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Click image to enlarge the photo
Click image to enlarge the photo
The "Click" Guitar Capo
This is a BIG win when it comes to capos, super innovative with an attractive space-age look and very effective.
The tension of the capo is placed on the center of the neck pulling the strings down flat and not to the side like a strap-on-capo, thus creating a perfect change to the key of the guitar!
This capo pops on the neck of your guitar very easy, then you click together the top latch to secure the quick release mechanism. The setting screw is pushed in toward the neck of the guitar until you hear the last "Click" and the tension on the strings is tight holding the capo in place perfectly.
What is real cool is, you can move the capo around the guitar neck quickly and fasten it down, it even can be slid up over the string nut and left on the guitar not interfering with the sound of the strings, is that sweet or what!
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Bryan and Amber
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