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NAMM Show Listings
Way Huge pedals:
There were three Way Huge pedals shown at the show the Pork Pie Overdrive, Swollen Pickle Fuzz and the Fat Sandwich Distortion.
• Very well constructed in a .09 aluminum anodized chassis
• Feature a heavy-duty footswitch
• Quiet relay-based true bypass
• Bright blue LED indicator
• Power: 9VDC
Pork Pie logo
Pork Pie Soft Clip Injection Overdrive
Pork Pie Soft Clip Injection Overdrive:
I could not get a good sound out of the pedal due to the very low volume setting I had to be at. Also the amount of surrounding noise was too much for me to clearly tune in the pedal.
Swollen Pickle logo
Swollen Pickle MKII Jumbo Fuzz
Swollen Pickle MKII Jumbo Fuzz:
The tone on this pedal could be dialed to a very long smooth sustain and I did enjoy the scoop knob (mid-frequency sweep filter) and the crunch knob to adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz. Thumbs UP!
Fat Sandwich logo
Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator Distortion
Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator Distortion:
The tone of the Fat Sandwich was Low, FAT and very full. The pedal sounded great. Thumbs UP!
Guitar picks from Way Huge
Way Huge Electronics promo guitar picks w/swollen head logo
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