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Wampler Pedals
Small company that specializes in modifying guitar effects, preamps, common "PCB based" amplifiers and building custom effects.
• With a line of ten effect pedals.
Wattson Classic Electronics
Building just one great effect capturing the precise tone of the original classic Super-Fuzz pedals of the 60's and 70's is their thinking and the SuperFuzz! is that pedal.
• The pedal has an external DC power supply jack, an LED to indicate when the effect is active, and a unique battery drawer that allows you to replace the battery without opening the chassis.
Wah Wah Company
You can buy a complete wah wah pedal, or rebuild yours with all new circuitry. All rebuilds include Stuart Castledine's quality skill and circuit board with a replica halo inductor with on-board controls. True bypass wiring and a 2.1mm DC jack are standard.
• Built in the UK by Stuart Castledine, t/a Castledine Electronics
Wave's Factory
These are some killer looking pedals made super well with real fine detail. This pedal in the picture is a delay/chorus/flanger all in one!
• Built by hand in Italy.
Jeorge Tripps
The company lasted from 1992-1999 started by Jeorge Tripps in search of the best tones that could be built in a stompbox.
• We are so glad to see Jeorge has brought the product line back. Yeah! Keep'em coming!
WEEHBO Effekte
Building five effects including a high gain distortion pedal. Site is in German.
• Vogelpool, Nordhorn.
Angelite overdrive is built using top electronics is tuned by ear and has that swiss watch craftsmanship! Whalestone's mission is to develop and manufacture new and unique guitar effects, a challenging undertaking requiring lateral thinking and a commitment to R&D activities.
• Hand-made in Luleň Sweden.
"ROCHESTER" SERIES GUITAR EFFECTS, This new line of vintage pedals, has ONLY the addition of true-bypass, a 9 Volt power inlet and an LED that has changed from the original MXR line up.
• Hand-made in Rochester, NY
Widara Effects
Widara Effects is producing True Bypass Boxes ľ mainly A or B, A and B selectors, true bypass boxes, switch systems and loopers.
• All products are hand-made in the Czech Republic!
Wilson Effects
Creating some very nice sounding effects for guitar and bass! The New Stoned Grasshopper is a 3-way fuzz box built with a 1970's style Fuzz Face, a tube screamer on steroids and a clean booster that's transparent and sparkling sounding.
Williams Audio
Williams Audio is a one-man operation based in the UK, their aim is to provide awesome sounding guitar pedals using only the very highest quality components and construction. All the pedals have a warranty on supplied parts and workmanship!
WonderNoise Guitar Pedals
WonderNoise Guitar Effects designs, manufactures, and sells original and cloned analog guitar effects pedals to players seeking exceptional tone and performance.
• The pedals are built from the ground up with the highest quality mechanical and electrical parts.
• Wisconsin near Lake Michigan.
Wren and Cuff
A few effect pedals listed.
• Red Camel Fuzz Driver - This pedal is a take off of The Craig Anderton TSF/Way Huge Red Llama circuit.
• Red Fish Octave-up Fuzzer.
• Pickle Pie Hella Fuzz - This pedal is a take off of Way Huge Swollen Pickle.
• Pickle Pie B Hella Fuzz for bass guitar.
William Mathewson Devices, WMD pedals are entirely analog, are designed to inspire creativity and include features that allow the pedals to be used in strange ways.
• Only the very best and most musical components are used, 1% film resistors, polypropelene caps, and long life pots and switches.
Wounded Paw Effects
Over ten effects being produced, from fuzz and boosters to echo and phasers all being made by hand in great looking enclosures.
• They also have a line of kits and ready to solder PCB boards.
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