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Today, who is the technician of electronics that can attempt in the construction of effects and amplifiers for the guitar?
To acquire the much important rudiments and to exploit the better ones.
The actual instrumentation or the curiosity is to know what there is inside us and what we all use every day.
I found in myself a great amount of satisaction and realized after many years of study and innumerable tests that my instrumentation arrived me at building professional and highly reliable pedals.
Working from references of past and present effects, my pedals are built above qualitative standards with a highly skilled level of electric assembly.
MCelectronics utilizes the best in components:
• Switches: True by-pass electro harmonix switching
• Film Capacitors: WIMA, Roederstein, Mallory and Panasonic
• Pot: CTS, ALPHA "full Size"
• Semiconductors: Of the highest quality
• Resistors: Carbon film, goal composition and NOS
• Switchcraft input and output jacks
• Powered: Battery or 9V plug
• Printed circuit Boards: Crafted to professional level
• Enclosures: Eddystone and Hammond
• Threads of Teflon or cloth for optimal features for the transmission of the signal
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Fuzz, Vintage
F-Phaser, Circuit
F-Compressor, Inside
Visit MCelectronic at:
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