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Dr. Scientist Sounds The Tremolessence Review
Dr. Scientist Sounds The Tremolessence
Dr. Scientist Sounds The Tremolessence
• Switch Craft jacks
• True Bypass
• Size: width=2.4" depth=4.4" height=2"
• Weight: 290 grams
• Power: 9VDC battery or a standard "BOSS" style center pin negative 9VDC power supply
The DEPTH control lets you adjust the prominence of the tremolo effect. All the way down and the tremolo effect is very subtle, all the way up results in really dramatic sounds.
The SPEED control combined with the top toggle switch allows for a wide range of effect rates, from very slow to very fast.
This effect is very clean and a ton of fun to experiment with!! From classic to futuristic tremolo sounds you'll find the essence of millions of awesome sounding tremolo tones!

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