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More pedals that Marcus built
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Analog Chorus
Super Time Warp
• 550ms analog delay with modulation
• Effects Send and Return
• Switch Craft jacks
• Power: 9VDC battery or a standard "BOSS" style center pin negative 9VDC power supply
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I started building effects out of high school in 2002, its been a solid 7 years of building/designing. I set up a work bench at my parent's house and built a full pedal board with all home brew effects.
Clones I've built: Fuzz Face, TS-808, Dean Pitch Shifter (General Guitar Gadgets), EH pulsar, EH small stone, EH small clone, EH economy memory man, EH deluxe memory man, Ibanez AD-80, EH big muff, EH doctor Q, EH LPB, EH Frequency Analyzer, Boss slow gear, MXR phase 90, MXR D-comp, MXR dist +, Orange squeezer, Tremulus Lune, Pro Co Rat, MN3011 bucket reverb (and probably a few more I can't think of).
A lot of the clones I built were heavily moded to my own taste, soon I started doing my own designs. With the exception of the first two PCB's I ever did, I designed ALL of my layouts. They were always like little puzzles and I loved it.
Marcus's Work Shop
I was gaining an immense knowledge base of audio schematics and electronics in general, but I started going to school in 2003 and recently graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in December 08 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I gained a lot of IC, Filter, DSP and general analog circuit design experience there. I'm now a full time engineer at a local telecom company and I build and test effects with the rest of my time at my shop in Laurel, MD.
I sell directly to Atomic Music, a guitar shop in Beltsville, MD. I sell at the shop the two effects I designed, the "Looker" optical tremolo and the "Super Time Warp" analog delay. I just started building larger batches of these pedals and can estimate the yearly quantities, both models combined to be about 40-50 pedals.
Time Stomp Analog Delay
(click on the pedal to see the expression pedal input and a direct output)
The Time Stomp is a 700ms analog delay with tap tempo. It uses an all-analog signal path with V3205 BBDs. This is NOT a digital delay, the tone is very warm. The Blend and Gain controls combine to achieve tones not unlike a Boss DM-2 or Ibanez AD-80, and even get Echoplex like (with input gain cranked). Only the Time Stomp has the awesome feature of tap tempo. Combined with an expression pedal, you can slowly modulate the delays creating a "tape speed" effect. The super compact footprint doesn't impose on your board like many delays. With it's ease of use, dialing in your "sweet spot" couldn't be any simpler.
• all-analog signal path
• 700ms analog delay
• tap tempo
• expression pedal input
• durable powder coat finish
• true-bypass
• Power: Standard "BOSS" style center pin negative 9VDC power supply
The Looker
The Looker Optical Tremolo
The Looker is a true stereo, optical tremolo. The flexible controls let you go from choppy to smooth, with tones reminicent of fender tremolos, fast vibes, and the like. The feature of panning between two amps can achieve subtle phasing effects like a rotating speaker. Tap tempo gives you maximum control in playing situations.
• tap tempo and x2 multiply
• stereo inputs/outputs (two discrete optical tremolo circuits)
• synchronize or pan between outputs
• time, depth, and shape controls for both channels
• shape range between square and sharkfin
• durable powder coat finish
• true-bypass
• Power: Standard "BOSS" style center pin negative 9VDC power supply
• 4.7" x 3.7" footprint!
Stijl Fuzz
Stijl Fuzz
The Stijl Fuzz is the most wah/ pedal board friendly fuzz ever! This traditional Fuzz Face circuit uses PNP germanium transistors and can be placed anywhere in the signal chain without losing the dynamics of the fuzz, or the effects around it. Power it with a battery or regular 9VDC, center negative power adapter.
• germanium transistors
• internal pick-up simulator
• top mounted jacks
• durable powder coat finish
• true-bypass
• Power: Standard "BOSS" style center pin negative 9VDC power supply
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