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26 year old drawing and painting artist Sharlet Thompson
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Sharlet work place
I've lived in Spokane, WA most of my life. I've moved back and forth between there and Portland, OR. I've always enjoyed art, and I've been drawing for as long as i can remember, but didn't really start doing pieces until age 17 in my high school art class.
Art was my favorite class in high school. Although I never really enjoyed being told what to draw or paint, I did learn different techniques and about different mediums. I'm 26 now, and currently reside in Portland with my boyfriend Derek and our cat Camille.
I'm always experimenting with different mediums, whether its painting, sketching or collage. I enjoy working with all sorts of materials, including wood, clay board, tiles, and metal enclosures (effect pedals).
I'm not really sure where my ideas come from, I just put pen to paper and see where it goes, though my work is definitely rooted in my imagination. I often draw various creatures or stark landscapes, and my style has often been referred to as being "creepily cute." Even the most adorable animals have a sinister side to them.
I actually work for Catalinbread as a pedal builder but when the owner saw my artwork he approached me about doing some custom painted pedals. It seemed like another great medium to try and I was thrilled to test it out. I've only done a few small runs with them, but would like to continue doing more. For pedals I use a combination of Testors paint and acrylic paint pens.
I have no online articles, but there is the custom shop page on Catalinbread, and was recently in a Japanese pedal magazine. I only paint about 20 pedals a year, but we're hoping to expand the Catalinbread Custom Shop in the future.
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Fantasy Art Work
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