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NAMM Show Listings
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Jam Kat guitar pick holders are for sale in the Online store!
This product is the most innovative item I saw at the NAMM show, a truly masterful idea and craftsmanship!
There are 3 parts to the pick holder, a spring that flips the pick up when not in use, a ring that is placed on your 1st finger and a holder that holds a thin, medium or heavy pick.
The ring can be stretched apart to fit on your finger by 2 little tabs on the top side. Once on, the pick can be used for strumming or you can let go of it and it will flip up out of the way so that you can finger pick the strings.
Plus Points:
• You will never drop another pick in your life with this engenius pick holder.
• If you are a guitar teacher you no longer have to set down your pick when going for a pencil.
• It takes about a second for your hand to know how to use it.
• No more putting a pick in your mouth!
The Jam Kat is available for both Righties and Lefties in all sizes. Pick a few up NOW!
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