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Building a wide range of effects, delay, compressor, overdrive, fuzz, phase, tremolo and much more.
• Located in Canada.
Producing three series of pedals, HQ, HD and Modified. The HQ Series pursuing sound with depth and sensitivity. The HD Series are effects that has a strong tonal sound, dense and full of energy. Modified pedals are done on standard Boss pedals to bring out more tone and life.
• Hand Made in Japan
The 1st pedal the company has to offer is the Valvette Custom Drive entirely hand-made boutique overdrive pedal but keep checking back for new products are coming soon.
• Built by hand in the UK.
Van Amps analog spring reverbs
Real Springs! Producing top of the line spring reverb pedals in a variety of eye-dazzling coverings.
• Crafted by hand and made in Minneapolis, MN.
Vaughn's Mods
Lots and Lots of different MODs, changes and more that can be done to your Ibanez TS9!
• All work is done by hand in Ligonier, PA.
Verellen Amplifiers
BIG SPIDER! This pedal is built on a sturdy PCB, in an angled steel chassis, powder-coated, silkscreened with two birch slats sides. DC power supply or 9V battery, built with quality switches, pots, jacks, and has true bypass, overdrive & volume controls.
• All work is done in Seattle, WA.
VFE Pedals
A world of custom pedals touching on every sound effect. There is even a custom shop for your one off designs all built using high quality electronics and craftmanship.
• All pedals are hand-built in Puyallup, WA.
Producing Fuzz, distortion, booster, overdrive, tremolo pedals and a lot more...
• Each and every pedal is hand made in Grand Island, NY USA, from the ground up!
Vintage Pedal Workshop
Founded in 2010 by Steve Giles and Richard Henry with a view to producing high quality modern effects pedals in the spirit and tradition of the original British pedals produced back in the 1960s and 1970s.
• Guaranteed to be a hand made genuine British pedal and will be made from the very best hand picked components.
Visual Sound
Always coming out with cool new priced right pedals.
• The pedals have some great reviews and some top artists using them.
VL Effects
VL-Effects is dedicated to build and provide highend boutique guitar pedals.
Each Pedal is fully handmade by Vincent Loret, located in Paris, France. Vincent attended a renowned Parisian electronics engineering (university) school at the end of 70's and created his first VL Effects pedals in 1982, the Germanium Treble booster and the Fuzz Face Bullitt Booster.
Producing effects, Switching & Loops, Harmonic Enhancer, Parametric Equalizer, AC & DC Power Plant and a lot of other cool pedals!
• Products are built in Japan.
Voodoo Lab
The Pedals are rugged, reliable, handmade and hand wired from the finest components, every product is hand built one at a time in their Northern California facility.
• Since 1986 Voodoo Lab has been designing and manufacturing professional electronic gear for recording and touring musicians.
VOX has been around a log time and has been making great amps and pedals. Now with the help of Joe Satriani the effects are getting artist input!! The "time machine" dual-mode delay pedal is the second effect pedal created in collaboration with Joe Satriani. With two delay modes and a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch, it delivers a wide range of delay sounds.
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