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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
L5A 4H2
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ROAD RAGE Pro-Gear Logo
ROAD RAGE Pro-Gear was developed and designed by Jeff and Rosa, working together to create the Ultimate in True Bypass Effect Loopers for fellow musicians.
Our TBELs are the perfect solution to eliminate the frustration of tone and gain loss caused by non-true bypass effects pedals. Simply by adding one of our loopers to your pedal setup you can quickly, economically and drastically enhance your sound quality CLEAR and TRANSPARENT reproduction of your favorite guitar and amp. SAVING YOUR TONE and adding a bit of style to your rig!
Name What's the name all about? Road Rage Pro-Gear, as in built solid for the "Road", "all the Rage" meaning very popular and of course "Pro-Gear" meaning professional high-end equipment. Most people call us Road Rage for short.
Effect Loopers
History We started Road Rage a few years ago in Mississauga (right beside Toronto), Ontario, Canada. You can usually find me soldering away in our funky pink electronics studio and Rosa will be taking care of all the business responsibilities as well as assembly and shipping.
Tone I'm a huge tone freak and love playing around with effects pedals, my studio is full of them! But there is an inherent problem with most effects pedals, vintage and new, they are not true bypass... meaning that your guitars signal is going through part of the effect pedals circuit when the pedal is off, this can cause a great deal of tone and volume damage. Depending on the effect pedal and how many are in your signal chain this can result in extreme coloration and gain loss. So, we set out to correct this by taking an audiophile approach to guitar gear.
Process We experimented by building several types of true bypass loopers, trying different hookup wire, jacks, switches, etc.. When we had the perfect wiring and components to the point were it sounded the most transparent, both Rosa and myself thought it would be a shame to use stock style of enclosure, so we set out to design our own.
This turned out to be considerably more difficult then you can image, after an extremely long time and an unwavering dedication to our vision, we came up with the best built, best sounding (as in no sound or pops) and best looking TBEL's and Switch boxes available. The transparency and dead quiet operation of our TBEL's is something to behold! Our exclusive 3mm thick Anodized Aluminum enclosures are road tough and studio gorgeous!
Ten Channel Looper pedal
Quality We take extreme pride and care when building our ever growing line of pedals. Each pedal is point-to-point wired by myself, properly burned in and thoroughly tested with tube amps and common effects pedals that you would find on most pedal boards. Once they pass all our quality control checks they are signed and shipped to our happy clients.
Visit Us Stop by our site to check out our line up of highly customizable TBEL's, Signal Switch Boxes, Kits, Pedal Boards and Guitar Cabling. Feel free to email us with any questions, comments or just to say hi. We look forward to saving your tone and adding a bit of style to your rig!
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Mini Single Looper
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Dual Footswitch Feedback Looper
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