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  November & December, 2012
Drive Breaker 4 by Sobbat Effector
The DB-4R has three GAIN BOOST channels equipped with a dual-purpose. In DB-1R mode, it highlights the sound brighter than most conventional distortion pedals. DB-2R position in distortion mode adds volume and shine and even more sustain. In the ODB-1 overdrive mode it takes the original sound to another higher level in all positions the BOOST GAIN is possible. Adjusts the bass so you can mix knob at LOW-B, and deep bass sound system to supports 7-string guitars. Read More »
TightFuzz by Amptweaker
While most vintage fuzz boxes have very few controls, the TightFuzz includes a Tone control to tame the fuzzy edges and the Tight control, a mainstay of Amptweaker pedals, which varies the pick attack from smooth and thick to tight and aggressive. This is particularly helpful... Read More »
TA-24 Treble Booster by Tortenmann
The TA-24 Treble Booster is versatile musical preamplifier that delivers up to 25dB gain with the added possibility to define the lower... Read More »
White Dwarf by TH Audio
The White Dwarf: a guitar distortion unit. It's not really for metal, but it will give you a lot of dirt if called upon to do so. At certain settings, its sound is reminiscent of the Rat, at other settings, it's quite... Read More »
Quantum Quasar by SubDecay
The Quantum Quasar stands out defiantly in a category dominated by similarity and long standing tradition. Phasers can do so much more! The lush watery sounds are still there with the sine and triangle LFO shapes, but the options transverse the customary norms. Other LFOs offer distinguished nuances to unapologetic ‘in your face’ madness. Read More »
Apollo by SolidGoldFX
The Apollo is an all-new original design combining a unique sounding, analog ,4-stage phaser circuit with our tap tempo controller. A wide array of features makes this a great sounding and... Read More »
  September & October, 2012
MINI by smallsound/bigsound Effects
A slimmed down version of the fuck overdrive, so here it is in all of it’s mocked-up glory! i’ve taken off the blown-amp-crackle-stuff and replaced it with a simple bias knob which can take you from sagged-out-gnar to headroom-filled-sheen. i’ve also added a bass control which goes from treble boost jangle to overblown bass mush. Read More »
SpinDoctor2 by T-REX Effects
When plugged into your stage amp, SpinDoctor2 is nothing less than the best overdrive pedal on the planet. You’ll broaden and deepen your amp with 4 custom channels of analogue overdrive – each with its own settings for gain, bass, mid, treble, presence and... Read More »
Single Malt™ by Tortuga Effects
The Single Malt™ provides both quality and quantity in one beautiful package. With Dual, foot-switchable rate controls, the Single Malt™ can act like both a small room echo and a long solo delay at the push of a foot switch. It can also... Read More »
  July & August, 2012
Schizodelay by Audible Disease
The Audible Disease Schizodelay SD-1 is an awesome analog delay pedal that runs the gamut of delay sounds from quick slap-back all the way to expansive bliss and extra-long lo-fi delay and also adds the ability to... Read More »
SwirlPool by Amptweaker
The SwirlPool Tremolo/Vibe pedal is a reminiscent of the synchronized tremolo and vibrato circuits common in some vintage 60’s amplifiers, this analog pedal can duplicate many different types of modulation tones... Read More »
FZO-1: Fuzzy Octavulator by Demeter Amps
Building off of the Fuzzulator circuit, the Fuzzy Octavulator adds an independent, vintage-sounding octave-up circuit that ranges from authentic vintage Octavia tones and more. Read More »
Olympia by Caroline Guitar Company
Inspired by our favorite timeless and classic transistor Bender and Muff-based fuzzes, we tweaked every component we could to squeeze as much performance as we could out of the designs, listened to what our testers and players told us, then forgot about the math and went for the red line. Read More »
RAH by Catalinbread
This overdrive effects pedal features the specific three-knob tone circuit straight from the custom "Jimmy Page" model Hiwatt. The RAH is designed to deliver guitarists an incredible dynamic range that responds to picking hand and/or volume knob. Like a good amplifier the RAH is VERY uncompressed, which means there is little to "hide behind". Read More »
Screamer Bass Fuzz by Cusack Music
If you’ve ever plugged your bass into a fuzz box and been unimpressed, it’s because they’re designed to limit the extreme low end allowed into the amp. This is fine for the 6-stringers, but not ideal at all for bass. The Screamer Bass Fuzz is designed to fix... Read More »
Time by Crazy Tube Circuits
With separate analog and digital paths to get best of both worlds, this unique sounding delay/echo will warm up your tone. An all analog signal path, featuring a Burr Brown opamp and high quality passive components, is used for the best reproduction of your dry signal... Read More »
Ford Falcon Fuzz by Dr. No
Dr. No created a small Fuzz circuit that would be awesome to play. The type of Car was going to be the awesome US made 1963 Ford Falcon muscle car (almost the same year the first commercial fuzzes were build, like the Maestro). The effect became a Silicon Fuzz with Fuzz and Volume Pot, very simple but effective! Read More »
Professor Boogie by Dazatronyx
Professor Boogie is a full flavoured high gain distortion pedal. The circuit is an emulation of an amplifier head (for legal reasons you'll have to guess which one). The trickery at play here is that the valve stages of the actual amplifier have been replaced with a solid-state counterpart, the JFET. These semiconductors behave much like tubes and need to be individually biased and tuned as such. Read More »
  May & June, 2012
XTS Preamp by XAct Tone Solutions
The XTS Preamp is a great all-in-one solution for those looking to get excellent overdriven, crunchy, and distorted tones from a pedal. The Preamp holds three of our most popular circuits, the Atomic Overdrive, the Precision Multi-Drive, and the Pegasus Boost... Read More »
OC Bass by Whirlwind
The OC BASS Optical Compressor is both a compressor, as well as a limiter - (depending on how you have it switched). With three pre programmable attack speeds, you can switch from a super fast, thumping grab, to a long and lush compressed sustain, with plenty of adjustment in between. The OC BASS comes with adjustable input and outputs, so you can easily tailor the exact amount of punch and sustain you desire. Set the attack switch to med in the limiter mode, and turn your... Read More »
The Grump by TH Audio
The Grump has five knobs to help you dial in just the right amount of piss & vinegar to help boost or compress your tone into a big fat fuzz blast... Read More »
Buggy Fuzz by T-Pedals
The Buggy Fuzz is an hybrid NOS Germanium/silicon fuzz with volume control and 3way voice control: #1 is a linear fuzz similar to T-Fuzz, #2 is a mid-boosted fuzz/distortion very useful for palm-muted heavy riffs and #3 is a deep bass fuzz, like a giant Fuzz Face. Read More »
  April, 2012
Four New pedals by Tech 21
Boost Distortion: Tight, muscular grind with buzz-saw harmonics never went out of fashion and the Boost Distortion delivers that fast punchy tone. It features its own unique SAG control that adds an expressive, tube-like response to every pick stroke.
Boost Overdrive: Putting an overdrive pedal in front of a hard-pushed amp has been the secret weapon for generations of guitarists wanting to punch up the midrange and add sustain. The Boost Overdrive is packed with voluminous amounts of screamin’ tone. Just hit the Boost switch to go bigger and badder. The unique SPARKLE control adds upper harmonics for an open, snappy sound.
Boost Fuzz: Vintage pedal hounds know that germanium fuzz sounds are way sweeter than silicon fuzz… like when the temperature is just right and doesn’t vary. The Boost Fuzz solves that problem by nailing that creamy germanium tone, constantly and consistently all day long. This SAG control allows notes to bloom and sing at your command, for dynamic, organic performances.
Boost Bass Fuzz: When you need a huge, 360-degree, room-filling bass tone, step up to the Bass Boost Fuzz. From the fat, gritty sounds of the ‘60s fuzz bass, to the subterranean growl of industrial metal, the Bass Boost Fuzz puts musical rage in your low-end. When you need more focus and edge, dial in the +CLEAN control to add just the right amount of direct tone to your mix. Read More »
Pocket Rocket by Big John Music
The Big John Pocket Rocket is a vintage 'Tube Screamer' overdrive style effect. It's the 'most normal' BIG JOHN effect with simply a Volume, Tone and Gain for controls + a great feature called the 'symetric - assymetric clipping' switch. It also has the TINTIN Rocket design on it... hand made in Belgium. Read More »
Colordrive2 by Vintage FX
Based on the 70's Colorsound Overdrive pedal. Colordrive2 pedal with a second Gain & Volume stage, allows for normal low gain playing & high gain boost capabilities. Like having 2 pedals in one. Read More »
Alien Twister by Analog Alien
The Alien Twister is a Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive pedal with a built in buffer. The Twister comes in a cloth satchel and is packed in it’s own branded wooden box and includes a bottle of Chips favorite Hot Sauce. With an output that reaches unity gain at 10 O’ Clock this pedal has plenty of power to blow the doors off of all your favorite venues. Read More »
  March, 2012
8-oh-8 by LS Effects
Although the LS 8-oh-8's circuit started out in 'TubeScreamer land', it is NOT just a TS clone. The input stage has been reworked, the gain stage is different, and the tone stage of the circuit was scraped and redesigned from scratch which allows it to be a very open and effective presence control that can smooth out or add upper harmonics. The 8-oh-8 Deluxe also adds a voice switch that changes the EQ of the 8-oh-8 from the 'classic' mid hump EQ, to a somewhat flatter, more bottom end EQ. This feature opens up a totally new palette of overdrive sounds. Read More »
Do The Weasel Stomp by Fredric Effects
This is an improved version of the original Harmonic Energizer, it also features a switchable fuzz circuit, closely modelled on the 70s IC Muff Fuzz, and an expression pedal input. Read More »
Palindrome & Infection by Audible Disease
The Palindrome PD-1 from Audible Disease is a crazy synth and distortion unit with a huge array of audio possibilites. Plug in your guitar or anything else and enjoy dirty distortion or take it unplugged to dial in insane amounts of synth noise sounds. Read More »
The Audible Disease Infection IN-3 is a wild joystick controlled two oscillator synthesizer guaranteed to please any noise head! There's more to it than that, though... Read More »
Static by Perscription Electronics
Prescription Electronics is proud to introduce our latest, greatest creation. EVER! Static replicates the sound of “The Sacrifice” from the “Monterey Pop Festival.” Very real. Very Authentic. And if that isn’t enough, it KILLS! Static will make your FF blush with its ability to recreate “The Man’s Sound” from his concerts and albums. You won’t find a flabby bottom on this baby! Read More »
Wet™ Reverb Pedal v3 by Neunaber Technology
The Wet™ pedal has an analog dry signal for low noise, zero latency, very high input impedance and no "tone suck". Simple yet surprisingly versatile, the Wet™ Reverb has been described by users as "organic", "haunting", and a "choir of angels"... $179 — Out of stock until Leap Day, February 29 Read More »
Kryptonite Overdrive by Majik Box
Specialized overdrive tweaked to Matt’s Roberts specifications. Matt, having been a Body Blow user for several years, suggested a few changes to his Body Blow which would allow him to just keep the pedal on at all times (except for when he switched channels for his clean tone.) This pedal quickly became the Kryptonite Overdrive. Read More »
Octapussy by Catalinbread
I checked this out at NAMM and you'll want one! Get yourself the ultimate octave fuzz, and launch your sound into the stratosphere. Simple controls doesn't mean you don't have access to a plethora of complicated octave sounds! Great sounding fuzz whether played high on the frets, or chunky power chords. Excellent integration with your guitar's volume/tone controls! Read More »
Mastiff by WEEHBO Effects
The MASTIFF is a british voiced medium to high gain distortion. The MASTIFF produces a warm sound with lots of mids and it’s the first choice for a powerful british high gain sound. Even with maximum gain the sound comes with much pressure without being muddy. The active 3-band equalizer is a very powerful tool and it’s possible to get a wide range of totaly different sounds. Furthermore it’s even possible to create mid scooped sounds which are used in modern styles of music. Read More »
P19 by Skreddy Pedals
Lower noise and slightly lower gain than the now-retired Pig Mine, the P19's voice is more versatile, more finely tuned, and somehow, more authoritative. A wide variety of aggressive and clear-sounding applications, particularly excelling in sustaining, biting, legato lead work. Read More »
Minitaur by Moog Music
Minitaur is a powerful, compact Analog Bass Synthesizer that features a classic one knob per function design. It is the first instrument in the Taurus family that does not have foot pedals. At only 8.5" x 5.25" and less than 3lbs, the Minitaur puts legendary analog Moog bass into a package designed to fit seamlessly into today's performance and production environments. Read More »
Chimera by Noisemaker Effects
The Chimera is a twelve mode fuzz, with rotary control to switch between a dozen different sounds. With twelve modes, you can get tones ranging from light overdrive, to heavy, thick fuzz, and all the tones in between. Read More »
  February, 2012
The Unleash by Bad Cat Amplifiers
For years players have been trying to tame big 100 watt amplifiers into small club screamers with attenuators like the Bad Cat Leash. Now you can 'Unleash' the tone of your small low wattage amp into a monster tone machine. Read More »
SubFuzz by Cusack Music
SubFuzz is a combo sub-octave generator and fuzz, like the old Blue Boxes, but with super-fast tracking and three octaves settings. That’s up to three octaves below the note you’re playing. Seriously. Read More »
Sacred Resonance & Octavo Stone by ERAFUZZ
Building top quality Killer effects - to hot for words.. Read More »
  January, 2012
PIXEL by Dedalo Handmade FX
Introducing a new concept in sound distortion: the Analog Pixelator. In the Pixel, the signal goes thru a series of thresholds, which transforms the original sound wave in a staircase aproximation, and produces a range of effects from fuzz, velcro sounds, sustained distortion, bit-crusher, octaves and harmonics, and all kind of strange noises. For guitar, bass or any electronic instrument. As all our effects, this pedal is True Bypass and handmade. Read More »
Black Formica BF-1 by Yerasov Music Corporation
BF-1 is a guitar compressor-sustainer. The pedal is perfect for a variety of styles of music from classical to rock, emphasizing style and personality of the performer, giving you a special color dynamic sound. Read More »
The Fuzz Monster 2 - Dual Stage Germanium & Silicon Fuzz by Elite Tone
The Fuzz Monster 2, its a two stage fuzz face style, one germanium and the other BC108C silicon. Each fuzz can be ran individually or stacked. Also, each channel will have similar controls like the Fillmore's fuzz 2x. In addition, an adjustable feedback loop master control for insane feedback oscillations, with built in on/off switch in the control knob for toggling on/off conventional tones. The sustain generated by stacking the two fuzz's is amazing and may eliminate the need for an overdrive for some people. Read More »
El Oso and Saturn by Heavy Electronics
Crushing Bass Distortion... The El Oso is the lowest and baddest distortion circuit presented by Heavy Electronics so far. El Oso blends roaring low-end gain that pours out both thump and gain to the input of your amp. Read More »
The Saturn is the electronic gateway to deep-space guitar modulation. Ultra-wide frequency band (FREQ) allows for all kinds of modulation reactions. Read More »
APP-1 Pedal Preamp by A/DA
The dynamics of A/DA's D-TORSION CORE technology opens the door to a new level of touch sensitive expression. Read More »
Area 51 Wah by Area 51
Your Wah....Your Way! NEW color options available! Choose from the standard Black/Silver hammertone (no charge)or any of the optional candy colors for only $20. Read More »
DaMOAF by Baja Tech Custom
DaMOAF goes beyond conventional fuzz/distortion wisdom. With its roots in the old "Triangle/Ram's Head" fuzzes, DaMOAF you can go from a great (blues/rock) overdrive, to sweet 60’s fuzz. Read More »
Skull Fuzz by Vintage FX
A custom painted Fuzz & Distortion; 2 in one pedal, loosely based on a Fuzz Face & MXR Distortion + specs. All white powder-coated, Hammond 1590BB enclosure with glow in the dark knob indicators. Bobby wanted a clear fuzz, a clear distortion, tight knobs designed with the live setting in mind. Read More »
Brown Note by LS Effects
This is still the fire-breathing, face-pummeling, everything-on-10 wall of distortion pedal that made the ROC so awesome, just in a smaller package. If you have the space, and need the flexibility of an extra channel and two knob tone shaping, get the ROC. The 'Brown Note', will deliver that modern heavy rock n' roll tone that made the ROC famous. Read More »
Pulse Tremolo by Nikita Effects
The Pulse Tremolo is a modified version of the vintage EHX Pulsar tremolo with two types of the voltage control: right-angled and triangular serve to widen the usage of the effect. The pedal has three controls, rate depht and volume with a power consumption of 2 mA. Read More »
Toro Drive by Jad & Freer
The Toro Drive is the latest pedal from Jad & Freer and it presents a overdrive gain that is more aggressive. Its special feature is the presence of the active tone controls, with these two adjustments you have the ability to have full control over the full spectrum of sound, managing to create shades and sounds ranging from blues to hard rock. Read More »
Bomber by Morpheus
The Bomber gives your guitar Instant polyphonic pitch shifting creating full chordal whammy bar string bending as well as 3 octave Dive Bombs! The MORPHEUS BOMBER pedal can do deep dive bombs and full chordal whammy bar string bending with the Bomber pedal and your guitar never goes out of tune! Read More »
Crystal Dagger by Blackout Effectors
The CRYSTAL DAGGER is a dual harmonic device comprised of independent circuits; a scorching octave-up fuzz and a unique conglomeration of ring modulation, unpredictable octaving, and phasing. The circuits are both true-bypass footswitchable and run in series, from input to (OCT)FUZZ circuit to (MOD)RING circuit to output. Read More »
Distortion, Germ Drive and Fuzz by Empress Effects
Look what the awesome engineers at Empress Effects have announced! The release of the Distortion, the Germ Drive, and the Fuzz, 3 pedals directly taken from their Multidrive pedal, offering the delicious flavors of distortion, overdrive and fuzz in a smaller package. Read More »
Wahcko by JAM Pedals
After long and painful research, JAM Pedals is finally proud to produce what we believe is a true vintage-sounding wah pedal that is also versatile and of course true-bypass. Read More »
Panther by JHS
True Bucket Brigade delay that has the tone and options to cover any style, any use and any player. The Panther Delay is our most anticipated pedal to date with it's groundbreaker feature set including "tap tempo control" that lives within one "full second of delay time". The foot-switchable "effects loop" allows you to place any effect or effects that you want on the repeats only. Read More »
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