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Customer Service, Tech Support, Domestic Music Sales:
Bill Wenzloff, x12
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Morley Mini Wah Volume and Maverick
Smaller footprint, big tone and less cost!
NOVEMBER 2010 - Morley®, manufacturers of world famous Wah/Volume Pedals and widely used switching devices announced the release of their two newest pedals the Mini Wah Volume and Maverick (Mini Switchless Wah).
After the successful release of the Mini Wah and Mini Volume earlier this year, Morley decided to expand the product line with Mini versions of two of their best selling Wahs. Measuring just 6.75" in length, 4.5" in width and 2.75" in height these are perfect for any pedal board and offer some of our best features. "This is the natural progression of a line of products that has been received very well." states Sales Manager, Bill Wenzloff, "Morley fans have spoken clearly; they want more Minis! We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and giving them what they want."
Both the Mini Wah Volume and Maverick are equipped with our world famous Electro-Optical circuitry so there are no pots to wear out like typical Wah and Volume pedals. The Mini Wah Volume has a traditional Wah tone combined with a smooth audio taper volume. The Maverick is a switchless Wah with a hybrid vintage / modern Wah tone that is perfect for anyone familiar with our switchless Wahs such as the Steve Vai Bad Horsie, Tremonti Wah and Lynch Dragon 2.
Like all Morley products, both minis are housed in durable cold rolled steel, equipped with LED indication and easy access battery door, have a no hassle two year warranty and are both made in the USA.
Visit Morley® at:
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