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I'm Mike Krueger 49 years old (! how did that happen?) from Buffalo, New York, USA! Home of chicken wings, beef on weck, Goo Goo Dolls, NHL Sabres and the NFL Bills. I LOVE this town, it's a great place to raise my family and a great community. I am the happiest married guy you're likely to meet (my wife is an amazing woman), I have 5 grown kids and 3 grandsons. Buffalo has great original music especially for its size and a great arts community too.
I started building pedals around '98 or so. It all started when I was looking to build an overdrive and I stumbled on Aron's Stompbox forum. My son and I headed to a local music store (Jackson Music on Grand Island, NY - great family run store) and played a bunch of pedals. We both decided we'd have to have compressors and blues breakers! I found a guy selling a dynacomp clone pcb and ordered the boards for it. Worked first time (nearly the last time that ever happened!) I was hooked from then on out. I built everything, I read tons of stuff, learned a pile of electronic stuff and used the pedals I built playing out and made them for other musician friends.
Mike Krueger Jamming Out
Played for years in a punk/new wave band in the late '70's early eighties. Always been a gear head, built/refinished a few guitars with my friend Scott of Top Shelf Music here in Buffalo. I've been playing guitar since I was 10. My day job, until I'm a famous enclosure baron, is in IT. I'm a system analyst and work for a company that does custom brokerage software.
pedalenclosures is born
I started pedalenclosures because I always found it a crashing drag to put my 'creation' in a plain, rectangular box. I'm not slagging them, I bought a ton of them,
I just never thought they looked as cool as they sounded. I wasn't really selling pedals, although I flirted with the idea of trying to be a boutique builder, but I didn't have the electronic chops for it. So I started tinkering with ideas for an enclosure...
I work out of my third floor bedroom (sloped ceilings and all) It's small, but it gets the job done. Used to be more of a 'shop', now its mostly an office with a work bench!
One of the coolest things about pedalenclosures is all of the amazing people I've met from all over the world. I've sold enclosures to customers in Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Isreal, Austraila, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway... - I know I'm forgetting somebody. The pedal community is populated with an amazing collection of characters! There are some really talented people out there and I'm honored to be in such fine company.
Website went live 12/19/2007
I was working on the design/production of the enclosure for over two years by then. After the design was 'finished' there was the creation of the hardened steel mold and then tweaks to be made to overcome production issues. Plus there was all the requisite business stuff that needed doing, long road, but it's been a fun journey.
I can paint wah pedals and boxes too if they are sent to me. I've done a red hammerite expression pedal for a customer, to match the enclosure. It is fan-freakin-tastic too - Looked amazing.
New stuff coming, I have a larger enclosure in the works, I should have something by the summer time!
Some pedalenclosures's customers:
• D*A*M - Differential Audio Manifestationz of the U.K is the first established guy to take a chance on me. Dave Main kinda stumbled onto my web site when it had only been up for 2 weeks or so. He typed pedalenclosures (without the space by mistake!) We talked a bit and he bought a short run for a new custom pedal he was building. That became the "Fuzzaround". Dave has been great for pedalenclosures and he's been very generous talking my stuff up.
• Devi Ever of Devi:FX did a run of my pedals for her green "White Spider". The enclosure is cast of 100% recycled material.
• Tom at FuzzHugger has built quite a few different versions of his pedals in my enclosures, including some hand painted one-offs. Tom's a great promoter and he's been quite a big help getting my name out there.
• Jamie at EarthQuaker has used my enclosure for his "Hoof Fuzz", great guy, check out a sound sample of that bad boy, it's a killer fuzz.
• I've had a couple of builders, Brad from CreepyFingers and Kyle from Blackout Effectors use my enclosures for customer commissions/one offs too.
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