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Jolene Schultz
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26-year-old artist and illustrator from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2007 with a BFA in Illustration. Currently I am a freelancing artist and illustrator, working for clients both large and small. I work with Z.Vex Effects custom painting guitar pedals, but I have also done everything from CD cover design, poster design, childrenís books, as well as advertising and editorial illustration for magazines.
I also have my paintings in shows around town from time to time. My work has been recognized and awarded by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, CMYK Magazine, and Creative Quarterly.
Despite the fact that I have grown up surrounded by music and musicians, I never even realized that painting on guitar pedals had a market. The first time I started to put serious thought to the idea of painting pedals was when I was returning to America from Germany in early 2008 with no job prospects.
Jolene's Car Painting
When my plane landed I had a message from a friend and classmate from college who worked at Z.Vex and wanted me to try out for the contract pedal painter position. I got the job and have been working with Z.Vex ever since. I am currently under contract with Z.Vex, so I cannot be commissioned to paint for other pedal builders.
Although I can be commissioned for CD cover design, poster design, or any other illustration/art/design needs. I can be contacted at jo@joleneschultz.com
Jolene in the Studio
I like to put a lot of humor into my pedal designs. Because of my illustration background there is a certain amount of narrative that I canít help but include. I get ideas from anywhere and everywhere. Like most artists, I keep a sketchbook that I draw in and jot things down in daily.
I keep track of everything I see or experience: funny people I see or meet, weird things I see around the city, interesting signage or street art, funny quotes, imagery from movies or pop culture, etc. When coming up with ideas for what to paint onto a pedal, I browse through my sketchbook and use these random thoughts as inspiration, and just start sketching things out on a template.
The biggest challenge is to come up with something simple and small enough to fit in the space that is allowed on the pedals. I use a tiny little brush and have to keep a very steady hand.
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