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JMI Effects
JMI Effects - Click image to enlarge!
JMI Tone Benders
Tone Benders - Click image to enlarge!
Burns Buzzaround
Burns Buzzaround - Click to enlarge!
JMI SupaFuzz
JMI SupaFuzz - Click to enlarge!
Zonk Machine
Zonk Machine - Click to enlarge!
I was able to spend a few moments talking to Justin about the new line of JMI effect pedals and there are some real special pedals coming out for 2010.
The latest additions to JMI's range of Limited Edition FX Pedals is a Limited run of the original JHS Zonk Machine. This features a similar circuit to the MKI Tone bender but has its own unique tone.
Another limited run of 100 will be the JMI MKII Tonebender equipped with OC81D transistors, the Dr. Frankenstein Fuzz and the Player Series silicon range of pedals including the MKI and MKII Tonebenders.
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Player Series
Player Series - Click image to enlarge!
Dr. Frankenstein Fuzz
Dr. Frankenstein Fuzz - Click image to enlarge!
JMI Treble Booster
JMI Treble Booster - Click image to enlarge!
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