction
• 2 Year Warranty
• LED & Powder Coat Finish
• 1/4" Switchcraft Jacks
StinkFoot Electronics
Andreas Möller builds effects and can modify effects pedals for guitar and bass. Most of the modifications are built around Boss and MXR effects but a lot of other brands can be worked on.
• StinkFoot is based in Karlstad, Sweden
Stomp Under Foot
Matt has been making and modifying guitar effect pedals for the past three years and he's built over one hundred pedals this past year alone.
• Built in the USA the "Screaming Panda", fuzz pedal and the "Mean Green Machine", a modified overdrive.
• Low prices for nice pedals!
Stone Deaf Fx
Great care is taken in designing the products from their inception all the way through to their completion. Fusing high quality components with sound ideas from the past and present, providing functionality in tone that produces high quality sonic capabilities.
• Built in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
An optical compressor of the highest quality, right at your feet. Integrated clean boost built in with foot-switchable and selectable standard clean boost, treble boost, or mid boost. Save room on your pedal board by integrating your compressor / clean boost / treble boost.
Studio Blue
Boosters, Fuzz and Distortion all in hand crafted real nice wooden enclosures! Authentic premium vintage Germanium transistors and using only top electrinics, the True-Fuzz has the widest possible range of vintage to modern Fuzz tones. A three position tone selector allows for extreme high and low frequency settings.
• Pedals built in Las Vegas, NV
Studio Electronics
These Premium Quality Pedals rock the Omega Series potent 12db Filter. The company produces a MODMAX Filter, Phaser and Ringmod with "Invertible Dynamic Control".
Subdecay at the moment has a product line of nine effect pedals with new ones being added all the time.
• The pedals are manufactured in Dundee, OR, USA.
Suhu Effects
Building a few effect pedals, a boost pedal, a high-gain distortion box and an overdrive pedal to enter the market with and they all seem very well made.
• The pedals are manufactured in Lake Elsinore, CA.
SuperKing Guitar Pedal Company
Loopers, A/B boxes and can do MODs to your pedals.
Trotsky Drives is a unique single-transistor pedal that goes from boost to overdrive and that stacks well with other pedals.
• Hand made by one person in D/FW, Texas USA.
Swart Amplifier Co
Produciing just a few very smart clean pedals and their booster has a Vintage NOS Mullard OC44. Top products using excellent electronics and building quality.
• Built in Wilmington, NC
Sweet Sound Electronics
Makers of the famous Mojo Vibe! a more modern pedal that picks up where the Ultra Vibe left off.
• New pedals soon to come the "Revolution Fuzz" and "Sky Octave".
SWELL Pedals
The union of classic tube technology coupled with innovative circuit designs. Build your own custom looking pedal, choose from (10) different enclosure colors and (11) different knob colors.
• Audiophile-quality effects that you can stomp on.
• Designed and built with pride in Nashville, TN USA.
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