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Woofer Wailer
The Tremolessence
Tanya Bach
Girl Biking
Cool Cat
Window Kitty
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Tanya is giving something very special to the effect pedal world, her design talent! The talent and ability to pick just the right colors to make each one of the pedals she designs the graphics on really stand out and sparkle in a dimension all their own!
The amount of time and energy she puts into each and every one of the pedals she designs the graphics for is just mind boggling. She comes up with the wildest images of fish, cats, dogs, planets, robots, pirates, solar systems, snowmen, flowers, whales, trees, skulls and the list just keeps going and going...
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Tanya graduated in Graphic Sign Arts in 2002 and the training at this craft has given her a real talent for working with vinyl... when she saw the awful looking Sharpie finishes that Dr. Scientist was designing the effects pedals with, it was instantly obvious to her, she knew a better way to refine the finishing.
The vinyl graphics that Tanya does are very time consuming and a real labor of love but they're super unique, cool looking and worth the effort.
Cat SittingSnowman
Tanya has about 300 colors and styles available to her including sparkles, glitters, holograms and wood grains. She uses a special printer and computer software to design and then cut the graphics. Every element of the finishes is placed one at a time by her on the pedals, then using a heat gun she heats up a special clear vinyl placed over the design images to protect the art.
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