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  December, 2011
SOMMS by Dwarfcraft Devices
SOMMS features four oscillators, one low frequency rhythmic driver, one fine tunable audio drone, and finally a pair of squeeling singers controlled via joystick. These are all mixed via a network of volume knobs. Read More »
Buff Master Pre by Durham Electronics
The Buff Master Pre is an essential part to every pedal board! Featuring an input and output patch box with a send and return loop for your effects & a effects bypass switch. Read More »
Morpheus Distortion by G2D Guitar Pedals
Morpheus Distortion is a hard out distortion pedal not for the faint hearted! A single channel pedal designed to meet the demands of the metal player that need more drive than our Custom Overdrive and a tone that is phat with a big bottom end and plenty of crunch up top. Read More »
VibeTool by GuitarSystems
The VibeTool is based on the original Shin Ei Univibe circuit producing the original UniVibe sound using quality matched components for the most optimal & consistent sound. The controls Treble/Mid/Full are for adjusting the amount of bass... Read More »
  November, 2011
Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX Effects
This new device, is able to create a combination of THAT Lo-Fi chip compression, Belling bucket-brigades, and ultra low-current National Semiconductor op-amp filters to exquisitely copy the texture and feel of the original Lo-Fi into this new and extraordinary box, adding some new sounds that have never been heard before. Read More »
Double Drive 3X MOD by Tech 21
Double Drive 3X distortion pedal has undergone a Private Stock MOD, to feature more aggressive tones, a tighter low end, and a wider Level taper. It has been revoiced for more hard rock and metal tones rather than classic, bluesy style tones. This pedal will be available for a limited time at no additional cost. It is distinguished from the original by a MOD stamp on the pedal and packaging. Read More »
Infinity Driver by Larry Alan Guitars
The Infinity Driver pedal from Larry Alan Guitars adds highly flexible, warm and crunchy overdriven tone to your arsenal.
This pedal is designed to offer the player options! In addition to the typical Drive, Tone, and Level controls there are two pushbuttons for further tone tailoring. The Infinity switch engages a germanium diode in the clipping stage, altering the character of the overdriven signal to a sweeter asymmetrical sound. The Bass switch extends the low end response for a thick, full drive. Read More »
SS-30 & Tube Cake by AMT Electronics
The SS-30 is a 3-channel JFET preamp. The Tube Cakes are power amps, the (TC-1) is 1.5 watts while the (TC-3) in 3 watts. Read More »
Ravish by EHX
Electro-Harmonix has streamlined the essence of the sitar into a compact enclosure that offers a polyphonic lead voice and tunable sympathetic string drones that dynamically react to your playing. Read More »
Splash by Crazy Tube Circuits
A versatile studio quality reverb in a small pedal format, utilizing our proven technique of paralleling analog with digital to get best of both worlds. The pedal can produce two different reverb algorithms and has controls for decay, excite and mix. To achive your classic bathroom, room, hall, cathedral and ambient scapes. A kill dry switch located in the push-pull mix knob. Max the decay, excite, and mix knobs and you are in "space mode", ambient psychedelic sounds. Read More »
NEO Mistress by EHX
True to the classic Mistress, the Neo’s design adjusts the harmonic sweep to present the varied tonal density that flanging brings to musical performance. Manual filter matrix also included. Electro-Harmonix flanging takes advantage of the Feedback control to determine how much of the processed signal is fed back to the original. Read More »
Pin-Up by Crazy Tube Circuits
The gain range starts from overdrive to become a high gain fuzz, nasty or smooth depending on where you set the two tone controls. The frequency response of this MOSFET fuzz machine has been carefully selected to fulfill your rhythm and soloing needs. Turn on the upper octave/ring mod effect for insane tone. Read More »
Apocalypse by Death by Audio
It took years of fuzz inovation to create a pedal which utilizes 5 unique fuzz circuits combined with a sweepable frequency equalizer yeilding one of the most usable and versatile fuzz tone shifters we've ever heard: the APOCALYPSE. Read More »
  September & October, 2011
Naga Viper Boost by Catalinbread
The Naga Viper is a booster in the grand old tradition of the Dallas Rangemaster "Treble-Booster". The Rangemaster has been used by many influential British guitarists including Tony Iommi, Brian May, Marc Bolan, and KK Downing and Glen Tipton of Judas Priest. These guitarists, while completely unique in their styles, share the Rangemaster secret of boosting their cranked tube amps into a juicy, harmonic-laden rock tone that always cuts through the mix. Read More »
Apocalypse by Death by Audio
It took years of fuzz inovation to create a pedal which utilizes 5 unique fuzz circuits combined with a sweepable frequency equalizer yeilding one of the most usable and versatile fuzz tone shifters we've ever heard: the APOCALYPSE. Read More »
Pure Plexi by EFX Custom Effects
A great pedal with all that really matters of overdrives Marshall: Go to the Plexi JCM800 "in the dockyard." This project is a little different from most pedals that are used and eventually resulted in a sensational tone of classic hard rock guitar heroes that you always heard. They went straight to the point: if the set of them has only one good guitar and good amp, then that is what this pedal does for you, a saturated organic and very close to a boiling tube amplifiers. Read More »
Dispatch Master by EarthQuaker Devices
The Dispatch Master is a digital delay and reverb unit with an all analog direct signal path and true bypass switching. It is capable of producing nearly 2 seconds of delay time with near-infinite repeats and a cavernous reverb. Both effects can be run separately or in unison. Read More »
Tone Booster by Greedtone
This pedal has a smooth vintage shape and warm tone. The Speed will take you from a very slow pulse to a fast one with an extremely smooth transition. The Depth starts out subtle and moves all the way up to a rowdy full cut off. You will have to learn to play the pedal in the top setting. The volume control at 12 o'clock is at unity higher up it will compress. Read More »
TERRORDACTYL by Fuzzrocious Pedals
TERRORDACTYL is a nasty fuzz fed into a subtle, bubbly filter. Together, they create one nasty li'l bird. We even have an "expression out" to connect an expression pedal to control the range sweep of the filter for sweeps, dubby wobbles, screeches, etc. Disgusting on guitar, wild on bass! Read More »
TxFuzz by ClinchFX
The ClinchFX TxFuzz can do anything from Clean Boost with some "flavour" to Overdrive, to Distortion, to Saturated Fuzz with amazing Sustain, just using the fuzz control and guitar volume. This is a redesigned style of a Fuzz Face circuit making old sound new again. Read More »
Headroom by Carl Martin
The Carl Martin Headroom is the most simple to operate reverb pedal on the market...with a couple extras. This purely analogue 'real spring' reverb has two identical channels, each with tone and level controls to select the depth and tone of your reverb. Read More »
Icarus by Caroline
Icarus™ is due for release in Fall 2011. We did not want to release something until we had something that compelled us to replace the VERY nice boutique boosts that resided on our personal boards for years. Only then did we feel it may be worthy of yours. Read More »
  July & August, 2011
TightRock by Amptweaker
The new TightRock™ Distortion pedal bridges the gap between two very popular Amptweaker™ pedals, the TightMetal™ and TightDrive™. Its tone is not quite as heavy sounding as the TightMetal, but the gain range is much higher than the TightDrive. The pedal includes EQ and Gain Boost switches, and has a built-in noise gate that automatically tracks the gain control. Read More »
Polypus, Broadcast & Arrow Airwaves by Copilot FX
Broadcast - Expression control unit, it will control pedals with expression jacks, Polypus - Tremolo with 6 different waveform and Arrow Airwaves - White noise generator, that can be blended with instrument signal via an expression jack (manually) or have the internal tap LFO do it for you. Read More »
The Explosivo is an overdrive effect pedal which starts where the classic overdrives leave off. With two MOSFET transistors in the clipping stage, saturation is round and dynamic. The tone is clear and never masks the sound of the tone coming from your amp or instrument. With its two Eq controls you can adjust highs, mids and lows both before and after the clipping circuit, or just set them flat for maximum transparency. Read More »
NEW FUZZ WAR!!! Now comes standard with an additional fuzz control on the outside of the enclosure. With three knobs it can create a multitude of ultimate fuzz, boost, overdrive, distortion sounds. Listen for yourself and you will see, this is the thickest sounding sustaining fuzz pedal we have ever heard. Read More »
Bit Commander by EarthQuaker Devices
The Bit Commander is a monophonic analog guitar synthesizer with four octaves of vintage square wave synth tones. It’s no-nonsense interface makes it easy to add or subtract octaves to create a wide variety of sounds without having to dial in envelopes or oscillators. Ripping sub-octave thump, pulsing octave down, a lightly squared base tone and a swelling transformer based octave up all join together to make a single guitar sound like an army of olde tyme synths. Read More »
  June, 2011
Utility Series by WMD
The WMD Utility series is a low cost handmade line of effects designed to fulfill specific needs of players. The Utility Noise Gate & Parametric EQ are the first two in the series and are packed full of nice features, like the noise gate has an effects loop - to cool. Read More »
Beef Box by STG-FX
The Beef Box is a vintage sounding overdrive/distortion stompbox. It basically gives you a "balls to the wall" crunch sound. Very much like those 10ft Marshall stacks running in the red zone. Read More »
Piezo Buffer by TH Audio
If you play an acoustic instrument or a piezo-equipped bass, you might have had unpleasant experiences plugging straight into amplifiers. That was most likely because of the impedance mismatch between the pickup and the amp. A buffer circuit can help. Read More »
Coffee Bass & Punchy Bass by U Sound
The basis for this new preamp circuit was derived precisely from the Galien Krueger GK 400RB and it comes in two forms, Konenchy variant design preamp with OR without compressor. Read More »
TimeLine by Stymon
TimeLine provides you with twelve different delay machines, each with extensive control over sonic character and feel. Tweak to your hearts content and save up to 200 presets of your favorite sounds. Go from crisp and clear, studio-quality digital delays all the way to the saturated and fluctuating sounds of tape delay machines. Read More »
Dynamic Looper by VOX
Create, play and dynamically control looped phrases in real time! Two independent loops, with a combined total record time of 90 seconds. Each loop can be stacked with an infinite number of tracks using innovative Sound on Sound recording, with no loss of fidelity. Read More »
Bullfrog Boosts by Maritime Analog Effects
Bullfrog Boost Germanium Range Booster: The Bullfrog Boost is powered by a NOS vintage CV7003 germanium transistor. The CV7003 is known commonly referred to as the "military-spec" OC44 and was... Read More »
Bullfrog Boost Germanium Range Booster Deluxe Version: The Bullfrog Boost Deluxe is an effect based on the Rangemaster Treble Booster made in the 1960's. Read More »
  May, 2011
Vanilla Sky by Mark L Custom
The idea behind this pedal, was to create an effect which would retain its dynamics and allow the guitar’s individual tone to shine through even at the highest GAIN settings. A completely analog signal line helps achieve a rich and organic sound. The circuit is based on an OPA BURR BROWN amplifier which allows serious amounts of sustain and at the same time ensures a high level of dynamics and a low amount of hum. Read More »
TightMetal Distortion by Amptweaker
The new TightMetal™ distortion pedal takes the TightDrive™ and TightBoost™ overdrive platform to the next level by providing over-the-top metal and hardcore crunch tones with adjustable tightness thanks to the Tight control. Read More »
MamaJama by LS Effects
The MamaJama's tone control makes it one of the most flexible pedals ever created. The MamaJama has a 2 knob EQ stage. This is not your typical treble/bass tone control but a unique EQ where both knobs interact with each other. You want a 'tubescreamer like' tone with... Read More »
Stone Grey Distortion by Mad Professor
The new Mad Professor - Stone Grey Distortion (SGD) is a modern high-gain distortion pedal with unparallelled clarity and definition. This pedal was developed for high gain applications and specifically for clarity at heavy distortion levels. The Stone Grey Distortion is unique in that it has razor sharp dynamics and high gain intensity. It's ready for drop tuning, 7 string, and modern rock players who are seeking extreme gain with intense "string to string definition". Read More »
Woodpeaker by Elmwood Amps
Announcing the birth of our first three knob j-fet based overdrive pedal! Adjust your tone from light breakup, to crunch and sustaining lead sounds. This pedal and has the capacity to push the front end of any guitar amp into distortion. Read More »
Coliseum Reverb by ModTone
All true bypass premier reverb pedal that is a studio quality sonic tool that exceeds stock amp reverbs and literally gives you a whole new set of sonic colors to play with! Read More »
New For 2011 by Duesenberg
Their effect pedals are wired by hand and built to produce authentic retro sounds. Because of the quality and robustness of their parts, these entirely analog devices are also at the leading edge of technology. Read More »
Body Blow & Venom Boost by Majik Box
The Body Blow pedal has two distinct modes of clipping: LED for a more modern OD sound, and Diode for a vintage overdrive tone. Read More »
The Venom Boost pedal is the ultimate clean boost. Simple one knob operation, allowing you to take your favorite tone and making it louder and bigger for solos or when you simply want to feature your guitar in certain parts of asong. It doesn’t change your sound, muddy up the low end or produce excessive distortion like someother so called clean boost pedals. Read More »
Xciter & Punch Factory II by Aphex
Studio Quality Tone Enhancement for Guitar & Bass. Take the power of Aphex's legendary Aural Exciter® and Big Bottom® technologies to the stage. This is the only pedal that will help your guitar, bass and your other pedals sound better. We’ve taken the legend of the Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom and placed it firmly at your feet. Read More »
Studio Quality Optical Compression for Guitar and Bass. Punch Factory levels out volume peaks and dips, maintaining a consistent level within your mix. Quiet passages no longer get lost, and louder passages don't overpower. Read More »
  April, 2011
Custom Badass '78 Distortion, Bass Compressor, Noise Clamp & Green Rhino Overdrive by Dunlop
The Custom Badass '78 Distortion M78 is a hot-rodded classic circuit that roars with huge amp stack tones and old school distortion. You, too! can deliver soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythms. Read More »
Check the Bass Compressor M87 CHT™ (Constant Headroom Technology) for clear, clean performance. Comes True bypass and sports a cool Ten gain-reduction status LEDs. Read More »
The Noise Clamp M195 eliminates hiss and excess noise from your effects chain. A single Trigger knob sets the volume threshold. Capable of reducing noise up to 26 dB. Read More »
The Green Rhino Overdrive WHE202 has a 100Hz EQ control to cut or boost your low end by ±12dB and a Curve control to fine-tune the corner frequencies of your tone. Produce crystal clear leads and punchy, dynamic rhythm tones. Read More »
HellDrive, PlexDrive, Morbid Drive & JCM Drive by WEEHBO Effekte
The HELLDRIVE is a versatile and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive. You can get a wide range of different sounds only by your playing technique and it keeps the character of your instruments alive. Read More »
The PLEXDRIVE is a low gain overdrive. It is highly transparent and dynamic and provides a warm sound such as the legendary Plexi. Read More »
The MORBID DRIVE is a versatile low/medium to high gain distortion. Read More »
The JCM Drive is a highly versatile and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive. Read More »
Fuzz Hog by BigFoot FX
If you are like me, you are a fuzz hog. There are many types and varieties which react differently to your picking. The Fuzz Hog pedal is a new fuzz effect, not a clone or a modded fuzz. There is some magic to this pedal in the tone and the way it reacts to picking dynamics. Read More »
Stereo Talking Machine by Electro-Harmonix
The programmable Stereo Talking Machine, Vocal Formant Filter, presents creative vowel shaping that is controlled by the player’s dynamics. Nine selectable Voices deliver vowel sounds such as AH-OO and OW-EE, as well as Bassballs and wah-type dynamic filters. Read More »
Deluxe Memory Man w/Tap Tempo by Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix has now created the ultimate Deluxe Memory Man equipped with Tap Tempo, Expression Control and an Effects Loop. Adding Tap Tempo ensures that you will always be in sync with... Read More »
ToneBug Sustainer by T-Rex
Guitarists have used different methods for achieving that violin-like sustain effect – from holding their guitar up close to their amp, to using complicated neck-mounted contraptions to... Read More »
Tuner by Carl Martin
Starting with the classic die-cast black casing, the tuner is switch-able between standard readout and strobe. Both are bright and clear so they can be read from a standing position. The tuner can be calibrated from 437 through 443 with the default of course at A440. Read More »
'70 by Fulltone
Fulltone recently found & bought a couple thousand excellent BC108C transistors, so they announced the return of the 70 pedal... this time, in a small (OCD-sized) housing. These transistors sound outrageous! This model 70-BC still have the secret-weapon "Mid" knob which will allow you to do something other Fuzzfaces won't let you do... be heard in the mix. Read More »
Red Tone Press by Barber Electronics
Now accepting pre-orders for the special run of the "Red Tone Press" pedals! Parallel compression, a Barber innovation that blows away having to deal with attack, ratio and release knobs of other so-called "studio compressors." Read More »
Leviathan Fuzz by Wampler Pedals
Here it is, the Leviathan Fuzz. A true monster. With complete control over the tone: volume, gain, bass and treble and a switch that changes from a roar to a rumble feel. Switches between GE and SI diodes, allowing you to more precisely shape the nature of the sound between a more compressed but gainier sound, or an open, throaty tone. Read More »
Tall Font Russian Distortion by Wren and Cuff
New Tall Font Russian Distortion built with no cheap parts. 9VDC jack, true by-pass, with three controls Volume, Tone and Distortion all in a small footprint. Read More »
N Boost by TH Audio
The TH Audio N Boost is a Germanium treble/mid/bass booster with variable input voicing and a switch for two flavors of high-end rolloff. Like most treble-boost units, the TH Audio N Boost uses a Germanium transistor, because Silicon transistors usually aren't nice in this context. The type of transistor varies, but it's usually a 2N388 or an OC140 if available. Read More »
  March, 2011
Deluxe Haze & Sparkling Blue by Wilson Effects
The new Deluxe Haze Vibe is an updated version of the Uni-vibe clone out there. Adding to it's already lush and compact package the Deluxe version boasts an exterior Level control that allows you to adjust the output volume of the effect as well as... Read More »
Ever wanted the fat tube distortion sounds of an amp but at the same time have the versatility to play the most gut wrenching metal out of the same box? Read More »
Orange Sunshine by Fillmore Pedal Company
Exclusive all New design to the Fillmore Orange Sunshine™ Fuzz. A brand new fuzz box that brings back the tones from the 70's WALL of fuzz sound with massive sustain! It's a glam tone extraordinaire! Read More »
Fuzz Mutantes by Rhythm & Detonation
The FAT control adds resistance in series with the clipping diodes, it goes from squeaky thin to really heavy thick fuzz. The LOUD control is your standard volume control, but it is EXTREMELY LOUD, unity is at 9 o'clock and it goes up from there. The BODY switch adds... Read More »
Supra-Vibe™ by Castledine Electronics
The Supra-Vibe™ circuitry is faithful to the original, with the exception of improvements to the power supply, for quieter operation. The Cancel switch has the same function as that of the original Uni-Vibe® - the internal lamp is turned off, but the signal still passes through the circuit. This colours the sound noticeably, as can be heard on many recordings. Because some players like to nail every aspect of the original sound, the Cancel switch allows the unit to be operated in the same way as the original Uni-Vibe®. The rate LED pulses in sync with the internal lamp. Read More »
Photon Fuzz by FEA Labs
The Photon Fuzz gets its name from an active component in the circuit that utilizes infrared light to control the fuzz distortion element. Light is made up of photon particles, so the name represents the action that is at the heart of this very unique fuzz circuit. Read More »
Bass Chi-Wah-Wah by Plutoneium
Soon to be released! Some prototypes are being painted for the Bass Chi-Wah-Wah to decide on the final color scheme. They'll go with one of either black like the original, or a cool hammered red and gloss yellow versions. Read More »
3.14 Rev 2 by Psionic Audio
Announcing the new version of the 3.14. Changes include a smaller aluminum enclosure, silent switching, a fully adjustable midrange trimpot, and the world-class Psionic buffer circuit that debuted in the Telos! Read More »
Silvertop, Goldtop, MRS & Hair Ball by DVK Technologies
Silvertop combines a tube screamer style Overdrive with a really beautiful sounding Vibe which looks like it can be controlled externally by an expression pedal. There is also a switch to flick between Chorus and Vibe. Read More »
The Goldtop is a Fuzz/Vibe where you can switch the order depending on whether you prefer Fuzz into Vibe or vice versa. Read More »
"The MRS" is a Compressor and Booster with plenty of knobs and switches to create your ultimate sound. Read More »
The Hair Ball is a Overdrive and Booster pedal which can respond very well to hand picking and cleans up nice. The Overdrive adds a lot of high gain and has a custom tuned circuit. Read More »
Lex Rotary by Strymon
First batch sold out in just a few hours! Lex provides you with a complete, accurately reproduced rotary system: the low-frequency bass rotor, the rotating treble horn, the tube-driven amplifier, finely tuned microphone placement, and all the complex sonic interactions between these elements. Utilizing a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP, every drop of processing power is harnessed to authentically represent these details. Read More »
Echoczar Quad by Toneczar
The echoczar quad is a special limited edition (only 10 units), featuring four matched NOS Panasonic MN3005 BBD's, extended dynamic response and frequency range, all other echoczar features are retained, including the 1100 ms max delay time. No wait-list, all units will be auctioned via eBay! Read More »
Twin Mix by MORLEY
Morley®, manufacturers of world famous Wah, Volume and Switches announced the release of its newest switching device – the TWIN MIX! Read More »
Triad by Psionic Audio
TRIAD REV 2 will be in stock again April 11! The new version of the Triad has been a huge success - the first batch sold out in one week! Don't miss out on the next batch. Read More »
Dharma, Om, and Karma by Tone Monk
With the Dharma Compressor you have the ability to control your signals tonal properties to deliver a unique, studio quality effect that has yet to be seen in a compact guitar pedal. Dharma is an IC based, non optical compressor that does not alter your phase and remains very quiet. Read More »
The Om is a stripped down version of the popular Seed of Life VII crossed with the highly sought after custom shop "Claptin" overdrive. Read More »
The Karma Boost has 25+dB of boost, and a Body control to expand or dial in the desired frequency spectrum to boost. The pedal also has the ability to run up to 18v. Read More »
Basswitch IQ DI by Ruppert Musical Instruments and Lehle
The Basswitch IQ DI opens up new dimensions in bass-signal amplification and routing by providing multiple functions in a single compact unit that's designed to be used either in stand-alone mode or as the control center of a pedalboard. Watch the Videos »
Providence® DLY-4 Chrono Delay
The DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY provide precise tap-to-delay setting, but it can memorize two separate delay times as well. Read More »
Little Brut Drive by E.W.S.
Don't let the small size fool you. This simple one-knob powerhouse produces heavy crunch to fiery distortion sounds. Output level and treble control can be adjusted with 2 trimmers located on the PC board inside the pedal. This is an overdrive/distortion pedal that is compact in size and it's true-bypass. Read More »
Classic Optical Envelope by Carl Martin
The Classic Optical Envelope is essentially a classic envelope filter (auto-wah utilizing the same opto-technology as the Opto-compressor) for guitar or bass, with a bunch of cool... Read More »
Propaganda & Black Widow by Noisemaker Effects
From the creater: The FAUSTONE FUZZ UNIT is a replica of the rare Barnes and Mullins (B&M) Champion Fuzz Unit. The original pedals were built by Colorsound in London in the late 70s. Rebranded under many names (B&M, CMI, G.B., Pro'Traffic) electronically the circuit was the British cousin of the EH Big Muff, and was allegedly featured on 'A Girl Like You', the Edwyn Collins hit single.
This 2011 Faustone version is based on my April 1977 original which was carefully dissected, studied and re-assembled. The circuit on mine is a tad different from the available Internet schematic, and features Zetex brand transistors instead of the BC184Cs. Read More »
Chorus Waves by DLS
Check out the DLS Chorus Waves and experience the versatility of thick to transparent chorusing and everything in between. There are 2 output choices; OUTA is more organic sounding, while OUTB is mildly brighter sounding. Use either output for mono, or both for a complimentary beautiful lush stereo sound. Read More »
Memory Lane Junior by Diamond Guitar Pedals
The Memory Lane Junior is a digital evolution of the original Memory Lane concept, the world's first analog delay with tap tempo. Read More »
Flanger by EFX Custom Effects
Based on the analog FL9 Ibanez flanger. This pedal can produce a very full flanging effect as well as a thick lush chorus. The controls are Speed, Width, Regen and Time. Read More »
Black Tooth Grin by Wilson Effects
The Black Tooth Grin. Based on one of the most infamous overdrives and amplifiers to ever be produced, the Vintage Marshall Bluesbreaker. Read More »
Gen5 Echo by Lovepedal
$149.99 at Guitar Center March 1st. The Custom Shop Gen5 Echo with its huge, touch sensitive, soul-engulfing tape tone echo that conjures the best classic tones of the '60s and '70s. The harder you play the more responsive the echo becomes. Read More »
Proton Envelope Filter by 3Leaf Audio
The Proton envelope filter contains the essence of what made the old Mutron sound so good, without all of the drawbacks of the original. The pedal produces funky tones with its simple control layout, you can easily dial in the slurpy, wet filter sounds of the original on your guitar, bass or whatever else you want to throw at it. Read More »
Tone Messiah by LS Effects
The LS 'Tone Messiah' is an ultra transparent, Class-A circuit, line buffer pedal that has been optimized for guitar. Read More »
London '67 by Tonehunter
The Tonehunter London is an Overdrive with a unique circuit that produces particular harmonic distortion with a strong punch and huge momentum. Two switchable overdrive gains with differing characteristics are available. Read More »
Werewolf by Tortuga Effects
Capable of anything from a clean boost to a blues overdrive and even a metal crunch, this monster truly has it all. Read More »
MOD ZERO by Jack Deville
The Mod Zero is 100% pure analog modulation to develope that classic to contemporary new modulation tones. This pedal has through-Zero flanging, Leslie, True Pitch-Shifting Vibrato, Chorus, Phase and much more! Read More »
Commander2 by Whirlwind
For those that need to switch between instruments while retaining the same volume, and want the ability to employ a programmable boost for fills and solos, Whirlwind introduces the Commander2, a two-channel instrument switcher, booster, feedback eliminator and tuner with built-in DI. Read More »
Perfect Ten and Bass Ten by Whirlwind
The Whirlwind PERFECT TEN, TEN BAND GRAPHIC EQ draws on years of equalizer experience to create a studio quality equalizer for live performance and recording. Its constant Q design make adjustment easy and intuitive. (Constant Q means that each band’s frequency width remains the same for small boosts as well as large boosts), giving you unparalleled control and sensitivity. Read More »
The BASS TEN opens up a whole new world for Bass players. This unbelievably clean, 10 band EQ has finally made it possible for bass players to tailor their tone with a level of precision and clarity that hasn’t existed in a pedal until now. Read More »
Bass Boost Chorus, Roto Choir & Boost Chorus by Tech 21
The Boost Chorus Bass features the same control set as the standard Boost Chorus below. Read More »
The Roto Choir recreates both the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn -- the only way to attain that complex, multi-dimensional tone. Read More »
Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible from the Boost Chorus. The Boost Chorus features unprecedented tweakability for this type of pedal. No fewer than six controls allow players to easily dial-in the right tone, speed and depth of the effect. Read More »
Propaganda & Black Widow by Noisemaker Effects
The Propaganda Overload is a versatile, great sounding overdrive. It’s op-amp based, giving out lots of volume, and a big gain range. From low gain, to thick and chunky distortion. Read More »
The Black Widow is a limited edition fuzz, and will be available in a small quantity for a limited time. Read More »
Bullitt Od-oNe BigBlock by VL
A killer overdrive for all kinds of guitar playing styles. Specific highend Atk-Ton Module built with vintage parts ATK-TON trim system - a VL-Effects system! Read More »
M22 Rock Crusher & Alpha Drive by Freekish Blues
M22 Rock Crusher Overdrive, a high gain overdrive & distortion (OD) pedal engineered and designed to attain vintage 70s through present day Rock tones. Read More »
The Alpha Drive is a ultra-sensitive, clear, amp-like overdrive pedal. Read More »
Seven Sisters by Red Witch
The worlds first Lithium Ion cell pedals that can use any DC adapter between 9 and 18 volts to charge them over night and the pedal will be charged for 1-2 weeks. $129.99 US each. Read More »
Heavy Soul by Hudson Electronics
Freash out of the custom shop, the Heavy Soul is a limited edition 'Fuzz' (a replica of the Sola Sound MKIV Tone Bender from the late 60?s, early 70?s) except it is a knob down. The pedal comes loaded with Mullard GET872 N.O.S. transistors that have been selected and tested for gain and leakage. This is one hot pedal!! Read More »
Texas Recoiler, O.D.B & Sweet Spot Fixed Wah by Rocktron
The Texas Recoiler is actually a "single coil tone shifter". Using a special FET input stage, along with unique filtering techniques, the Texas Recoiler produces better quality tone and response, similar to that of high end, Custom Shop pickups. Read More »
The ODB provides two Germanium clipping diodes that may be independently assigned to provide “soft knee” clipping compression applied to the positive cycle of the overdrive output, negative cycle of the overdrive output, or both! Read More »
The Sweet Spot Fixed Wah pedal makes it easier to access those sweet spots that add so much to your overall tone. Read More »
Multidrive by Empress Effects
The multidrive allows you to blend Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz together, creating a full and rich array of tones that would not be available otherwise. Do what would normally take 3 amps in a 4x3" box. Read More »
Heavy Soul by Hudson Electronics
Freash out of the custom shop, the Heavy Soul is a limited edition 'Fuzz' (a replica of the Sola Sound MKIV Tone Bender from the late 60?s, early 70?s) except it is a knob down. The pedal comes loaded with Mullard GET872 N.O.S. transistors that have been selected and tested for gain and leakage. This is one hot pedal!! Read More »
New Pedals by U Sound
I have translated this page to show off the way cool pedals made by U Sound in Russia. Here are some of their new great sounding effects that are named: "Morse Code" Tap Tempo Tremolo, "StarDust" Distortion, "Yellow Q" auto wah-envelope filter, "Plexi Killer" overdrive-distortion and the "Hipp'O Bass" bass compressor. Read More »
  Febuary, 2011
Cremolo Tremolo by HBE
The Cremolo Tremolo by Home Brew Electronics is available now at the list price of $189.00. Read More »
TightMetal by Amptweaker
The TightMetal™ distortion pedal takes the TightDrive™ and TightBoost™ overdrive platform to the next level by providing over-the-top metal and hardcore crunch tones with adjustable tightness thanks to the Tight control. Read More »
Heavenly Chorus by Compulsive Audio
Checkout the wild paint job! The Heavenly Chorus is a true bypass guitar effect pedal that yields lush, shimmering tones and has controls for Speed, Depth and Humidity (wet/dry mix). Read More »
Great Divide by TWA
The Great Divide combines classic analog octave division with digital programmability to create the fattest, funkiest earth-shattering, ear-splitting octave unit ever! The Great Divide features five continuously blendable analog octave voices including Dry, Octave Up, Octave Down, Sub and Synth. Read More »
Photon Fuzz by FEA Labs
The Photon Fuzz gets it name from an active component in the circuit that utilizes infrared light to control the fuzz distortion element. Light is made up of photon particles, so the name represents the action that is at the heart of this very unique fuzz circuit. Read More »
ToneLab by VOX
The new ToneLab EX – the powerful Valvetronix modeling multi-effect pedal with 200 ready-to-use and instantly available programs, all professionally programmed. 33 expertly voiced amp models cover rare, vintage, boutique, and coveted amps, plus much more. Read More »
Twister 2 by T-Rex
Loaded with new software the pedal now covers a wider tonal range. By adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate, Twister 2 can deliver both old fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound. Read More »
Professional Deluxe Distortion by Akai
Deluxe Distortion combines distortion, tone-control and amplifier simulation in heavy-duty polished stainless-steel housing. True-bypass switching, adjustable frequency knobs, amp simulation and tone toggle switches provide precision control. Read More »
New Pedals by Ibanez
The TS9B is equipped with controls to allow bassists to produce the sound they want while still maintaining the feel of the Tubescreamer. Read More »
The JD9 with it's wide variety of drive control options produces a unique sound, from piercing distortion to the warm crunch of a tube amp. Read More »
The BB9 is a booster that provides a fat bottom end with a powerful sound, perfect for the player who wants to push their amp into overdrive without losing any of their low-end. Read More »
EL DIABLO DBL-2 Dual Booster by Dedalo
One of the real cool hand painted enclosures from the custom shop. The DBL-2 with its 24dB of gain, this pedal is ideal to squeeze the most juice out of your amplifier. By virtue of its two different, foot-selectable channels, it multiplies by three the available sounds. You can go from clean to dirty to dirtier with just a tap of your foot. Read More »
MIDI Footswitch FS-2MIDI by AMT
FS-2MIDI lets you incorporate devices with standard control plugs and virtually any modern MIDI devices into an integrated set where one can switch between all the devices’ presets or channels with just one button. Read More »
Lone Star by On Off Effects
Anyone play blu-jaz-rock? Well, then this is the pedal for you. Its versatility allows for a huge array of sounds, from chunky high-gain distortion, to sweet Texas blues style rhythm. Read More »
Space by Eventide
Never before has there been a more dazzling collection of reverb algorithms combined with delays, pitch shifting, tremolo, modulation, and special effects in such a compact and affordable package. Read More »
Effector 13 Console II by Devi Ever
The Effector 13 Console II is a guitar pedal in which you can insert two specially designed cartridges to create your own unique effects unit. The cartridges will be created by many designers and will be focusing on Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, and Boost effects... Read More »
Ringworm and MXR by Way Huge & Dunlop
Two maniacal creations have been added to the Way Huge line: the famed, the anticipated, the craved Green Rhino MkII Overdrive and the sonically insidious Ring Worm Modulator. The Ring Worm is a modulator based on old-school, analog synthesizer technology. Read More »
Gemini III by Spaceman Effects
The Gemini III, Dual Fuzz Generator is an all-discrete (no IC's) transistor fuzz. It features two different fuzz circuits in parallel, one vintage germanium and the other, modern silicon. The unique tone control affects each fuzz independently, yet at the same time. The remaining toggle switch controls the direction of the tone-sweep for the germanium side, allowing for opposite... Read More »
Swallow by Harden Engineering
The Swallow distortion pedal uses a F.E.T. circuit to produce some hard rocken metal tones. A True By-pass harmonically rich & organic distortion that can growl but still retain the definiation of the notes. Read More »
  January, 2011
Earth Drive by Sarno Music Solutions
The SMS Earth Drive is a versatile, do-everything, very natural and organic sounding overdrive pedal. A fuller and flatter response without the midrange hump or hype. Allows the guitar to sound like itself. Read More »
Grey Stache by Fuzzrocious Pedals
The GREY STACHE is based on the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of the EHX Big Muff Pi. Fuzzrocious Pedals has done a multitude of modifications to the circuit to make it sound full and present in the mix for both guitarists as well as bassists! Read More »
Black Powder by Bucktone
The Black Powder is an overdrive that is articulate and versatile in nature. You can expect everything from clean to mid gain tones that you can make sound very transparent or very colored. Four controls Gain, Volume, Girth, Hi-Cut and Two switches, Comp switch to choose 3 different levels of compression and Tight switch to firm up the low end. Read More »
Valve Klipper by Faustone
The VALVE KLIPPER is a 100% tube unit based on the early ‘70s Klipp and late 60's Plexi preamps. The VALVE KLIPPER is designed to be a part of your tube amp, not your pedalboard. It adds two more gain stages to the existing preamp on your tube amplifier. It’s effectively two... Read More »
Hell by Random Device
The Hell Drive is a hand-wired medium gain germanium based pedal that blurs the line between overdrive and fuzz - and can make any electric guitar sound freakin' HUGE! Also maintains note separation & clarity with chords and is built with the highest grade components, featuring NOS germanium transistors, diodes... Read More »
Dead Hipster & Super Nova by Noisemaker Effects
The Dead Hipster is a low-gain, jangly overdrive. It has tons of volume on tap, and can go from just a slight bit of bite to garage rock grind. Read More »
The Super Nova is a thick, classic fuzz with a wide gain range that allows you to go from some fuzzy crunch to thick, wooly, wall-of-sound fuzz. Read More »
Scrambled Brainz by Fredric Effects
This is a clone of the rare and desirable Ampeg Scrambler, faithful to the originals with the addition of 9V power jack, status LED and true bypass. The Scrambled Brainz is a harsh upper-octave fuzz with a few ring-mod tones thrown in. Read More »
Harmonic Dominator by Montgomery Appliances
The Harmonic Dominator is based on the classic Interfax Harmonic Percolator. It features a switch to bypass the NOS germanium clipping diodes and boost the volume of the pedal dramatically. With the clipping diodes in the circuit, the fuzz tone is extremely thick and perfectly compressed to give endless sustain and a remarkably clear tone. Read More »
Ripple by Freakshow Effects
The "Ripple" with original artwork is a vintage flavored tremolo. Controls are: Rate... with a blinking L.E.D. that shows speed in real time, Depth with switchable square/sine wave & a internal control for output level. Read More »
Green Rhino by Way Huge
Coming Soon! The Green Rhino Overdrive MkII is inspired by the Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer and will be shown at the upcoming NAMM show. The pedal has two additional small potentiometers for expanding it's tones. This pedal was not designed for bass it works very well and provides a punchy overdriven grind to the notes. Head to Site »
  December, 2010
GeSpot by BMF Effects
The GeSpot Mk.I is a mix of OC75 and 2SB176 transistors limited to 25 pieces. Email Scott at (scott@bmfeffects.com) if you're interested or have any questions. A LED and /or DC jack can be custom installed too. $200 shipped in the CONUS. Link to Site »
Funky-Vibe by SABBADIUS Effects
The Funky-Vibe simulates a leslie type rotating speaker and works off of four photocells and an incandescent lamp. It has 5 controls volume (volume), Vintage / Modern (modernized vintage sound), Speed (Speed), Bias (controls the brightness of the lamp to control the light entering the fotocells "gives TONE to the color and effect", and Intensity (intensity or depth effect), also has two footswitch an ON / OFF EFFECT and the other to switch to engage the Chorus / Vibrato. Link to Site »
Skull Overdrive by ToneCandy
Actually two different pedals in one, the toggle switch selects two very different modes. The overdrive mode gets slight early breakup with more clean headroom, to a smooth medium gain distortion. (Think early JTM 45 and Plexi tones). The second mode switches the pedal into a fat saturated highly overdriven... Read More »
Mogul by STG-FX
The STG Mogul is a bad-ass hairy Bass Fuzz. It has an onboard Gate function and offers tons of heavy-duty fuzz sounds. It cleans up nicely by dialing back your guitar/bass volume. From gritty, fat fuzz to synthlike bass sounds. It can do it all. It sounds excellent on bass, but you can actually run a guitar through... Read More »
Model 9 by Farndurk
The very first Model 9 in Aluma, and also the very first one with a Tone Plug port. Blair in Florida states "Tone Plugs are a gateway drug!" He was sent 4 different Tone Plugs; #8, #10 and two *new-brews* that haven't been published on the website yet, #20 and #22. Now how cool is that... Read More »
Terra by Copilot FX
Terra is a Fuzz box, with 4 controls to give you the option to fine tune-in your fave fuzz tones, range goes from classic, swelling, velcro-ish, gated/chocking, to a straight riffing machine, that can even produce a slight oscillating tone... Read More »
S.A.S. Distortion & Boostassio Boost by Fryette Amplification
The S.A.S. distortion and Boostassio boost both are true bypass and are powered by a single Tung-Sol EF86 tube. S.A.S can produce anything from slightly edgy clean boost to full-blown waves of distorted euphoria. Boostassio can produce up to 20dB of completely transparent clean boost to a low wattage amp on the brink of obliteration. Read More »
Little Smasher by Diago
The Diago Little Smasher is an amazingly lively and dynamic 5-Watt guitar amp head squeezed into a pedal-sized enclosure. It has four analogue modelled cascading gain stages adjusted by the Gain and Volume controls giving a range of tones from chimey clean to plexi-esque rock crunch, and it’s designed to work especially well with pedals up front if... Read More »
B.B.S by Ohnoho
I really dig this kind of wild synth stuff. It's not a guiter effect but it's still real cool! It’s a playable monosynth. It’s a noise maker! It’s the purest form of Technicolor square wave bleets for creating awesome beats... Read More »
Tap-A-Delay by Cusack Music
They are taking pre-orders for the Tap-A-Delay just purchase from their website. They hope to ship the first batch in the next 1-2 weeks, but for sure before Christmas. Read More »
Pro Power by Carl Martin
Switchable (110-230 V) AC input, split 8 individual isolated and regulated 9v (150mA) – 12v (110mA) outputs and extended power at output 7-8 9v (350mA) 12v (220mA). There is a DIP switch on the back, which allows you to switch the voltage of each output between 9-12v. Read More »
Boom Boom by Alen Geere
Boom Boost is a mosfet booster engine. It ranges from a treble boost to a fat overdriven boost. The goal of this pedal is to affect the range of boosted frequencies by changing the input impedance. Read More »
Quasar DLX by SubDecay
The all new Quasar DLX, designed from the ground up. The possibilities are endless with eleven LFO shapes, and the ability to control them with either tap tempo, or manually. When controlled manually the speed/ratio knob has two ranges. A normal range, and a high speed range accessed by turning the knob all... Read More »
Mr. White by Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects
Hot Tube Booster Simulator II - SRV pedal. Volume control with a small booster & "Crank Up" that simulates the saturation stage valve of Vibroverb Fender, Dumble, Bassman, Super Reverb.
This special pedal is for lifting guitar solos and can simulate a valve amplifier with the Vacuum tubes in red and Blue.
Stevie Ray Vaughan used a very warm sound, bright clean tone with even mid harmonics on the guitar.
You can achive this type of tone from the pedal, no problem, and you don't have to crank up the gain in order to get that unique sound.
Controls are "Crank Up" which switches the "Drive" and gives the saturation sound and "Master Output" the volume or exit of saturation.
All analog, true By-pass, 9V DC power NEGATIVE center polarized 200m or battery.
Pulse Width Modulation pedal that produces adjustable width square waves, similar to that in analog synths. Splits your guitar into 3 signals so that the width of the resultant waveforms can be mixed back together for unique robotic tones. Thin waveforms sound thin, fat waveforms sound bassy. The three knobs allow you to adjust this in a fixed/static manner or, when switched, you can control the speed of each of the three oscillators. With one oscillator running you have a phaser like noise swash, with all three running it all begins to sound detuned and chorus like. Hear the samples! Read More »
Hellfire by Lee Jackson
The HELLFIRE is the closest thing to Amp Distortion in a pedal, This pedal allows the full frequency of your instrument to pass through, this is why it sounds more like amp distortion. It is... Read More »
Fuzz Bubble-45 by Analog Alien
The Fuzz Bubble-45 is two pedals in one. The Pete side is an overdrive circuit and the Jimi side is a Fuzz Face plus a whole lot more. The Pete side is designed to sound like a vintage tube amp from the 60’s and 70’s. The Jimi side is a killer sounding fuzz face where the haze control and the input control work together in shaping your sound. Read More »
  November, 2010
WTDI Direct Box/Preamp by Eden
Much more than a direct box, the WTDI is like bringing a little Eden preamp to every stage and studio gig. Use it to add a 2nd, 3rd or solo/boost channel to your current rig. Read More »
Ghost Disaster by Earthquaker Effects
A Disaster transport Jr running into a slightly modified Ghost Echo. The bypass switch allows you the option to run them both at once or each side individually in true bypass. You can also run it in buffered bypass mode (bypass LED always on and using the delay and reverb switches to turn each side on/off) for delay with trails. The Ghost Echo has an extended attack time (original goes from 40-100ms, this one goes from 40-325ms) for making more rhythmic echoed out repeats on the delay. Twenty being produced and it's exclusive to Tonefactor.com.
Fire Bottle by Effectrode
This little booster is a vintage tube preamp in a pedal that can be used as a clean boost on lower gain settings or, when running at full-tilt, push your tube amp into beautiful overdrive. It can add some grit and growl to thicken and warm up your tone without loosing definition and... Read More »
ROC by LS Effects
The pedal combines the transparency of the LS 8oh8 overdrive and the heavy distortion of a cranked JMC800. I know that the words 'transparency' and 'heavy distortion' don't usually go together but this pedal can reach the realm of insanity while still retaining the guitar's and amp's unique... Read More »
NerFuzz by The Tone God
The NerFuzz is a programmable fuzz effect that is capable of going from mild overdrive to fuzz chaos, vintage to modern tones, blues to experimental styles using nine control parameters. The drive and gain controls help dial in the amount of distortion and response you want. An active three band tone control to refine that tone. A gate function to combat noise or simulate old squelch fuzz tones. The differential control opens up new ranges of sounds creating, octave, crossover, tripling, or swell effects. With the adjustable feedback loop the NerFuzz will feedback on itself creating sonic mayhem. All these tones with a 100% analog signal path. Read More »
WOWEE-WAH effects are available in three versions. WW-1 is a regular version, MWW-1 is a version with MIDI interface. There is also WOWEE dedicated to bass players.MWW-1/WW-1 is a classic wah-wah effect enabling the setting of the tones and with new comfortable switching mode. Four switches of the tone parameters will let you match the tone to your needs. MWW-1/WW-1 sounds excellent with clean, crunch and with high overdrive tones as... Read More »
Tumbleweed by Sonic Edge
An innovative country pedal with a two-fold compressor and clean boost in one pedal. The compressor side has a level and sensitity control, while the clean boost sports a level control and a three-way toggle switch with Brit, Cali & Jazz voicing... Read More »
EF104 Noise Synth by Electro-Faustus
The EF104 Quad Oscillator picks up where our original oscillator left off. Double the amount of sonic mayhem you can unleash with a twist of a dial. Read More »
Morley Mini Wah Volume and Maverick
MORLEY announced the release of their two newest pedals the Mini Wah Volume and Maverick (Mini Switchless Wah). Read More »
Megalith by MI Effects
Megalith by MI Effects
No word on the release date for this pedal but it sure looks way cool so I had to post it.
Peter Frampton Mega-Wah by Gig-fx
A custom version of the MEGAWAH pedal in a mono format built exactly to Peter Frampton's specifications. The pedal can give the most full bodied and melodic wah tones ever available and features four different types of analog wah: a classic wah, the Peter Frampton Signature MegaWah, a funky envelope wah, and an auto-wah. The pedal also... Read More »
Triskelion Harmonic Energizer by Godlyke
The second offering under the TWA brand, the TK-01 Triskelion will ship during the 4th quarter of 2010. Triskelion uses vintage synthesizer technology to re-shape the harmonic structure of the input signal adding punch, clarity and depth to any guitar tone. Create shimmering, glassy clean tones, boost... Read More »
Kapellmeister, Katapult & Kashmir by Jacques Stompboxes
Kapellmeister is a analog flanger.
Read More »
Katapult is a true by-pass pure Germanium Treble Booster. Read More »
Kashmir is a tremolo/univibe/leslie pedal. Read More »
All the components effect the way your signal is processed and it's only when you explore all possibilities BY EAR that you reach the supreme.
CHK CHK BOOM Birdie by Ohnoho
Crazy feedback, glitch, self oscillation, infinity delay insanity plus some subtle stuff too! The CHK CHK BOOM works by feeding your effects input to it’s output.... Read More »
Spring Reverb by Z.Cat Handmade Pedals
Realistic simulation of classic spring reverb and great tonal flexibility in a compact pedal. Authentic spring reverb simulation in a compact package, from mild ambiance to heavy surf and watery reverberation... Read More »
AMP Eleven by Lovepedal
AMP Eleven really nailed the fat, organic tone of an overdriven tube amp – with separate controls for bass and tone and coupled in overdrive with an additional boost circuit. Kick the boost footswitch and you can instantly pivot from gritty rhythm riffs to screaming leads or anything in between. Read More »
Danny B. Harvey Signature Tremolo by ProTone Pedals
Pro Tone Pedals and rockabilly guitarist Danny B. Harvey team up to develop the industries preeminent tremolo pedal.
This all analog pedal provides lush tones similar those found on vintage American made amplifiers of the 40’s & 50’s thanks to its Vactrol opto-isolator design.
Its dead-silent operation (no ticks here!), ease of use, and overall tonal flexibility make the DBH Tremolo the most compelling tremolo pedal available today. Read More »
Aries v2 by BMF Effects
The Aries Fuzz v2 is now shipping. The v2 features the addition of a Mids knobs allowing you to go from the classic mid scoop all the way to a slight mid hump. If you have any troubles finding one at your favorite BMF Effects dealer email BMF. Read More »
Mother Russia by Noisemaker Effects
An op-amp based fuzz/distortion with controllable gain and fuzz, you can dial in just the right amount of distortion and fuzziness to suit your style. Whether you want thick, synthy leads that sustain forever or an in your face, raunchy distortion tone. Read More »
The Bomb by Whirlwind
26dB of good old American boost! with true bypass, a bright LED, and a 9V power input. This power house of a pedal couldn't be simpler, one knob dials your volume boost from 1 to 11, which takes you from a gentle increase in volume and gain, for those subtle acoustic solos, all the way to eleven giving you as much boost as you can handle! The Bomb is also a great way to... Read More »
  October, 2010
New Pedals and New Looks
New Pedals & New Looks
First up is a new Montavillian Echo pedal by Catalinbread no word as to the release date. Next we have a new look for the Liquid Sunshine by Subdecay and last we have The Wizard Overdrive by MBS Efectos.
Its dead-silent operation (no ticks here!), ease of use, and overall tonal flexibility make the DBH Tremolo the most compelling tremolo pedal available today. Read More »
Paisley Overdrive by Wampler Pedals
The long awaited Paisley pedal is now completed and ready for sale. Normally $219 - for the next week the pedal will sell for $179.97! With the Paisley Drive you can get great greasy tones - you know, those blues tones that just drip with personality, dynamics, and inspiration. Listen to the Clips and Read More »
Evolution Tube OD by SoulSonicFX
A tube overdrive based around a Russian subminiature tube. What makes this tube OD unique is the fact that it draws very little current, and thanks to a clever switching supply, it can easily be powered by any standard 9v stompbox supply. Read More »
Chubb Up by Freekish Blues
On Sale Now! and Shipping in November Davy Knowles Signature Pedal the Chubb Up! Octave Fuzz. This is a octave fuzz pedal that is offered in the design shown and also in a hand painted version. Read More »
GS3 by Jetter
The New GS3 V2 is a dual channel pedal with the addition of a Master Bypass-On/Off. It has two independent pedal circuits that can be used one at a time or simultaneously for cascading gain. Read More »
Tiki Drive by Hermida Audio
Hermida Audio is pleased to introduce the Tiki Drive, a pedal designed in conjunction with Elliot Easton. The Tiki Drive will start production next week and then comes the Blackface a Bassman type pedal. Read More »
Triskelion by TWA
CALL OR E-MAIL TO PRE-ORDER The latest creation from Totally Wycked Audio, the Triskelion Harmonic Energizer uses vintage Synth technology to re-shape the harmonic structure of the input signal, adding punch, clarity and depth to any guitar tone. Read More »
Germaniac by Coopersonic
This pedal is a vintage style germanium fuzz using "NOS" germanium transistors, true bypass, and can be used with a battery or Boss type adapter. Read More »
More Louder by Cusack Effects
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Cusack Effects is lowering the price of the Pink More Louder for the month of October. Jon Cusack’s mom died from breast cancer. This Limited Edition pedal was made in her honor to help support research and increase... Read More »
Mufflon Fuzz by Orion Effects
This is a "Rams Head" version of the Big Muff built with the Orion-3-Modes-Switch on board! Handmade in Germany using the best of the best electronics and build quality. Read More »
LIMITED EDITION Dual Fuzz by Blackout Effectors
Limited edition of 100, price TBA. Both circuits are stock, but wired in series with switchable order, like the old original pre-Twosome "Dual Fuzz" and it will be available as soon as next week. They're an exclusive run through ProGuitarShop.com
Tone Bender by Reinhardt
No nastiness, no harshness, just killer, thick fat fuzz tones. Available with NOS OC75 Mullard transistors or an easier to obtain and much less expensive transistor... Read More »
Sea Machine by EarthQuaker Devices
The Sea Machine is a chorus pedal with ultimate control over parameters rarely, if ever, seen in a chorus before. A hybrid of digital and analog circuitry with a slightly extended delay time allows it to really stand out and shimmer. Subtle warble, classic... Read More »
Phaser 300 by Empress Effects
Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose between 2 stage, 4 stage or an Empress exclusive 3 stage mode; all controllable via tap tempo sweeping through an... Read More »
SCARAB DELUXE by Basic Audio
The feel of the pedal can be adjusted from a saturated slower responding "fat fuzz" to a snappy, fast responding, slighly less gain fuzz that has the feel of a distortion or overdrive. This helps dial in a single coil to be fat or a humbucker to... Read More »
Memory Toy by Electro-Harmonix
EH melds heritage with select components to present the musician with up to 550ms of delay. Not a toy but a professional tool that bathes your axe with organic depth and dimension. The selectable chorus is a lush bonus. Read More »
Stijl Fuzz by Young Pedals
The Stijl Fuzz is the most wah/ pedal board friendly fuzz ever! This traditional Fuzz Face circuit uses PNP germanium transistors and can be placed anywhere in the signal chain without losing the dynamics of the fuzz, or the effects around it. Read More »
VTB MK11 Professional & Ranger by Williams
The VTB MKII Professional is a Tone Bender MK11 built with very carefully selected vintage 1960's Mullard OC81 germanium transistors. All capacitors and resistors are either vintage or very high-end modern brands. The Ranger is based on the original Range Master Treble Booster. Read More »
Keymaster by Pigtronix
A dual, true bypass FX loop pair that can be run in series or parallel. This intuitive, impedance matching device will route any signal into pedals and then back out to any where else. The Keymaster opens up new worlds of tone from the effects pedals you already own. Read More »
Flanger by ADA
Made in California, the design uses Panasonic BBDs to get the same sound and feel as the award winning A/DA Flangers shipped in 1980... Read More »
Rippah Booster Wah by Wilson Effects
Classic Rippah Q-Wah available in 6 position or 12 position but there is one feature that sets it apart from it's original. Incorporated into the original circuit is a clean boost on the output. Read More »
Echobox - Modulated Delay by Subdecay
Designed from the ground up to give you Lush - Sweet - Swirly - Ambient natural decay echos. Maximum delay time is around 800ms. Delay times beyond 500ms are a little "lo-fi." Infinite repeats are possible, and the scaling of the repeat knob can be altered via an internal trimpot. Read More »
Colour Boost by 65amps
I know it's not new but I had to let people know about how sweet this pedal is! Germanium treble booster with a unique voicing switch that enables you to choose from four original tonal configurations. Read More »
  September, 2010
Sunday Driver by Aphex
The Sunday Driver offers a classic rock style breakup reminiscent of the late sixties high-powered amps. At low gain settings, you get that fantastic, just past clean power tube sounding... Read More »
Red Dog overdrive by Rockbox Electronics
It sounds like it looks. Volume, drive, tons of gain on tap to push it into tweedtopic fuzzyland, but cleans up smoothly with your guitar's volume knob. They're building and taking orders now... Read More »
NoiseGen & Super Switcher by Audible Disease
The NoiseGen NG-1 is a simple white noise generator. Just plug it in and have a steady static sound when you need it. Read More »
The Super Switcher SS-1 is a handy four independent channel switching device. You can set it up so that sound is cut-off between the input and output jacks by pressing the corresponding button or configure it so that the sound is engaged by pressing the button. Read More »
Strutter by Cool Pedals
A smooth overdrive pedal with a lot of gain boost that is 100% analog and is true By-pass. Read More »
Tight Boost
The TightBoost™ pedal provides a cleaner boost with more output level and much less distortion and can provides the tone of a parked wah pedal. This is implemented by using the Mid EQ control, which gradually becomes a higher Q/more peaky mid boost and... Read More »
Tidy Chorus TCH-1 & Boosting Compressor BC-1 by G-LAB
A classic chorus effect with wide range of tone settings. Two sets of regulators and switches enable to set two chorus sounds switched by A/B footswitch. Very clear and deep chorus tone has... Read More »
A classic full analog compressor with opto component which ensures the highest sound quality. Ultra low noise level so it can work very well as a booster or booster-compressor on crunch... Read More »
Tubecleaner by Coopersonic Audio Engineering
It’s a clean booster and buffer that is very good for driving the front end of valve amps, preventing high frequency loss if you put it in front of an old Cry-baby wah and signal loss if you have long cable runs. Read More »
This Kingdom by the Sea by the Juliet Collective
Silicon Fuzz face/bazzfuss inspired & twisted with my own take on the old orange amp tonestack. The first ten people to order one will get $50 dollars off the retail price of $219.00 Read More »
Bee Buzz by Black Cat Custom Shop
Black Cat Custom has built a total of 50 Bee Buzz pedals, their version of the original Roland Bee Baa. This notice was sent to the people that are signed up and get the "For Musicians Only" newsletter. Sign up for the newletter »
Overdrive by Robert Keeley
A full range overdrive that combines modern OP-Amp clipping with tube-like JFET gain stages. Sandwiched in between the two styles of overdrive is a high fidelity modified Baxandall tone control, beautifully tuned to... Read More »
Superlead by Lovepedal
Available exclusively at Guitar Center on October 1 for $129. The British stack-voiced Superlead features Gain, Drive, and Tone controls with a Mids switch. Cranked British stack tone into a user-friendly, 3-knob pedal. Turn the gain down for a tough, percussive chunk, or crank it for singing, liquid lead tones with sustain for... Read More »
Mud River by Valtone
A great organic distortion to give you the unrefined feel of the blues. With the volume & treble booster controls you can produce many types of combined fuzz. The pre-tone control has a wide range of combinations, while the boost can increase... Read More »
Wah Wah by Budda Amplification
I feel one of the finest Wah-Wah pedals available. Now Budda has updated and improved the Budwah with major enhancements, taking the same tried and true sound to an even higher level of quality and durability at the same great price.... Read More »
Bullitt Overdrive Od-oNe by VL Effects
Built using a Hammond enclosure with handmade custom painting and multiple varnish layers. Using Vintage Oil Papers Capacitors, Plessey, Wima, TCM, Carbon Resistors... Read More »
Supa Fuzz by Williams
A very faithful recreation of the legendary Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal. Built by Sola Sound in the 1960's for Marshall Amplification, the Supa Fuzz was one of the most popular incarnations of the Tone Bender and famously used by Pete Townshend amongst many others including... Read More »
AC-Booster COMP by XOTIC
Improved tonal characteristics that have been modified for tighter, yet smooth overdrive sound. With three compression modes and internal dip switches, you can choose your level of compression, tonal character and make subtle adjustments to treble and presence... Read More »
Supa Tone by Skreddy Pedals
Based on a 1974 edition of a fuzz released by Colorsound™, this circuit is not based on a germanium Tone Bender design but is a variant of the Big Muff™ circuit. The first pair clipping diodes is removed, so there is more clean boost in front of the remaining pair of clipping diodes... Read More »
destination Bump by Option 5
Use it to 'bump' up the volume for solo work. Use it to revive tone from long lengths of cable and too many pedals. It can also be used to 'bump' the front end of a tube amp or your favorite gain pedal for unbelievable overdrive and distortion tones... Read More »
Dual Band Distortion by FEA Labs
Designed to provide an extremely flexible multi-band distortion/overdrive for bass and guitar. Basically it is comprised of a variable crossover, two distortions, an... Read More »
Bukoswky by MG Music
An envelope filter that is designed to create a wide variety of "wah wah" sounds. This pedal is a voltage-controlled low-pass filter in which the upper cutoff frequency is determined by the amplitude or "level" of the input signal. The louder the signal the higher the cutoff... Read More »
Deep Blue Delay, Mighty Red Distortion and Sweet Honey Overdrive by Mad Professor
New redesigned pedals at a great price with the same killer tone. MP designed new pcbs that help build the pedals a lot faster and for a better price. The quality is the same, same parts but now pcb mounted pots, jacks and switch. The box is also not the same and is made in Sweden Elfa. It is made for heavy industry but makes a high quality pedal box that is bit lighter and very durable. Read More »
Triton by MythFX
An outstanding pedal that offers world class modulation effects including Tremolo, Tremolo/Reverb blend, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, and Phaser/Reverb blend effects. An array of external knobs allows a vast range of control over the effects and a three position toggle switch selects between the different effects modes... Read More »
  August, 2010
Grunt MKII by Cave Passive Pedals
A powerful, boosted tone but with the addition of a level control to tame the output and a variable drive to dial in the amount of grit desired. Capable of delivering a warm, valve sounding overdrive, it can also fatten up and sustain your bass notes.... Read More »
RW-F Treble Booster by BSM
Designed for classical medium power pickups like the PAF or P90, also the Mini Humbucker or fat overwound single coils. Especially the neck Humbucker, which often tends to sound muddy with inappropriate amp control settings, stays clear now with an unheard warm balance... Read More »
unLimiTeD by Barber Electronics
A short run of 55 "unLimiTeD" pedals are available, a higher gain version of the LTD SR "fairly flat response" overdrive. Nearly as much drive as a Direct Drive (down position) with the LARGE response of the LTD SR tone... Read More »
The FuzzTool Junior
The alround Fuzz based on the famous Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. Dial in from a thick Fuzz to dynamic distortion with the TMF adjustment. Read More »
The Enticer
The Enticer is a limited edition of 30 tube overdrive pedal kits based on a new-old-stock original RCA 12AU7A vacuum tube. Read More »
Chrysalis Overdrive by EarthQuaker Devices
A discrete transistor based overdrive aimed at capturing the recorded sound of 70’s era rock. Not the sound of a vintage amp but the sound of a vintage amp as it is heard on a record. Voiced with an emphasis on the midrange which makes it cut in a live band scenario yet still has a lot of texture in the low end. Read More »
Tone Oracle by Compulsive Audio
The Tone Oracle guitar pedal emulates the vintage tones of a classic rock guitar amp - the Marshall '68 Plexi JMP. Read More »
Check-A-Board Overdrive & Booster
Based on the popular overdrive and booster circuits of the Seventies. The overdrive is on the left and has a bright white LED and three knobs that control drive, tone, and volume. Booster on the right, with a bright red LED and a volume knob. Read More »
Medusa by Red Witch
Features a potentiometer for the voice control that provides many chorus options with an additional 5 other controls that give you a full range of sounds from chorus to tremolo and a ruby red super bright LED, which pulses in time with the speed. Read More »
G2Nu and G2.1Nu
20 models of legendary guitar amps and stomp boxes, with accurately fine-tuned sonic aspects like gain setting, range and harmonics character. 10 original sounds created by... Read More »
El Capistan by Strymon
Five tape adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Time, Mix, Tape Age, Repeats, Wow & Flutter. Three different tape machine types in one, each with three unique modes. With ten parameters to tweak, you get extensive control over tape quality, machine health and... Read More »
Reaction Digital Delay
Controls include LEVEL, the output level of the effect. MODE determines whether the Delay time range is Quick (62.5 ms – 125 ms) or Extended (125 ms – 250 ms). REGEN controls how many echoes you hear, while TIME controls the Delay Time... Read More »
Beautiful Disaster, Helios and War Horse by Devi Ever
Beautiful Disaster provides oscillating fuzz and hundreds of different fuzz tones. Helios combines the Dark Boost and the Silver Crank along with a starve control and the War Horse combines the Soda Meiser with a tone control, a starve function, and a footswitchable chaos mode. Read More »
Merkin by Catalinbread
The Merkin is a classic sixties fuzz sounding pedal, extended and refined from a classic fuzz circuit. This 3 silicon transistor circuit is very textural, varying from blunt to ripping and... Read More »
The Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer is a complex modulation that is quite literally a mesmerizing effect. Based off of the Vibrato effect from the 1961 Fender Twin Amp. Read More »
Mini Never-Off Pedals by Cusack Effects
New Mini Pedals to be used with the Pedal Board Tamer (or any other looper). The Mini Never-Off version of their pedals is to be used in conjunction with the Pedal Board Tamer, or any other pedal looper. These have the same circuit as the full size pedal, without...Read More »
Space Rocket
A discrete silicon transistor fuzz. It has a simple layout with two controls, Fuzz and Level. On top sits a reverse-engraved, hand painted vinyl faceplate with backlit indicator. Instrument attack is reflected by an indicator located in the rocket's "flame." The Spacerocket emits other worldly fuzz tones. Read More »
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