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Stomp Under Foot
Stomp Under Foot was started about three years ago when I wanted to modify a stomp box and started searching on-line for way to do it.
I came upon a bunch of different forums that had a lot of information on many different pedals. After I started modifying pedals I wanted to learn how to make one and that's how I discovered kits from Build Your Own Clone, General Guitar Gadgets and Tonepad. I bought everything I could and started building and modifying.
Late last year I decided to put up my own site and start by offering two pedals, the "Screaming Panda", a distortion/fuzz pedal and a modified overdrive called the "Mean Green Machine". These pedals have gone through a lot of changes since their inception but I finally have them where I want them and now I can work out some other pedal ideas.
One new pedal is somewhat based on the old Roland Bee Baa called the "Son of a Bee" and should be available by May. This has a variable mid control instead of the switch the original uses so you can adjust the amount of mids you want rather than all or none.
Screaming Panda
Mean Green Machine
Work Shop
Work Shop
Visit Stomp Under Foot at:
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