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Always been a huge fan of good rock, blues, and metal music, as well as sports (BASEBALL!). One of the things that I think really helped in my musical upbringing was having one of the USA's absolute BEST (and longest running) rock stations KSHE 95 blasted into my ears since birth.
I can remember being like 4 years old and walking around singing "Smoke on the Water" over and over when it was a new song.
Well, one of the main reason for me playing was me being a huge Hendrix fan. So obviously, I like a good fuzz tone. Was never really happy with the fuzz sounds I got with pedals I had tried. The one pedal that was close was a Crest Audio Fuzz Face with BC109's in it if I remember correctly.
Effect Pedal
In 1998 I went to work on modifying that Crest Audio Fuzz Face, and that was the start. I started tinkering with this and that until it sounding amazing. Wish I still had that pedal, hahaha. Things just grew from there. I'm not really an inventor per se, but like to take existing ideas and improve upon them.
Started playing guitar in 1982. I was sick with strep throat and home from school for about a week in bed. My parents bought me this battery powered plastic toy guitar with 1 string and a built in speaker/distortion called a "Star Maker" guitar. Within the first day I was playing songs on it like "Iron Man" and "Smoke on the Water".
I was "composing" my own made up songs on it, too, hahaha. Well, needless to say, my parents took notice and got me a real - as in real cheap - acoustic guitar and some formative lessons. The lessons did not last long, and I really ended up teaching myself, playing by ear. Now jump forward about 14 years. Now I am married to my 1st wife with a son, and a daughter on the way.
Monsterpiece Effect
Prospects weren't too good, was working restaurant jobs. Decided time to go back to school... why not do something that will potentially tie into what I really like doing, which is play guitar. I know, let's go to school for electronic engineering so I can fix my pedals and amps when they break! So off to ITT Tech I went.
What a joke that program was - and I am FINALLY done paying for it, hahaha. Anyway, I learned enough to be dangerous, but never got a real job in the electronics field. Did, though, eventually lead to me tweaking pedals, then eventually starting the Monsterpieces.
After modifying my Crest Audio Fuzz Face and playing with that for a few years, I discovered this website called Harmony Central around late 2000. I lurked around there reading, and my passion for effects just intensified. I had also purchased a Zvex Fuzz Factory, and really liked the home made look it had - and the sounds, too.
So around mid 2002, I think, I thought lets try to make my own pedal, and started reworking the classic Fuzz Face circuit to try and improve upon it. This eventually turned into the Monsterpiece NPN
3 Monsterpiece Effect
I started in the basement of a house I was renting, working on top of the washer and dryer. Was using the cheapest parts I could find at the couple of local electronics surplus store. Folded sheet metal boxes, super cheap dpdt switches, etc... Didn't start using "real" parts until a got a bit more serious about making the Monsterpieces in 2005.
Was it hard building my 1st pedal? Yes and no. Yes because of the materials and tools I was trying to use, and no because I did have a general clue as to what I was trying to accomplish. Eventually it work as designed, hahaha
After I got some of the pedals working, I thought, hey, these sound pretty good! So I sold some very cheap via internet forums and eBay. Did this for less than a year, then stopped until August 2005 when I started making "real" pedals. I have pretty much gone totally by word of mouth via the internet.
Monsterpiece Fuzz
Nothing new and upcoming at the moment. I have doubled the versions of available Monsterpiece pedals over the past year, though. Currently offereing the following: NPN, PNP, Classic, MKI, MKII, MKIII, Angry Dick 2000, and Monster Drive
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Angry Dick 2000
Angry Dick 2000
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