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Lovekraft Effects
I founded Lovekraft Effects in 2006 with the concept of bringing great sounding pedals to players at moderate prices. The two most popular Lovekraft pedals are the Mojo Drive and the Chupacabra, based on the Tube Screamer and Proco Rat, respectively.
In addition, there's the Crawlin' Kingsnake, a modded Marshall Bluesbreaker and the Kronos, based on the Son of Screamer DIY project. Last but not least is the Pusher, a single knob clean boost intended to "push" a tube amp into overdrive.
Generally, Lovekraft pedals are available two ways: in a "Stealth" version with a powdercoated box or a "Deluxe" version with a swirl painted Lucibox enclosure and other upgraded features.
After taking numerous electronics courses in the 80's, I received a Bachelor's degree in Radiography (X-ray). As x-ray systems are based on a large ultra high voltage electron tube,
I was able to apply this knowledge to tube amps. Local guitar players began bringing over Blackface Fenders and old 4 input Marshalls for repair and I also built several Marshall style amps.
Later, after encountering a few extremely good sounding pedals, I built a few for myself. Friends that came over to jam wanted one for themselves, and so did so their friends. These players posted on various web forums and with that, numerous requests to buy pedals came in. Thus, Lovekraft Effects began.
All current Lovekraft pedals use custom designed circuit boards, Cardas audiophile grade silver solder, Switchcraft jacks and other top quality parts. Each pedal is handmade in the USA and are true bypass.
The name "Lovekraft" is derived from the writer H.P. Lovecraft, whom I admired. Another company name under consideration was "Most Excellent Effects" but Lovekraft won!
Mojo Drive Logo
Mojo Drive
Sound Clips:
The Mojo Drive is a handmade overdrive/distortion pedal designed to sound and feel exactly like a great amp cranked up. It is always FAT and tight sounding, never flabby or indistinct. The Mojo Drive boosts all frequencies; it will not cut your lows or give you a big midrange hump like many pedals can.
The 3-way switch on the right of the pedal gives you three distinct sounds. The up setting is Crunch, reminiscent is a great Marshall. The middle setting is Boost, named because this setting clips the signal less and is the loudest. The bottom position is the Vintage setting and has a tone reminiscent of an idealized Tube Screamer. This is the quietest setting. Using this switch and the gain control gives you access to a number of different tones.
Chupacabra Logo
Sound Clips:
The Chupacabra is a high gain overdrive/distortion pedal modeled after the early small box non-LED Rat pedal. While the early Rat is good sounding, I found the overall tone to be too bright and somewhat buzzy sounding. The Chupacabra's frequency range has been modified to be fuller and thicker sounding, never brittle or harsh sounding. In addition, the annoying Filter control of the Rat is gone, replaced with a conventional tone control.
The 3-way switch on the pedal gives you three distinct sounds. The up setting is Asymmetrical and has a very thick distortion tone. The middle setting is Boost, named because this setting clips the signal less and is the loudest, with the gain reduced this setting makes a great overdrive. The bottom position is Symmetrical and has a slightly smoother tone.
Pusher Logo
The Pusher is a compact one knob clean boost intended to "push" your amp a little while maintaining the same tone and dynamics.
When cranked up, the Pusher works great to push a tube amp into natural overdrive that you can still control with your guitars volume knob. The single knob is a gain control that boosts the lows slightly at higher settings.
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