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The HT-Blackfire is a Metal Valve Distortion effect pedal that is built in a block of rubber. It is super cool to hold and feel the texture of this pedal. Like all Blackstar effects this one will not let you down. It can crank out a solid wall of different types of distortions. With three controls (Bass, Middle and Treble) to set the EQ levels there is a vast amount of tones that can be achived with this pedal.
This is the first artist signature product by Blackstar, developed with influential guitarist Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind). Gus’s instructions to the Blackstar design engineers was to produce ‘the ultimate heavy metal distortion pedal.’
Skullz by Andrew Ross Pedals
This Andrew Ross Pedal delivers the in-your-face analog tone that you would expect from the past. Plus, new and updated features to produce an unbelivable sound and tonal performance.
It not only looked cool it sounded great - Coming out soon I hope!!
Keymaster by Pigtronix
A two loop DI box with controlable in and out boost. The pedal also has a crossfade controler, a switch that changes the signal from series to parallel and you can use balanced or unbalanced inputs too.
JB2 'The Byrds' Compression Sustainer by Jangle Box
Producing the sound of the band the "Byrds" this pedal can give you that classic sound of the past. This is an Anniversary Tribute pedal to the 45th year of the band.
Ruby Red Booster by Mad Professor
Here comes another super fine sounding pedal by Mad Professor, the Ruby Red Booster is a nice clean sounding booster with no noticeable white noise. It looks like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ had a hand in the creation of this pedal, it just shines like her ruby slippers. Every witch will want one of these.
Buzzmaster by Jack Deville Electronics
This is a Hi-Gain dirt pedal with a real nice clasic sounding buzzaround of old tone but with upgraded features like the silent switching system and true by-pass circuitry.
Discrete germanium design produces tones ranging from raunchy vintage overdrive to contemporary chewy-fur, even venturing into tight metal and doom territory, all while maintaining touch sensitivity, note attack and natural decay.
The OD & The Eyes by Belcat
These two pedals are the same but have different powder coated graphics. The right side of the pedal is a overdrive and the left side is a distortion pedal. When both are on together the pedal can produce some nice sounding heavy fuzz. The overdrive alone is very clean and the distortion alone is not buzzy but very full sounding and fat. They had a nice low price and a great sound.
Jam Kat Pick Holster by Jam Kat
When you are not wearing the Jam Kat pick holder this holster, that connects to your guitar strap, is the perfect place to put it! Built out of hard plastic this holster is rock solid.
Headstock Caterpillar by Pick Stick
Guitar mounted multi-pick holder: This is a neat little feature that can hold your guitar picks in a spring on the headstock of your guitar. Ready to be used when you need them.
Batt-O-Meter by Keith McMillen Instruments
This little beauty can check hard-to-reach batteries via the 1/4" input on most instruments and effects pedals and show the hours of life remaining without unscrewing the back cover of the effect pedal.
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