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Worlds Largest Pedalboard
Algon Announcing the Event Partners
Aljon Announcing the Event Partners
Thursday July 16, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee
Breaking the World's Largest Pedalboard Record at The Rutledge
147 effect pedals all plugged in and connected together, setting a new world record for the World's Largest Pedalboard!
Presented by Gopher Entertainment Group
Radio personality Aljon Go, musician Jaux King and the lovely Kristen Hoetzel hosted a rocken party to break last year’s record of the world’s largest pedal board, and succeeded!! This event was given to raise money and awareness for the National Kidney Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
Bob Weil (Visual Sound)
Performances were ripping from bands: Philos, JonesWorld, Holy Crap and The Rust as well as guitar clinics from: Bart Walsh, Tony Pasko, Bryan Lionman, Rikk Beatty, Stanton Adcock and more.
I talked with a few manufactures, Bob Weil (Visual Sound) great guy who I met at past NAMM shows, Harri Koski (Mad Professor) and others.
Event Partners included: ToneFreq.info, GearTrap.com, Keeley Electronics, Pedaltrain, Visual Sound, ZVEX Effects, Creation Audio Labs, George L’s Cables, Hard Rock Cafe, D’ Addario, electro-harmonix, Wampler Pedals, Planet Waves, CoreX2, Bullet Cable, Eventide, Retro-Sonic/Vintage Vibes, Mad Professor Amps/Effects, Bourns, Farley’s, Mighty Bright, Music Connection Magazine, VOX, Randall Amplifers, Kramer Guitars, Peterson Tuners, T-Rex, TC Electronic, Bose, Fishman Electronics, Hip Kitty Products, Line 6, DigiTech, Electro-Harmonix, Gig-fx.
Click on a pedal photo to enlarge it!
Visual Sound's pedal board
Mad Professor's pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
Another pedal board
T-Rex contributed to the event with a special pedal board: 7 SpinDoctors mounted on 1 board
Packing up the 7 SpinDoctors
Packing up the 7 Spin Doctors
7 SpinDoctors
7 Spin Doctors on one board

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