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Laura Frances Bennett
Custom Made Finger Print Penny Pedals
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White Star
Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, Drummer, Colorful World Creater... 36 year old painting artist and drummer for the band "Red Pens" - Laura Bennett, an artist previously painting for ZVEX Effects lives in Minneapolis Minnesota, grew up in Wisconsin and attened college at Viterbo University in La Crosse for painting and drawing.
Laura paints wild colorful paintings and can be commissioned to custom hand paint effect pedals and paintings!
She has just finished up painting a batch of pedals for Robert Keeley being sold by MusicToyz and is now painting her very own designed from the ground up "Finger Print Pedal" for Penny Pedals. She created the sound for the circuit and has designed the colorful paintings on the pedals.
View them and read more about this at:
» Penny Pedals
Laura also has done a run of "Sticks" and "Cells" imagery on some limited pedals for B.Y.O.C available at:
» Axe and You Shall Receive
Even more cool she is always adding new wild colorful paintings on Ebay too, so check them out and buy one of these fine collectable works of art!
Witnessing her nearly automatic painting style in person is like watching the future unfold, unravel and regroup in a way so natural it seems impossible yet somehow instantly familiar. Like inevitable memories forming in front of your eyes.
Laura is well known around the world for her painting of electric guitar effect pedal boxes, her pedals are owned and cherished by people like Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and Nels Cline.
Kissing Fish
Spotted Warriors
From the Artist Spot Spot Spot
My paintings are made up of everything I have ever seen at once. My childhood bombarded me with images that never left my mind. Products and displays at grocery stores, bugs bunny cartoons, thrift store paintings, and science text books all play a huge role in the imagery. Microscopic cellular shapes and things in nature already seem like art to me, rocks and minerals, undersea organisms and unique sunset cloud formations heavily influence my work also. Powerlines, antennas, scaffoldings and reflections in downtown buildings all play a part in shaping the world I create in my painting.
Check Her Out!
Seeing Laura's work online does not do it justice, you have to see it in person to truly appreciate it!
Laura's art work will be showing at Cafe Barbette (1600 W. Lake St. in Minnepolis) until March 5th. You will not be disapointed!!
To inquire with Laura about her rates e-mail her at:
Check out Laura's blog for the latest up to date news!
Laura on Ebay
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