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Anaheim Convention Center
This information and the pedals I've photographed were captured at the NAMM show at Anaheim Convention Center in California or the Nashville Convention Center in Tennessee.
The NAMM Show is the largest music products trade show in United States. The show brings together all facets of the music products industry to reveal new musical instruments/products and ideas to help music products retailers and manufacturers become more successful.
The acronym NAMM originally stood for the National Association of Music Merchants, but has evolved from a national entity representing the interests of music products retailers to an international association including both commercial, retail members and affiliates. Therefore, the long form of the name is no longer used, and it is simply known as NAMM, the International Music Products Association.
new Summer NAMM, Nashville Convention Center
Highlights From the Show:
Winter NAMM, Anaheim Convention Center
Effect Pedal Vender Booths:
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